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What a cutie=] Let’s eat But when she goes to feed him He turns into a monster He tries to bite when you feed him Who? Me? *innocent, puppy eyes* Other dogs get excited for food Normally cheeky Bring it on! What’s with the sudden transformation? When the food is set aside, Becomes a friendly dog again Get that thing away from me! Will he respond differently to other foods? Gets even angrier SPAM Doesn’t make him feel any better Let me try feeding you with my hands instead Calm at first Then almost bites her hands off PD: It must be a war during mealtime It’s worse than that She has the battle scars to prove it How do you give him food then? I have a method Sweating bullets;; I told you to stop it The dog puts his foot down But when a producer feeds him? Turns into an angel What’s with the favoritism? Mom is dumbfounded. What got him so angry? Stay tuned!

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78 Responses

  1. فریده غطاوی says:

    زنجیرگردنش را باز کن چرا اورا زندانی کردی احمق بیشعور…

  2. Angelica Sanchez says:

    Porque lo engaña con la comida por eso esta brabo con la señora la señora no quiere al perrito y con el muchacho el perrito se porta bien

  3. Just Mona says:

    Again? Two-parter ☹️ I want to see why the dog won't let her feed him.

  4. Patrick Le Meur says:

    c'est une mauvaise attitude avec un chien qui en plus est attaché!!mauvaises personne ne pas exiter !..

  5. Katia Milene says:

    Porque os japoneses deixam os cachorrinhos presos na correntes;se tem lugar para ficar soltos?São pessoas boas!É por isto que o anjinho está estressado 😩👍🏾🙏🏾🇧🇷

  6. Sarah Koller says:

    what a tight leash – you should put these people on chain so short .. what you live in these makes her nexte live a lot of fun

  7. Hilde Klop says:

    ik kenden een nichtje en die heeft een cack rules gehad en die hond leefft niet meer een kant snap ik het wel want die werd verstoot door zus en broers en als dan op deebank zat ging hij grommen en en als je beweed det hi het ook

  8. Hilde Klop says:

    ik zei dan dan speel ik nooit met hem

  9. Evan Abbott says:

    He don’t like bowls!!!🤔

  10. Laila Aythan says:

    His leash needs extending. Poor pooch

  11. Daniela Casadei says:

    Togli la catena 😈😈😈😈

  12. JIYAUNG KIM says:

    이런 동영상은 왜 내보내지? 챙피하게 ㅅㅂ. 지금 외국인들이 욕을 얼마나 해대는지 영어좀 읽어봐라. ㅅㅂ. 돈에 환장들 했냐? 이런 학대영상을 왜 내보내서 국가망신 시키냐고! 이 개대가리 만도 못한 종자들아. 목줄좀 풀어놔라. 저여자좀 저렇게 묶어노라고 하는데… 빨리 묶어라. 어?아유 무식한 것들. 저래놓고 개탓하고있네 ㅅㅂ. 차라리 된장 발라라. 그따위로 동영상 찍어가며 학대장면 찍을려면. 아마 외국인들이 저무식한 여편네 땜에 한국에 불질르러 올까 무섭다. 에이 더러워.

  13. Kiki vassiliades says:

    This beautiful dog is Angry because he’s tied up All day and night and on a short lead! He’s so bored and fed up! He’s obviously expressing his anger! Idiots! Maybe they should tie the owners on the same lead day and night and see how they like it! Stupid people! Seriously why have any animal and then keep it tied up like that! So cruel! Don’t own animals if you can’t look after them properly! This makes me so angry! 😡

  14. Carla Deplano says:

    togli la catena cretina

  15. Nefarious Cookie says:

    “ Red “. The dog is pissed off because of the red color

  16. Arrow says:

    Dog is probably angry because she keeps holding the dish right out of his reach. Probably the same person that tied it up so tight too

  17. Damian Maty says:

    Maybe she should feed him for first from hand with only one piece or put the bowl on the ground and let the dog go from his chain so he can eat it. I think something bad happened to him while being feeded by this woman, because he wasn't attacking the PD. But actually i don't know and i am sorry for my english. I don't know, if you will understand what i wrote, i am not this fluent in english. Bye and sending imaginary hug to this cute dog 😘👋🐶❤️

  18. Marlinda Saikusa says:

    Nice sharing 😞🐶

  19. Coracao Formoso 123 says:

    Lindo anjiho amor👏❤️🙏🇧🇷🐕

  20. Kawaii Pack says:

    It's not about the food, my opinion is he /she needs love and belly rubs,the kind owner didn't show much affection,let's wait for part 2,hope all ends well:33

  21. J DeCino says:


  22. Maria José Anacleto says:

    Reação muito estranha com a dona do cachorro serra que ela não fez alguma coisa com ele cachorro não faz isso quando se dar carinho não mesmo 😡😡😡😞😞

  23. PĘĐRØ ĞĂMĘŠ says:

    Ele tá estressado pois fica amarrado

  24. PĘĐRØ ĞĂMĘŠ says:

    Ele não gosta é dela

  25. Elizete Brandao says:


  26. Luz Nancy Martínez Barrero says:

    Porque lo mantienen amarrado? Por eso el animalito reacciona así.

  27. Breach Arce says:

    Its the way shes treating animal,dog needs love and affection.

  28. Breach Arce says:

    Pls show us part 2

  29. Rosalba Rueda says:

    Traten de mirar que es lo que causa esa reacción y tratar de soltarlo y darle mas amor

  30. wess read says:

    Do you blame him that Red Bowl killed his father

  31. Kerin Nandarika says:

    im waiting for

  32. Rachman Widodo says:

    He's need much love & touch.

  33. Elsie Allen says:

    Click bait! She abuses the dog & offers him food with a sent on it that makes the dog act like that!

