Dog First Aid : Tips for Treating Kennel Cough in Dogs

What do you do if you fear that your dog has
come down with kennel cough? A
common sign of kennel cough is a hacking cough that your dog would exhibit. It sounds almost
like they are trying to clear their throat. A mild case you will have some hacking, throat
clearing action from the dog. You might have a slightly high temperature and you might
have a little bit of lethargy. If the case of kennel cough is more severe, the dog might
actually hack up phlegm. As it is coughing, it is hacking up phlegm. More serious cases
can result in hospitalization for the dog. So how do you manage this? What do you do?
If your dog is coughing and the cough is persistent and it is especially worse at night, one thing
you can do is give your dog cough syrup. So how do you give your dog cough syrup? You can different size syringes; this one
here goes up to 1/2 tablespoon.

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49 Responses

  1. nolobede says:

    Seems to me like you wouldn't be so defensive if there wasn't some guilt knowing that I am right.

  2. nolobede says:

    I didn't say getting ideas from youtube was bad, I'm saying that using it as a first response to a health need is irresponsible.

  3. nolobede says:

    OK, it's like 3 days now… lets move on now huh?

  4. nolobede says:

    I was just thinking the same about you, I feel sorry for your kids, let alone your pets.

  5. PotatoMasherJim says:

    I love how you correct her spelling of the word college, then go ahead and say "if your worried" instead of "if you're worried".

  6. nolobede says:

    Yes, I plead typo, but still better than illiteracy. 🙂

  7. nunya bizness says:

    yes, I agree but sometimes the symptoms can be overlooked bc you dont always realize how serious it can be. I think if you know your animal well, you have an idea when it is overwhelming them, and then a doc visit is due. There are new bugs out there every day, and even with the best care, our buddies can get very sick.

  8. Lauren Taylor says:

    my oldest dog is coughing a lot. my mom did give him some cough syrup and i think it stopped for a little bit. so how often and how long should i give him medicine?

  9. gringochucha says:

    Does anyone know what this is called in spanish?

  10. lebonpost says:

    is spanish is called " jarabe para la tos" any brand should do it.

  11. lebonpost says:

    at the pharmacy, pubs don't have cough syrup

  12. gringochucha says:

    Gracias, por suerte mi perro ya se mejoró.

  13. Ernie Loke says:

    english please people =.="

  14. hanahime1027 says:

    I took your advice and gave my doggy 1/2 teaspoon(for child under 6), non alcohol Walmart brand cough syrup. He ABSOLUTELY hated it, but the coughing subsided significantly and now, he's not weezing and sleeps through the night! Thank you thank you thank you!!

  15. thou9009 says:

    What is the purpose of this comment?

  16. Ashly H says:

    i think my dog has kennel cough, but its not that serious because she don't do that cough that much, but she has been laying around and not acting herself, she don't play but shes happy to go outside

  17. Bean beans says:

    thats true but not everyone with a dog has the money to afford a vet visit

  18. Martin Carlos Peña Navarro says:

    @riss37 don't u worry! they're talking about nice animales….

  19. Martin Carlos Peña Navarro says:


  20. gwokstar says:

    @polarbear13000 If you can't afford to put money away for potential vet visits, then you can't afford a dog.

  21. gwokstar says:

    @normanmj I didnt say to get rid of the dog – I meant be a responsible human and dont buy a dog in the first place. Same goes for kids – if you cant afford to provide for them, wear a frikkin rubber. There's millions of starving mouths in the world as it is.

  22. atomicenergy1948 says:

    @weffllij half a teaspoon for every 20 lbs of dog! Robitussin DM works very well

  23. octogirlpretty says:

    We adopted a dog for animal control less than a week ago and he had shown symtoms of kennel cough so we took him to the vet yesterday and he recieved medication. What sucks now is that he gave it to our other dog, and she has to go to the vet now too. Kennel cough really sucks 😛

  24. toxicbutterflies says:

    instead of giving your dog cough syrup, take it to the vet for some antibiotics and a bordetella vaccination.

