Dog Halloween Costume – UPS Man Costume For Dogs

hey and welcome back to dog advice and
help in what we told you we’re gonna be talking different dog breeds and dog halloween costumes products
food and everything else and yeah some timings coming up we decided we’re going
tech buy some dog costumes that you can get for your dog and today we’re going
to be talking about the Californian costumes UPS pal pet costume a dog halloween costume now the
reason why we picked this costume out of all the different ones that we looked at
to talk about first is it made us laugh I mean honestly the dog is usually are
barking at the UPS man Magnum chants dress your dog up as the UPS man and
what’s even better is it has little hands at the find of the costume so it
makes it look like your dog’s carrying the package that they would normally be
barking at the UPS man for now this is a costume that’s a polyester fabric and a
has a fiberfill it also has a PI urethane foam so if your dog likes to
chew you may need to be cautious about that it does have the chirps things for
the darts front legs so if your dogs like to fight you or anything like that
when you’re trying to put stuff on them you may have some issues with that as
well now the good thing is this will fasten
around your dog’s neck to keep it secure but it is a Velcro fashion so you don’t
have to worry about your dog’s can come up on anything and have any problems if
they get stuck now the arms of the shirt are gonna have velcro dots to hold the
box and place that’s gonna make it nice and arms are stuffed and that’s where
some of the poly urethane foam will come from this from the arms of it and then
your dog will also have a little hat that they get to wear with this costume
and it actually has a little visor too so it’s gonna make an eye look like
they’re gonna be delivering the package just like the UPS that would be to your
house now the product does come in four different sizes it comes in a large a
medium a small and extra small yeah the sizes are really gonna matter on your
size of the dogs so you know you have to look
at the page that’s in the link down below to see if the dog Halloween costume it will fit your
daughter or not but you for the most part won’t be able to get your dogs very
easily into this if they fit the size chart it’s like the large is meant for
like a box or a Labrador Retriever and I mean you might be more like for the
Bulldog to not so you do need to check the size chart which is in length blow
very carefully and make sure I’ll fit your dog but either way this California
costume GPS pal pet costume is one made us chuckle I’m sure I’ll make you
chuckle too until next time have a good time with your dog you

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