Dog Care & Training : How to Train Dogs to Stay Off Furniture

Hi, I’m Nancy Frensley. I’m the training manager
at the Berkeley East Bay Human Society at Berkeley, California. And I’ve been asked
how to teach dogs to stay off furniture. Well, this is my friend Lolly here and obviously
she is on the furniture. So, I allow my own dogs on furniture because I have no problem
with that. They get off when I ask them to. But some people really really don’t want their
dogs to get on furniture and there’s a way to do that. The best way to have your dog
stay off furniture is again, never let them get there in the first place. If you start
out a dog in your home on a crate tied down or in a pen, and they never reach your furniture,
then they never develop a desire to get on it. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t
invite your dog on to the furniture sometime and expect them to stay off of it all the
time. For dogs, this has to be a all or nothing proposition. And they learn simply by a process
of habituation. If you have a dog that you’ve allowed on the furniture or who gets on the
furniture when you’re gone, and you need to solve that as a behavior problem, you have
to start over, not letting your dog on the furniture and creating a place for your dog
to go. Dogs can’t understand a concept like don’t get on the furniture. But they can understand
a concept of where I want you to go. So your dog should have his own, or her, his own bed
or mat at various places around your home, so that your dog is always taught to go to
that mat and then they will stay off your furniture.

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4 Responses

  1. Debugg3r says:

    This video is nearly useless. All it says is to show your dog somewhere else to lay down, but never ever even drops a hint about how one could go about training them to do so. "Just a buy a bed for them and uh… don't let him on the couch."

  2. ea1997 says:

    I second your comment…useless

  3. tyerober says:

    @abcgumeww. You mean two?? I hope you are two years old….

  4. Bill Garza says:

    you did NOT give a solution to the problem of the dogs jumping up on the furniture! Stupid video! I have a places for the dog to rest and the jump on the furniture when I gone, WORTHLESS VIDEO!!!

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