Dog Has Extreme Food Aggression | Kritter Klub

Hoarding much? When you look at your bowl collection with pride Don’t touch my bowl Won’t let the other dogs come close Owner/ He’s not even hungry. Just doesn’t want the other dogs to eat Wakku is like the god/king among dogs Wakkunda forever..? Once Wakku falls asleep Now’s my chance Finally.. real food Checks to see if he’s still sleeping Uh-oh. I did not have relations with that bowl Why is Earth? Animal Behaviorist/ Since there are a lot of dogs in one house, he worries that they may take his things We’re not a team. This is a competition Changes the object of obsession into a play tool To let him know that there’s enough food to go around Owner blocks it, but He doesn’t bark Even when the other dogs are eating Imma close my eyes, and let you slide Long live, Wakku

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