  34. Tanya Kpa says:

    I don’t like people who tied dog like that 😠 Dogs are man’s best friend and they need Love ❤️ too .

  35. Família Pinschers & Cia says:

    É a maneira que a mulher se aproxima dele… esse cachorro tem trauma dessa mulher… alguma coisa ruim ela fez com ele.

  36. Kristy * says:

    The one dog wasn't on a leash but this guy is. Maybe a little love n affection. Im sorry but these part 1 2 3 is cheesy. Just show us the story in one take.

  37. Kimberly Baxter says:

    NO dog should live on a chain!!! Its imhumane!! These dogs need to be in loving homes, dogs are family NOT property!! They belong inside the home!!!! Horror people!!!!

  38. Santosh Rayamajhi says:

    I have seen this video long ago in another channel SBS TV…

  39. Ankit Pant says:

    I’ve seen this video on another channel as well! Another stolen video

  40. Bosis of Sweden says:

    Stop chaining dogs and treat them shitty!

  41. Bcdf 1930 says:

    This video was posted before! Not sure if in this channel or somewhere else! I have seen the second part as well!

  42. Bcdf 1930 says:

    You can see both the parts here and

  43. Enriqueta Tessei says:

    Q basura esa gente hace sufrir los animales mostrando la comida

  44. Đỗ Quốc Tài says:

    Why? I can't … undertands

  45. Alex H. says:

    Make contact with Ceaseyr the dog whisperer he could help change your dog behavior.

  46. Emiliana Herrera says:

    Qué feo jugar con el hambres de estos animales.

  47. Sandy Beach says:

    LMAO! "Mom's expression" at the end when the producer fed the dog, had me rolling she's like WTF?!

  48. Josh Harris says:

    Probably is mad because of that short ass cable/chain you have him on and no place to run and play.

  49. a olivestone says:

    These people have no idea how to treat an animal they did to give that dog up
    For adoption and allow the dog to go to a loving home 🏡

  50. Paula Taube Gomes says:

    I hate to see dogs on a chain…😓

  51. Gaby Montanari says:

    Why is she teasing the dog and why is he on a tight lease and not roaming around

  52. ABC 5555 says:

    Music music music
    Boff Boff Boff Boff

  53. Crazy Cat Lady says:

    That leash IS way Too short! Poor dog can't hardly move around. As for his anger–I don't know. Seems he just doesn't like woman for whatever reason. I have a cat whom the Only person he doesn't seem to like is my adult son. My son has other cats that like him–he loves cats. But this one doesn't like being in the Same Room with him. I pick him up to take to my son, cat struggles to jump outta my arms and takes off in opposite direction!

  54. Crazy Cat Lady says:

    No one can figure out why my cat doesn't like my son–Especially my son!

  55. Bernarda Reyes says:

    He he/she didn’t want to be tied every day need liberty please take care properly for himself . Thank you. Be human

  56. herman Herdian says:

    Fuck dog.

  57. HELL KING says:

    He just hates women that's all

  58. Lucia Scandaletti says:

    free the dogs from the chains !! imbeciles.

  59. Erika says:

    Filipinos don't know how to care for pets. I'm half filipino and have went to the philippines, and it's a real shame. They just chain their dogs to the wall of their house and they're lucky if their owner lets them off at night. Most don't know anything about training, socializing. I bet you that dog wasn't socialized (meaning exposed to people properly). I don't blame them too much cause of their poor education, horrible services. a lot of pets suffer more than filipinos cause they become diseased and under stimulated. No concept

  60. Disney&Me 71 says:

    What I see here is a bunch of ignorant mother fuckers taunting these poor animals wirh food. I would love to chain their sorry asses up and do the same or worse to them. Sick bastards!!!

  61. Fatima Malimpensa says:

    A mulher é má.
    Pq o cachorro na corrente?
    Pq fazer onda pra dar ração?
    Pq mostrar presunto e bacon se não vai dar.
    Ele te morder pq provocou

  62. Janet Dance says:

    Is not the food is that the dog is a girl.


    Give the dog the food, stop teasing, no wonder the dog is aggressive, poor thing probably doesn't get loved and more attention.
    Standing there with the food isn't good, I know bc I had issues with my rescued dog

  64. sunny John says:

    Crazy dog

  65. Helen Gonzales says:

    A esto se le llama maltrató animal, para q tienen mascotas si lad van a tener encadenados, q pecado.

  66. Sequoiah Dreams says:

    Some people are evil…certain people will pretend to be nice to a dog just to be able to kick them or hurt them…my guess would be someone offered food to the dog then proceeded to hurt it in some way…

  67. Alpha Nova says:

    Estupida Korea

  68. Voip Reseller says:

    This lady like many Asian, teased him a lot, he had bad memory.

  69. Rinne Azumi says:

    3:09 when your mom blames you for your siblings' fault

  70. fresh B says:

    Put nasty ass spam infront of me, is growl also..😝😝😝

  71. Gamingmax 2011 says:

    My dog is afraid when i watch him eat

  72. ・octrea・ says:

    0:46 is fucking horrifying

  73. Catherine Gille says:

    Pourquoi les chiens sont attachés ils ont besoin de liberté .

  74. Jailon Thomas says:

    Is this dog trying to fast or something?

  75. Aleah York says:

    Those chains are too short!!! 😡 Besides, they need to be let off of them!!!😠 The little one needs brushing! Good grief!

    Hoping part 2 shows that it is fixed!

  76. Benito perez says:

    Dejelo sin comer un par de dias y despues arrimele un palto de frijoles y verá que se los devora, perro pendejo.

  77. Tarun Sharma says:

    Kill this bastard dog…….

  78. Elaine Saucedo says:

    Porque eles ficam presos, acorda é muito curta, devia ser grande

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