  25. joeGetRight says:

    oooohh weeeee… me and my dog fixen to get tipsy on sum TUSIN

  26. superman24011 says:

    my vet told me not to use human medicine on my dog as it could kill him because certain medicines are made for humans and certain medicines are made for animals..dont just use any cough medicine as certain ones contain ibuprofen which could kill a dog or course liver failure..your always better off going to a vet and getting proper advice from someone who knows what there talking about.

  27. KarinxGirl says:

    You're not suppose to give dogs human medicine.

  28. mack89464 says:

    @KarinxGirl Where did you come up with that statement?

  29. KarinxGirl says:

    @mack89464 Ha, very funny. It's called the "truth."

  30. GoddessofXtacy says:

    you need to look up vicbactra plus it will get rid of the cough,It's expensive,But it is worth it.My poodle had kennel cough and now she is cured:)

  31. Asia says:

    @TheFPSTurtle no they cant die this vid makes it look really bad but its not its like the common cold but in dogs not a big deal

  32. mamie o says:

    Can anyone give any advice because my dog is like dry hacking because he got a bit of stick bark in his pipes?

  33. Ss1mega says:

    I noticed she didn't clarify on the cough syrup. Please! Be very very careful on what cough syrup you give you dog! NEVER give any animal a cough sup-present with the ingredients acetaminophen, paracetamol, caffeine or alcohol. That's bad for them. The ingredient dextromethorphan is OK to use and guiafenesin is safe for dogs. Ive did my own research on this cause my dog had kennel cough. I didn't have any money for vet and I just knew there was away that you could treat them at home. Websites!!!

  34. TonyTonyClifton says:

    Jesus Christ, how about a sound clip so we know what it sounds like. #totalwasteoftime

  35. lonicera42 says:

    Not a fan that she didn't talk about dosage and the active ingredient to look for…

  36. Laila Lefore says:

    @Ss1mega how can i treat my dog from home

  37. Leigh Greer says:

    PLEASE don't medicate your pets without first seeking guidance from your veterinarian! Coughing doesn't always mean kennel cough and could actually be something more serious like a blocked airway or heart disease. I know we all like to think we know what's best for our animals but sometimes there's just more to it than what we think!

  38. CharmCitysKing says:

    wth? this video has NOTHING informative AT ALL. lmfao

  39. Kellie Carpenter says:

    Robitussin DM Clavamox 62.5 Xs 2 a day,if small dog give half that, Cough supressant:Butorphanol, 1mg Xs 2 a day, half that for small dog. or Honey in a syringe, in cheek pouch.

  40. Arun Nim says:

    Sir my labrador is coughing with white mucus, give give some organised prescription how to treat it. Thanks

    Arun Km Nim
    [email protected]

  41. Carlos Castillo says:

    get ad block for google chome or firefox. i havent seen an ad in years.

  42. demonchild 74 says:

    your video seems to just stop mid sentence, didnt even say what type of cough medicine or how much for what size or weight

  43. Pandamazing says:


  44. Frank Torres says:


  45. Connie Long says:

    kids cough syrup? could be dangerous

  46. WE THE PEOPLE says:


  47. Alice Min says:

    My vet recommended Children's Benadryl in liquid form without xylitol twice a day and she also told me to give my puppy a home made warm(nearly room temperature) chicken broth to ease the cough. Now, dosages of the Children's Benadryl is various and it depends on your dog's body weight, so please ask your vet for the right dosage.

    When your dog has Kennel Cough, giving a medicine to your dog is an optional. You don't have to give him medicine. Just feed him right with complete nutrition to boost his immune system and comfort him with your love.

    However, if your dog discharges green colored nose discharge, you need to take him to the vet immediately to get him medically treated.

    Please do not give any over the counter medicines to your dogs!!!!!! It can kill or harm your dogs. Please call a local or your vet for to get some advise on your dog's health issues or research through the trustable sources/personal before giving any medicine to your dogs!

  48. Alice Min says:

    Please DO NOT give your dogs any cough medicine!

  49. Miami sands says:

    Omg vid shuts off after im about to hear how much dosage? totally worthless.

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