Dog Is Lord Of The Flies (Part 2) | Kritter Klub

(night-vision footage) Roof! Roof! (Dog must be a ghostbuster) It freaks me out whenever it barks like that 24/7 Day or night What’s up there? I don’t curr anymore I can’t hear anymore. Boy made me deaf I can’t sleep anymore (dark circles are no joke) Under the spotlight There must be an insect or dust floating in the eyeball Otherwise known as myodesopsia I know what I have (and that ain’t it doc) There are no abnormalities Know thyself Is it the sound? So we prepared this. Sound expert: It can measure up to 40,040 Hz high-frequency bandwidth It’s sonar. That golfer pose tho ftw Excuse us being extra. There’s no particular frequency that sticks out. Uh-huh, didn’t understand a word you just said. Call and response Triggered. Dog got no chill It’s been like this for more than a year So we wanted to get to the root of the problem What are you looking at? Animal Behaviorist: If they can’t catch what catches their eye They run, bark, spin or tumble I want it, I got it (not) Do you have flies around here? He once chased after the flies It just came to mind, now that you mentioned it It was probably flying around, and went into the light bulb The dog still thinks it’s there Dog equivalent of the obsessive bf who stalks you even after your breakup Will he act the same way towards snacks? Spins like a fly Now you see it Now you don’t What a tease.. Once he focuses on one thing, he can’t takes his eyes off it We need to redirect his attention. Hi! I’m the bug that you’ve been looking for Scurred + Shook Let’s have a ‘talk’ If you end things here, it will happen again He needs to focus on something else Ring my bell Plays hard to get But nope Reminds me of my compulsive self Rewarded with a snack Turns the spot of no chill, into a rest area Still has no chill I’m lovin’ it Live healthily and happily with mom We’ll see about that. Ring my bell~

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57 Responses

  1. david losteiner says:


  2. TiaBdia Nerviani says:

    My cat see’s things i cannot.
    It freaks me out.
    They’re Demons. The veil is getting thinner.
    Got Jesus?

  3. Claudia Alejandra Vilte says:


  4. Angelica Eleutério says:


  5. ᴋᴀʏʟᴀ ᴠʟᴏɢs says:


  6. Blazru Ertu says:

    Our dog is the same, thats why when he is barking im starting to run away

  7. Diana Dobson says:

    He is so smart. Poor little puppy, I hope gets better. ❤?????

  8. Cherubin -_- says:

    Don’t mind me, I’m just distracted by the Pomeranian in the background ??

  9. Deborah Mclenaghan says:

    Maybe there are mice or squirrels up there that puppy hears?,or maybe it's time to move!!! ? Cute pups though, hilarious, and puppy beat that spider up! ??? Good puppy! ??❤️?

  10. Suzu The Apprentice says:

    My dog did this and I would put crosses all over the room ?

  11. نور سمير says:


  12. Nicole T says:

    Your damn studio is laid and yes he detects entities, so have your resident cleansed with Sage and open the window after you burn it to let out the entities. Now if he keep on that means to me you are surrounding yourself with someone whom you know is not good for you.

  13. mia53095 says:

    I still think a ghost in the roof. Booooo

  14. LilBlueOnk says:

    I was kinda hoping they would look in the ceiling and find something, like a mouse.

  15. Rock Trice says:

    You people are distracting him from discovering the ghost

  16. Vicious Viscount says:

    Short answer: no.
    Long answer: nooooo.
    Reason: Ghosts don't exist.

  17. Retrograde Beats says:

    1:26 we tired of your bs so chill out bruh

  18. cecituc says:

    Y los subtítulos en español? Que pasoooo!! La parte 1 de este vídeo está subtitulada y está no lo está!! Por favor, estamos disfrutando a medias de los videos, porque tenemos que adivinar lo que está pasando!! SIBTITULOS EN ESPAÑOL, GRACIAS!!

  19. kate baxter says:

    I just love this channel. I especially like the subtitles with what the dogs/cats/or whatever are saying. Like chill man. So funny.

  20. Tanya Kpa says:

    ???Dogs see Ghosts ??? but I do believe Dogs see something that we cannot see ? All Dogs are so Cute ? Love Them ? I Love Kritter Klub too ??

  21. jippun says:

    3:31 what an insanely smart dog oh my god?? he figured out exactly what to do right away.

  22. Coracao Formoso 123 says:

    Lindo anjiho que amor ❤️?❤️??

  23. Atlas WalkedAway says:

    Your animal psychologist is always quite impressive.

  24. Orlagh says:

    "Excuse us being extra."

  25. Carmen Bindiu says:

    Solve any problem! That is great!♡♡♡♡☆☆☆

  26. Kirke Sych says:

    "Dog equivalent of the obsessive bf who stalks you even after your breakup" lmao I'm wheezing ?

  27. Faeza Khan says:

    I don't understand.. what did he see? Confusing episode.. I was hoping to see a ghost of Annabelle ?

  28. koutoulakis54 says:

    i came to see doggie and the ghosts, instead i saw a very beautiful lady!

  29. tomōmōK says:

    no ghost no weird rf freq or wht ever, just simple thing..sometime we watch too much movieeeee ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

  30. 찐빵사랑 says:

    I need to ask you a question. Why don't you tell me where you got it? This is being broadcast by an animal farm in Korea. Don't you know if you're bringing it without telling me where it came from?

  31. • K a i • says:



    A fly? For almost a year ? It's so cute ❤?? "Get that spider!

  33. LizzieWhiz says:

    WOW,,,,who would know a dog could suffer from OCD…lol!

  34. MIRA says:

    that dog is a stand user

  35. treeman Micool Jacksonn says:

    dog owner’s dedication is ? they went thru a lot of trouble trying to figure this out lol

  36. Sinixe ʕ ́•ᴥ•`ʔ says:

    The subs kill me

  37. laxmi grg says:

    Calm thyself lmao im dead?

  38. Suprangya Singh says:

    Whoever wrote the subtitles watches a lot of American YouTubers…????

  39. b b says:

    It's weird how they don't consider the dog's resource guarding the bed, or that the dog has a general OCD pattern about many things. This dog isn't mentally healthy, the whole flies in the light isn't the main problem.

  40. Sleepy_Scarlett says:

    That fake apider scared me so bad.. I have arachnophobia. ?

  41. Tinnie Minki says:

    maybe Koreans don't believe in ghosts so they don't call paranormal ?

  42. Breach Arce says:

    The animal expert is so good with animal behavior.???.

  43. Nini Grave says:

    the translator is an arinator i see

  44. nowheretobefound inYT says:

    lovin it

  45. Sk P says:

    "Excuse us being extra" haha the captions are my favorite part?

  46. This isZoree says:

    Soo many cute dogs.. I love themm.. ??????

  47. OcchioniApotropaici says:

    What a stupid dog.

  48. Millah Milla says:

    Black circle ??????

  49. Evhie Lovelyart says:

    The best doctor of animal ever

  50. Cynnabuns says:

    Cute solutions <3

  51. zhen zhen says:

    Hope mr. Dog expert have his own show… i'll watch every single episode…

  52. Samira Aparazita says:

    the dark circles ain't no joke….. ikr ?

  53. Jei Ci says:

    I’m not against dogs but I can’t stand it when they bark all the time it’s really loud
    Or when any animal does this

  54. Balaji Bala says:

    Dark circles are no joke bruh ??

  55. VLOG Music says:

    The trainer is amazing

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