Dog Diseases: Prevention & Treatment : How to Squeeze Your Dog’s Anal Glands

My name is Doctor Endre Sos, and I will tell
you shortly how to squeeze your dogs anal glands. First of all, you have to know that
anal glands can cause a lot of problems. Sometimes they are impacted, and this is a very uncomfortable
situation for the dog, but also very uncomfortable for the owner, because when a gland is impacted,
sometimes it leaks. Sometimes a small amount of very stinky matter will…is coming out
from this impacted gland. And…and it stays on the sofa, or other parts of the furniture.
Can be really a nightmare. So what is very important, to recognize the symptoms when
your dog is in pain, and there’s a problem with the anal gland. And also to learn it,
how to empty it. the most common sign, if there is an inflammation or an increased amount
of fluid in the anal gland, if the dog is touching the furniture or the floor with it’s
hind part very often. And also itching, or even ear infection can be a problem, because
allergic conditions can occur due to the fact that the anal gland is impacted. So, what
is very important, to recognize the situation, knowing the fact that this phenomenon occurs
more often in smaller breeds, and to learn how to empty it, how to release it. So the
anal part, the anal glands are just on two sides of the anus, inside in the rectum about
four o’clock and eight o’clock direction. These are the two openings of the glands.
And what you use it, just take a piece of paper, and you have to press gently and pinch
at the same time the glands from the two…two sides. Of course, you need a dog for this,
which is customized for this kind of procedure. So if you do it gently and firmly, you can
release the dog from pain, and also you can learn it very easily. This means if you do
it, usually, if a dog is problematic, you have to do it in every month once. Then you
don’t have to see the veterinarian so often. What is very important, to use a piece of
rag or toilet paper, and after the gently pressing and pinching, you will see a kind
of brownish material leaving the anal glands. When you have this, you always have to watch
careful your dog, whether you are causing pain. If you are causing pain, the dog will…dog
will readily react. But, if you have more experience, you will feel the amount of pressure
and pinching which should be administered. After this, always wash and rinse thoroughly
the hind part of the dog, because the anal gland, the content of the anal gland is really
very, very stinky, so you want to get rid of this. If you do it properly, and if you
do it regularly, then you can prevent this very uncomfortable feeling for the dog, plus
you can prevent some associated diseases. So this is really recommended to learn.

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29 Responses

  1. PrimeReal says:

    I agree. DO IT!

  2. Kellymarie Zl says:

    Hes explaining how to do it without actually having to do it online. You guys are nasty, are you just looking for a show! COME ON.

  3. vanessa l says:

    Lols he very funny, all his vid, all talking but he never do it, see his face wanna laugh LOLS

  4. Lucas cante says:

    what a waste of time, this i s a fraud!!,

  5. Bella says:

    Don't forget to wear gloves when you will try do it…The content of it is very very smelly, urgh!

  6. RivenrockGardens says:

    Thank you for your help. I am sorry some folks feel this to be a subject requiring silly comments.

  7. Rick Stewart says:

    this showed me nothing, the title said how to squeeze…but it was a worthless video.

  8. 1gr8chef123 says:

    when is the squeezing going to commance?

  9. Pimpmastahanhduece says:

    u can get the glands removed easily.

  10. DinaAmatuccio says:

    i have to do this to my chihuaha quiet often, its very painful for Erne but it helps relieve him, stinks up the whole driveway, but beats giving the vet $200 every few months.

  11. kuwaizair says:

    is scooting more a sign of that or "the dog is rubbing the but against the floor because of worms"

  12. deaconblue9038 says:

    Regular expressing of the anal gland is NOT recomended!I f the dog is scooting or they feel swollen this may be helpfull.However doing it regularly can cause an imbalance in the natural process or even damage the glands themselves.Regular stools typically do this for the animal naturally,the glands are there to scent the waste.Constantly soft or runny stools will not allow this process to occur.If there are signs of infection do not perform expression,take your animal to the vet.

  13. deaconblue9038 says:

    @kuwaizair If you can express your animals anal glands properly and,the scooting continues for more than a couple of days afterward, it may very well be a sign of worms.Taking your animal to the vet,they will take a stool sample and,be able to tell you.

  14. N2 says:

    Aww, your dog is so cute =)

  15. yogozarfy says:

    Out of curiosity, how bad does the anal gland fluid smell, and what exactly does it smell like? Is it just like a worse version of dog poo? Or worse…

  16. jobirgheidi says:

    Thank you. Good information, and very nicely explained.

  17. didimitten says:

    I read that most dog groomers do this for you. I was going to try it myself but after watching it, I would hate to hurt them or get stinky brown stuff everywhere. And I have three dogs so that's a lot of stinky brown stuff.

  18. Matthew Vogl says:


  19. eHow says:

    @deaconblue9038 Thank you for your advice!

  20. Xiaocakes says:

    @yogozarfy It smells fishy, like rotten fish and rotten egg sort of stuff. The anal gland's fluid is actually an oily substance, so it really sticks to stuff and a whiff of it will wake up a dead stick, or kill a live one.

  21. Pat Mason says:

    Dude, this is what I pay a VET for. Jesus!

  22. fuckmehPayMEh says:


  23. KatCountry1033Girl says:

    I have 7 dogs and I have always done all of mine about once a month during bath time. I have a pug that recently seems very irritated. He doesnt scoot but chases his butt around in a circle. And since hes short and stubby he can never get it. But Im worried it may be imapacted. He'll spend hours chasing his butt trying to itch it. Should I take him to the vet?

  24. Annie Keller says:

    We call it tuna butt.

  25. Melizma Tea says:

    All I can tell you is that once my dog's glands were impacted and the vet made me stay in the room while he did it, and I have never smelled anything so bad in all my life!

  26. Melizma Tea says:

    I love your dog. She sems so sweet (she? he? I didn't notice!)

  27. yogozarfy says:

    Yikes. But you can't describe the smell?

  28. tickyul says:

    This is how filthy and disgusting these Beasts are………..gotta squeeze puss, smegma and other vile crap outta its shitty asshole.

  29. Savannah Thomas says:

    Is he reading a script off the floor lol

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