Dog reactive dogs | Structured dog walks | What Would Jeff Do? Dog Training Q & A #470

top chat top chat $9.99 David Smith it
looks like David Smith bingo David Smith we got a regular guy that his little his face
comes up and I’m like that’s David Smith hey guys love you six-month-old rocky
heeling on walks now um heeling on walks now with literally fingertip correction
for fine-tuning to inches hashtag prong work you rock David no prong is the
communication tool your kick-ass training your kick-ass time your efforts
all the stuff you spending time learning and listening that’s what works it’s all
you good job buddy next whoo look at that backdrop not so bad no
it’s a good backdrop there doesn’t look like we’re in prison okay hey guys how
are you Jeff Gellman Solid K9 Training we’re alive from outside of Charlotte
North Carolina yeah and it’s not Saturday night so it’s Thursday night
there’s new life how are you I’m tour right now I’ve been on tour for this is
my first solid week one week that we’ve been on tour yeah we just had
a fantastic seminar in Frederick Maryland 67 people at the
seminar we just launched the Frederick Maryland dates for 2019 guys March a lot
of you it sold out the seminar sold out working spots sold out in about a
month looks like March 23rd through 24th of
2019 we’ll be back in Frederick at the same location so you definitely want to
check out check it out for the next date for last time a lot of people couldn’t get tons of people couldn’t get
working spots but a lot of people couldn’t even get audit spots because
the whole seminar on both sides audit and working spots sold out we actually
have we thought we can only hold 60 we found room for seven more and those were
just audit spots though so let’s jump on those tickets some this weekend I’ve got
a seminar in Simpsonville South Carolina so we had about of what an hour and a
half drive tomorrow yup hour and a
half drive tomorrow just had a fantastic
dinner with a colleague of mine named Laura and her husband Scott we just had
some barbecue so tonight counts as my cheat meal but as you know I’ve turned
into Joelle’s personal fitness trainer with her diet keeping her diet on point
I’m doing all the grocery shopping I’m doing all the cooking I’m actually
feeding her her meals making sure she always has a fresh smoothie available
and in the gym I’ve actually been driving her to the
gym even though she does want to go some mornings as well as making sure she gets
up at a decent hour personal motivator now the problem is she’ll post pictures
up for herself being physically fit but I want you to know that I’ve got some
responsibility to that I’m not holding the camera I’m not even in the damn room
but there’s a little bit of responsability that I will take credit for the
way this works is this if you’re brand new to my world again it’s Jeff Gellman of
Solid K9 Training I specialize in aggression rehab and behavior
modification and that means that I work with some really challenging dogs
I personally travel the world doing dog training seminars I’ve got a dog
training facility up in Providence Rhode Island with a kick-ass staff that does
fantastic now what those folks are doing is they’re working
some of the most challenging dogs around obviously we work with basic obedience
off leash obedience on leash obedience but but what we’re doing a lot of
is stopping unwanted behaviors stopping on lots of behaviors most dogs are
killed given away rehomed or left to have a very small life because they have
a behavior that can’t be stopped in order to stop it an unwanted behavior
you have to do something called punishments so everybody needs to learn
how to properly apply punishments in their dog training program in order to
have a well-rounded dog and this show is probably about 90% punishment based
because everyone’s gonna be asking me hey Jeff how do I stop fill in the blank
alright fill in the blank and the only answer is proper application of
punishments now if you think that a reward can fix it
you’re misguided and you’re wrong you might be lying to yourself or you might
have been lied to ironically 90 percent of our day at our
training center is based on rewards literally we pass out more food than the
crack addict goes for if that’s the right terminology for that I’m not familiar
with the drug by I do know how to a spell it because it’s only one syllable look
Joelle can answer the question ask the questions I’ll give the answers Linda if
you follow me on social you know that she’s back in Rode Island obviously one
and shit down there and if it wasn’t for her I couldn’t travel so she gets
actually the big thank you so does Joelle cuz she puts up with my shit 24/7
I’m just along for the ride actually I’m doing all driving so she’s along for the ride so here we go there’s a button down at the bottom
there see the dollar sign dollar dollar make you holla well let’s make us do some
screaming tonight and if you what happens is we get so many questions that
people like to throw a little bit of cash are way for two reasons
number one they’ve watched some of our 5000 videos some of our 10,000 plus
hours of audio content and they just say hey thanks for helping me with my dog or
