Dog Obedience Training | Alaskan Malamute, White German Shepherd

yeah good boy right both of you you want chicken treat and being a good boy I give you treat okay and you too this treat for you no stop Bruno has to get it too Bruno stop put your head down good boy Sheru put your head down if you put your head down you and get another one no stop put your head down no arguments put your head down no Bruno put your head down if you listen you get treat put your head down no put your head down yes see if you no I didn’t ask you to eat it Sheru put your head down see you are a good child right see you have to have a patient right if you listen you get the treat right look I didn’t ask you leave put your head down okay good boy see now you listen shake hand good boy in other hand good boy now you can eat go Bruno shake hand good other hand shake good since you’re very good boy I’m gonna give you one more sit down please yeah boy you’re such a good child one for you and one more for you good boy good boy

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100 Responses

  1. Perdue Queen Gatea says:

    My so well behaved

  2. Perdue Queen Gatea says:

    Cuddly and gorgeous 23rd March 2016

  3. Van Helen says:

    Sheru anxious face πŸ™‚ Bruno is patient πŸ™‚

  4. J RΓ”ME says:

    Sheru is so adorable !

  5. sasquatch says:

    you're a good man..good to see man treating these majestic malamutes well.

  6. Kasonas says:

    Such good boys. They are both so cute!!!!!!!

  7. Dorz Jaiden says:

    the malamute be like: oh c'mon man! geez!

  8. Gerardine Cizmar says:

    Beautiful dogs. You treat them so well. I wish everyone was so good to their dogs.

  9. Julie Clark says:

    I feel like you're favoring Sheru over Bruno, which is not fair.
    For instance, Sheru was the one complaining the most about waiting for his treats, and then he got his treats first!
    Plus, only Sheru's name is mentioned in the title and not Bruno's. If I were Bruno I'd be like wtf, bro πŸ˜›

  10. michael deoliveira says:

    Mals are amazing looking but German shepherds listen so well.

  11. fun-with-nickline says:

    oh my Gosh WoW.

  12. Nikhil Kapoor says:

    haha Sheru is so cute and the way he argues with you is hilarious!!

  13. Little Link says:

    he was like damn it human im hungry!!

  14. Teddy&Roy Tricks says:

    Loving your work man thanks please post more

  15. Silus says:

    The white dog is thinking about murdering you in your sleep.

  16. Rishi Lim says:

    how do you prevent food aggression in malamutes?

  17. 2-D says:

    I'm thinking of getting one please help, male or female malamute? Also, if I get them since he is a puppy do you think they will get along?

  18. 2-D says:

    Also I would love to know how is it to walk them, do they protect you?

  19. Dash Thunder says:

    I really love your videos. I had an alaskan malamute that had the exact same personality as Sheru. He was always talking back to me, he sure liked to argue lol. Extremely smart, very trainable, and great with other people and kids. Sadly he got sick and I had to put him down after 9 years. My best friend for sure. Your videos remind of him and how cheerful he was. Thanks for sharing your videos! It brings back good memories!

  20. velly jatt says:

    Do you own any guns, if yes , for how much you got there in U.S.

  21. Janiey Lopez says:

    my girls love this video. we love sheru

  22. Ashwin Revankar says:

    I liked the understanding.

  23. Cheryl Hack says:

    Sheru just can't wait always complaning but so cute and Bruno on the other hand is a little bit more patient!! Thanks for Sharing

  24. jewl 721 says:

    lol.. sheru wants treats can't wait. bruno he very well behaved.xoxox

  25. ms . butterfly lady says:

    Bruno is a good boy and sheru is like nope dad lol

  26. Anes M says:

    because of sheru's stubbornness she seems to get a lot of attention to the point that Bruno doesn't try no more ??????? I love your dogs sooo much esp the calmness in Bruno

  27. Ahmed Khalil says:

    Clever dog

  28. diya Londhe says:

    they are too good

  29. Nadra Suryadarma says:

    Sheru is too cute! and bruno is so handsome πŸ™‚

  30. Tomahawk1999 says:

    why does bruno look so different from most german shepherds?

