Dog Massage : Dog Massage for Pain & Ailments

Hi. In this segment, we’re going to talk about
pain and ailments in a dog. When you’re doing dog massage, every dog is a little bit different
and you’re going to know from speaking with your vet where your dog’s pain and ailments
are. So, we’re going to stop, start at the top of the body and go through to the back
of the body and show you a couple of maneuvers that you can do. Now a lot of dogs may get
pain in their upper shoulders and what you what you want to do is get the circulation
moving through their shoulders. I always like to massage upwards so you’re moving the circulation
up towards the heart. You can massage around the elbows if they’re having elbow dysplasia.
And, again, even on the limbs, massaging all the way up through getting the circulation
to the heart, moving the endorphins to help them feel better. If they’re having pain throughout
their back, again, you just want to do nice, light movements, maybe a couple of circles
around the spine. And again, I always go in an upward motion towards the heart. As you
move towards the rear of the animal, a lot of dogs, especially as they get older or have
hip dysplasia, get a lot of pain into the hips. So, again, nice motions, circular motions
and up through the legs and all the way up to the heart.

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