Dog Care Tips : How to Treat a Dog With a Cold

Let’s talk about treating a dog with a cold.
Cold is a very non specific term. And humans, we think of colds as being anything from the
flu to just upper respiratory viruses alone, and in essentially it’s the same with a dog.
If you’re dealing with a cold, what we have in a dog is going to be generally an upper
respiratory infection, a lower respiratory infection, something like that. Just feeling
kind of bad. A lot of these in dogs are viral and/or bacterial. And so the first thing to
do is to identify if your dog is sick and we’ve talked about looking at your dog as
far as lethargy is concerned, not eating very well, sneezing, coughing, anything like that
would indicate that your pet needs to go to your veterinary office so they can diagnose
your pet with a cold. As far as treating a pet with a cold, we commonly use antihistamines,
we commonly use antibiotics since a lot of these things can become infections. And generally
the other thing on pets, especially dogs, is supportive care because a lot of animals
when they have a cold or any kind of illness are not feeling very well. They’re going to
be off of their food or water. So good supportive care at home is the best thing you can do.

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23 Responses

  1. victormania2008 says:

    My dog just got a cold but I don't have many to cure my puppy! 🙁 luckly my puppy is very strong

  2. coldBloodT3xASs says:

    my dog is peeing blood can you tell me what to do please

  3. coldBloodT3xASs says:

    my dog just died a month ago thanks

  4. John Paul Gabriel Zuluaga says:

    awesome shape up boss

  5. Maria Tapia says:

    My dog is very tired looks and he's throwing up a lot and he won't drink or eat anything and I'm pretty concerned I've tried a bunch of home remedies for dogs and they've helped a bit but I just need to know what to do

  6. Taylor Sharpe says:

    Soooooo what you took 1:15mins to say is that you should take your dog to a vet, spend a bunch of $ on a diagnosis that's basically going to tell you that you should comfort and continue to offer food and water to your dog? Jesus man… this is why vets have a bad rep.

    Why not mention any timelines, like if your dog hasn't eaten or drank in X days, bring them in as they may need an IV for fluids and sustenance? 

  7. Punkin Lee says:

    Please use some common sense people! A dog or any pet is not a collectible or yard ornament! If you can't afford or are too cheap to do the right thing & take them to the vet for proper diagnosis and treatment, as you would take a possibly sick child to the doctor, then you don't make a good pet parent! Don't take on the responsibility of a pet who just like a child, depends completely on YOU to take proper care of them even if it means that you put out a little of your money!

  8. Punkin Lee says:

    If you are looking for a way to further sooth your pet once the vet has made a diagnosis and prescribed medicine is fine if you check with your vet first. I guarantee you that if you just take some time and hold, lay next to &/or love on them for a while, it will sooth them. For those who have sick puppies, with vomiting, diarrhea, lethargic (not active), not eating or drinking or anything else that is worrysome to you, use your common sense and GET THEM TO THE VET NOW!!!

  9. Valeribi Videos says:

    my dog is sneezing a lot and wont dont have nothen to give it

  10. Kam says:

    I trust you because you have a white coat and a stethoscope.

  11. Min And Tulips says:

    We don't actually need vet, we let them swallow bio flu and it works very well after an hour they are already fine

  12. BusterPooch says:

    Hey please answer me back. My dog Ollie is just a few months old and he is breathing fast and he is acting off. I don't know what to do. I dont know what to do! I think he may have asthma. Help!

  13. Gianina Balderrama says:

    Not helpful at all

  14. russ lee says:

    Completely useless video

  15. Franklin the pug Bernal says:

    I’m sick

  16. Kaizer Keith says:

    Asshole just wasted our time

  17. sarath mohan says:

    My puppie have tired and have running nose. Its only one week any solution

  18. Li Shae says:

    I asked for how to treat a dog when they have a cold. and the video says to go to the vet, great job

  19. angels are in heaven says:

    My puppy has. A stuffy. Nose what should I do

  20. official lillank sky says:

    This video really does not help firstly what if I live in an area where their are no vets and secondly I have a 3 week old puppy and I have no idea what do do because he has mucus in his lungs and it blocks his nose and I have no idea what to do to help his nose dry up I'm not sure if I should get the humidifier or lavender olive and put some drops near him. What do I DO!!

  21. Nick Dags says:

    How about some at-home help for our dogs because some of us are sick of dropping $300 for every vet visit

  22. Vince says:

    Useless home remedies

  23. shinbo akatsuki says:

    In short spend money on vets to cure your dog no other choice

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