  31. atanim says:

    Why won't give your dog an Indian name, like "Raju" or "Mintoo"?

  32. NIRBHAY KUMAR says:


  33. TokenAsianGuy says:

    No child disobeys an Indian parent and gets away with it. Great kids. πŸ™‚

  34. aghxd says:

    lovely πŸ™‚

  35. Hemal Karambelkar says:

    It looks very cute when Sheeru covers his face at :45. It seems like both of them understand your language very well. Bruno looks like a Labrador than German Shephard? Sheeru looks very fluffy and cute, how is he with children?

  36. Just Facts says:

    Haha compliant and then protest.


    I am putting my view again. Yaa I littile agree with M/S Julie. I have watched so many videos of Sheru and Bruno. But Bruno always gets less attention than Sheru. Why do you sir do that? Both boys are so cute and smart but its my request to you to upload some videos that shows your attachment with Bruno too. If you have already uploaded then please share the link else please upload. There is no doubt that you love your boys so much. Please dont take it as a negetive impact to your love to Sheru.I am just sharing my view. Love you SHERU and BRUNO.

  38. Savage Rice Cake says:

    I love video of people showing love to their pets…

  39. abhishek bhandari. says:

    are u an indian? sheru is an indian name. and ur accent is also indian.

  40. Karthik Menon says:

    hi sir.can u pls reply and tell me how did u get hold of this alaskan malamute and how much does this breed cost in india..??

  41. Frederika Katuuk says:


  42. Katerina K says:

    Very good doge, good job ?????

  43. Ms Thing says:

    Sheru is such a talker!!… lol they are just tooo cute and well behave lol

  44. Hard Rock says:

    Easy steps are u an india

  45. NL Raza says:

    Haha that's cute! Malamutes are very stubborn BUT very intelligent, and Sheru is gorgeous!

  46. Hard Rock says:

    i m also an indian and it is proud to see an indian on you tube

  47. MoppyPuppy says:

    Poor Doogs.

  48. Ajay Baliarsingh says:

    man i my labrador isn't like dat but i like him.she is like always jumping arround.

  49. Viknesh Jay says:

    Feel for the species. What have we done to them?

  50. brightstars says:

    how old is Sheru?

  51. Allan H says:

    My malamute Sadie is the same way. She will sit, stay, lie down.. all the commands but once she sees food or treats she kind of loses her mind a little. I never give mine the chick n jerky treat all in one piece because she gobbles it up so fast. Plus the cut up treat is a good reward while I'm working with her.

  52. K.S.K says:

    i m 100 prcnt sure that he beats them badly ….

  53. Rachana says:

    Omg that was sooo cute..thanks for sharing it

  54. Tran Lily says:

    Both is cute, and smart. But the white one is more calm & more patients/listen.

  55. Jackie Nguyenphu says:

    haha So typical of a Malamute… oooh, they are SO intelligent and they COULD please Daddy, but they prefer to do their own thing. So EXCELLENT JOB Sir!

  56. StarlightnDust says:

    Lol! I keep coming back to watch your channel. Sheru n Bruno I are like chalk n cheese. Sheru is very cheeky boy? Bruno is better behaved,? quiet brother out of the two doggies. They're adorable. I love watching them.

  57. Top Fertilizer says:

    The Malamute had a lot of conversation with you

  58. trent8002003 says:

    You go easy on Bruno!!! Guess all parents do. They usually demand more of the smarter kids!

  59. Aiman Over says:

    hhhh how cute if I was that guy I will definetly give them the whole thing

  60. Giada 555 says:


  61. No Qarden Without Weedes says:

    bon opitit

  62. Panchami Paul Choudhury says:

    they r so cute… it seems sheru had enough of obedience.. they look so cute being impatient

  63. J love says:

    bruno can wait but sheru cant wait???if its about food sheru cant wait??

