Dog First Aid : Recognizing Symptoms of Bloat in Dogs

So how do you recognize the symptoms of bloat,
some of the symptoms of bloat. There is a couple of different very typical standard
symptoms that if you find in your dog, you want to make sure that you get your dog to
the vet hospital as soon as possible. What I am going to talk about is not the only symptoms
of bloat so you want to be careful if your dog is acting strangely and they are a breed
that might be susceptible to bloat. You don’t want to take a chance because it is something
that could kill your dog very quickly. So one of the things you can look at is, right
here Rave, is the distended belly. So in the area right here if the belly is swollen and
tight when you are pushing in, one thing you want to do is make sure that you know how
your dog feels normally when you know your dog is healthy and fine. Feel their belly
see how it feels. Feel what a soft loose belly feels like so you know the difference. If
your dog is pacing around and panting, if your dog tries to throw up, if your dog is
circling and cannot get comfortable and is clearly in distress, go ahead and feel for
the belly area. If it feels like that belly is swollen and tight, rush your dog immediately
to the closest emergency facility for dogs. The beginning of bloat that the stomach is
swelling up and is swelling up with gas, wait Honey, and you want to get your dog to the
emergency room as soon as possible.

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31 Responses

  1. DelorienAz says:

    @arandomthot5 "taut," it means tight, or stretched.

  2. jkdmrod says:

    I just lost my 12 yr old Akita to bloat. He wasn't doing very well in his old age, but knowing he could have had more time with us breaks my heart.

  3. longanddeadly says:

    typical woman…first 40 secs full of air

  4. longanddeadly says:

    typical woman…first 40 secs full of air..i think theres some conspiracy going on between all these vets and what not to scam people out of money…my rottie does this a lot after he eats and his stomach is tight caz he jusst ate…no real help here at all

  5. Mika David says:

    It's my mom's birthday today… And my handsome, smart , absolutely nice and our loving rottie just died to this. Not to some sickness, but by some wrong feeding time by our maid :((.

  6. axelbello99 says:

    @tbwj21 Unfortunately, there isn't one true symptom that will distinguish it from other events. The difference between simple retching and gags and the life threatening bloat can be seen in the dogs behavior; lethargic, stoic, pain, distended stomach, salivating, incapacity to lie down for periods of times, pacing and so on. While it's true that if this happens frequently, you can't take it to the vet every time, but when that moment comes, how will you determine it is?

  7. Undead_Swag says:

    We just found a puppy and her tummy is tight and big but we don't have the money just like everyone else and she is just a puppy so what if she just pass gas will she be ok and she is breathing really really hard like when u run 100000 or miles now I'm worried about her

  8. xJAY42Ox says:

    stupid fat bitch. she lets that dog hump her

  9. Cactus Wolf says:

    100% sure it was NOT from wrong feeding time… 100% positive, that would not cause bloat… Sorry for your loss.

  10. SilverBullet Rye says:

    There is a difference between bloat and just a full stomach. Bloat is where the stomach has flipped itself over and it is a Life-Threatening condition. This video says Dog First Aid so the lady is just giving tips on the possible signs that could mean your dog may have bloat.
    My own dogs have had distended stomachs because they ate either too much or a foreign object that they pass through, so I can see as to your comment.

  11. Dj Dream214 says:

    But how do vets test for bloat? just curious

  12. Tiffany Russell says:

    i live in africa and their arent any vets really. my dog im pretty sur has bloat cuz hes been breathing REALLY hard and loud.. what else can i do

  13. Jennifer Reale says:

    well duhh!! I thought this was first id for dogs in bloat Like what can I do First to Aid them???

  14. jamestoni says:

    my dog bloat about 6 hours ago, he is dead now. 

  15. Tamara C says:

    My dog's stomach is ALWAYS bloated like this… literally ALWAYS and I've taken her to the vet and they say it's nothing….. I don't know what to do anymore…..

  16. Lexi Phelps says:

    I just got this puppy and we paid 120 for her at are clinic but the promblems is her stomach is super big and tight and she is dri heaving like coughing and gagging at the same time I'm not sure if she will be ok I recently lost my other dog ( my profile pic) a couple of weeks ago she had worms and was very dehydrated the vets said they could save her but then she took an unexcpected crash?and I don't want to lose this one to

  17. Donald Hill says:

    yeah thanks for the video but W.T.F. are you cruel or just stupid letting that dog go thru that agony .I mean really lets just hope you dont have kids and decide to play video pediatrician….WOW

  18. Charu Sharma says:


  19. Ayra Lazaro says:

    My dog don't usually bark and cry. But lately she's been crying every night. And I think her belly is bloated. I dont know If im feeding her too much because she's still a 2 months old puppy. And recently, she bit someone. I don't know what to do

  20. bkstacker 247 says:

    so if my 7 week old puppy has no problem laying down and is farting i shouldnt be worried or should i he was mad fat when i got him but he usually takes like 6 shits a day

  21. HaltomCityRecords says:

    yea…. because i just want to watch a 20 second ad video on some stupid product, when i think my dog might be fucking dying…. fuck you youtube.

  22. Alex Kulbitsky says:

    Got a 16 year old German Shorthaired Pointer. She has a lot of harmless fatty tumors on her. Noticed tonight that she is getting wider, but around the ribs as well. Pressed on her stomach and its very hard and tight, especially compared to my pitbull who is a regular jelly belly. Other than that she seems absolutely fine. Been this way for a while, no loss of appetite, no issues whatsoever. Has me a bit concerned given her age, but she seems comfortable and it isnt a new development by any means.

  23. Gemma Tallis says:

    Until u get to the vet ..BUT it HAS TO BE ..stroke & rub 'lightly' in a downwards motion towards the back passage area .. this will relax your dog also….U DONT WANT TO PUSH HARD AS AIR WILL TRAVEL BACK UP THE WAY …You know your own dog & if thing seem to be working as in the dog passing wind which will relieve your dog… but please GET TO VET as this won't always work

  24. SpikyTuber says:

    Vets aren’t certain what exactly causes bloat, but the general consensus is that a combination of things can trigger it, including poor diet, swallowing too much air, overeating and excessive drinking.

  25. rikesh khadgi says:

    My dog Is just 4 months n today his stomach bloated uncertainty but he is not panting n its late for taking him to vet what should I do

  26. Geego & Giggly says:

    My dog died on 25 april from bloot, he was at the age of 10 years and 9 month's ???????????????????????

    Nobody can feel my pain.

  27. ninja Warrier says:

    my dogs get bloated please help people and Dr ?????

  28. that-one-obsessed- girl says:

    FUCK I can't afford to go to the vet. My parents won't take my dog. She sqeezing her stomach in pain and breathing hard . I lost fucking 11 dogs already I'm not going to lose another one. I'm fucked I don't know what to do she's a young dog she doesn't deserve this

  29. Tony McRae says:

    my dog was fine and suddenly he has a minor limp and seems to be in discomfort to walk and won't jump onto couch. stomach is hard but not swollen. pooping fine but eating plants outside. no throwup, no panting, no foamy mouth. I have to decide on rent or vet. idk of it's bloat. HELP. he has been this way for at least 12 hours

  30. Brian Pacini says:

    Great video! –

  31. Daniel Yap says:


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