  64. Ratna Majuni says:

    They both are cute

  65. Adlin Rachel says:

    Bruno and sheru im totally madly in live with you both … β™‘β™₯

  66. sal 0 says:

    This is great. your dogs act like people. though bruno us more mature

  67. sadikal jarif says:

    addd more video

  68. Hassad Abbass says:

    did u film this in Auschwitz? dude bè nice with dogs. let em be

  69. vineta Manua says:

    Bruno is so obedient. I wished he was mine. I love him. The other is impatient, but he's lovely too. I want him to be mine too ???. Thanks for sharing this nice video

  70. Tajinder Gill says:

    Sat Sri Akaal Bhaji from England and I always love to watch your videos πŸ™‚

  71. LizaTheMalamute says:

    Clear difference! HEhe!

  72. ali lavasa says:

    both of them are acting according to their character . malamutes were bred to be independent decision makers . they dont always listen to the owner ( does not mean they dont love them or that they are aggressive ) . Shepherds on the other hand are very trainable .

  73. Ismaeel Malik says:

    U r an amazing teacher . I love the way u treat ??

  74. Idiotme says:

    Sheru says " oh common pops"

  75. Paul A says:

    Ha, these videos are awesome. I love these dogs! And great training!

  76. Nekon Samorayee says:

    this is amazing gives me a lot of positive energy

  77. Gloria Bonga says:

    spoied brat

  78. Gloria Bonga says:

    i like bruno bcoz he was behave than sheru

  79. Archik S says:

    bruno is super obedient,.. u must be very proud german shepherd owner.

  80. Sagar G says:

    Wow both look so beautiful and lovely. I could never seen before a White German Shepard. So pretty.
    And sheru seems so much cute with his kiddish kindness like a 4 – 5 yrs loveable child. ??

  81. Ninebreaker says:

    That cracked me up! You've done a good job with the Mal. They are stubborn….

  82. Monalisa Bhowmick says:

    wow! bruno got equal treats & love. very nice vd.?

  83. Sagar Ranjan Satpathy says:

    Sir are you from India

  84. Blue Victory says:

    Adorable! ?

  85. Kyla Standley says:

    They have you right where they want you, under the paw!

  86. Gala Xy says:

    Sheru is so funny haha..

  87. Sanjay Paul says:

    I am your Sheru & Bruno big fan …

    How can I get a Alaskan malamute …
    How much this is ..if you don’t mind can you please explain Sir..

  88. G.M. Danielson says:

    I want to take Sheru home! So much personality!!!!

  89. Evett C says:

    Took me 10 mins to give my malamute a raw roast. Two to sit down and eight minutes to finally understand it's all yours. He hid it in the flower box for later.

  90. Agnes Aquino says:

    Daddy I am good boy I know you love me with Bruno thanks for snack

  91. Knife Boszz says:

    Ha! Malamute sorry my friend you've been lied to THATS A WOLF! Has to be one of the biggest and coolest looking malamutes I've ever seen.

  92. Agnes Aquino says:

    Sheru so cute and adorable and smart dog and listen to his daddy
    They are very obedient dog and so with Bruno I like watching this channels because his daddy of sheru is good man taking care loving 2 dog sheru and Bruno
    He's good chef cooking food for there family and 2 son sheru and Bruno

  93. Zehra Bibi says:

    Lol dog on the right is more obedient

  94. Zehra Bibi says:

    Do they fight sometimes Sheru and Bruno? Hope no.

  95. Blue&Orange says:

    Bruno is such an easy learner.

  96. PrettyBoyErin says:

    I had a white German Shepherd and alaskan Malamute.. sadly the German Shepard died. He was 14 years old but still have the Malamute

  97. Al Harrison says:

    OMG this is my malamute. But a man killer. They are too independent

  98. Sandra Routos says:

    I sure miss videos of Sheri & Bruno ❀️

  99. L W says:

    ?Sheru is so cute and you are great with him. We just adopted a Amal from shelter. They are sweet dogs! Thank you for sharing❀️

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