they know the question won’t be answered because it’s too far down the chain they want it to jumped up to the top and we’ll answer that just to also let you know that
money is used for date nights for my wife Linda and I we don’t donate the
money to the dogs we don’t donate the money to rescue
we don’t donate it to any nonprofit I are literally take that money and I
stick it in my pocket that’s what I do with it
all right that’s what that money goes to and then I spend it on my wife Linda
this is Joelle her I gotta use my fucking savings for okay your money you
spent on my wife okay let’s go for the questions here we go all right Greg says
these are great oh you’re some of the notifications of yes guys you’re on my
youtube channel right now so join it and turn on all notifications some days we
upload six seven videos so every time I upload a video every time I schedule a
live screen you’ll get notified with the direct link so you want to jump on that
next gal Jezz agree alright Edan ready for takeoff alreight T lemonade 301 when I
correct Ecollar my dog when it looks like a
bad behavior is about to happen he seems to amp up higher do I increase the in do
I increase the correction okay so what you’re probably doing is you might be a
little bit late on your timing and you’re actually putting fuel to the fire
that’s where a lot of people think oh remote collars and punishment make dog’s
behavior worse no it doesn’t bad timing could a lot of the time it’s this if you
didn’t use the remote collar the dog would have exploded anyway remember your
dog is behaving badly prior to using a remote collar you know this that’s why
you’re on my show and that’s why you’re a superfan but a lot of people don’t
realize that we arrived at the scene of the crime
people contact us to stop an unwanted behavior after Laura you can make
more noise okay so you walk by stomping your feet okay so what happens is we
arrive at the scene of the crime we actually don’t create an unwanted
behavior so you might be underwhelming the dog what you want to do is you want
to come down super super firm and make sure your timing is a little bit better
and your levels might be higher start your punished at the beginning of
the sequence next spooky beasts says welcome to North Carolina happy to be
here next we just have some North Carolina barbecue tonight
Melissa says hi Jeff and Joellle hey Mel did you contact her yet did you reach out
yet not yet Joelle’s gonna get back to you tomorrow thank you so much for Melissa
for being here live next David see hey guys tuning in from Havertown PA
seven-year-old boxer struggling with down tried remote collar down and
leash neither will budge him watch your videos
food luring weren’t work won’t work either suggestions David for the next
two weeks your dogs gonna eat its daily meals through downing got it
Laura you can make as much noise as you want to it’s your house you can just do the owner of this home who is putting us up is literally
tiptoeing past okay it’s your home it’s just like
background noise don’t worry about it so the only way your dogs can eat for
the next two weeks you’re not withholding food we’re not SeaWorld okay
we don’t withhold food from from animals what you’re doing is like the food’s
right there luring and leash pressure that’s what I want you to do luring and
leash pressure got it your dog will down who’s more patience you or your dog
who’s more stubborn you or your dog the first time you teach down with leash
pressure personally I don’t care how you do it
you want to use the yummiest food you want to you want to use a little bit of
pressure on the back a little bit you want to take the paws and put it out you
can do it all all kinds of stuff but I want you to try it taking a food
extending it out or taking the food and driving it into the dog’s nose to try to
get the Sphynx down try it either way once the dog gets it mark it reward
again and you’re on you’re off to the races next t lemon a 301 after he comes
down he then growls at me when i look at him or try and come near him i’m not
sure if this is aggression or fear reaction it could be just a combination
of both it could be nonsense it could also be just a
relationship issue for the first time in your life possibly you’re telling that
dog hey you can’t do that unwanted behavior and your dog is saying really
well let me tell you that I can because the dog doesn’t believe you so what do
dogs do growl got it now if you avoided the whole situation you probably won’t
have the growl but you would have the bad behavior so we call that the messy
middle it ain’t always pretty okay so everything you describe is normal and
when you see dogs like when you see all these dogs go through our board and
train going from a really bad place to a really good place I assure you it was
probably a lot of growling a lot of attempted bites a lot of nine nonsense
tons of praise but dogs don’t always do what you want them to do when you want
them to do it because they’ve got a bigger plans and also some dogs don’t
want to stop an unwated behavior because they like it but you
just not have an agree with it because it’s dangerous so there’s going to be
conflict next top chat five dollars all right
spooky be new listener we tried the winning to move for pulling ahead on
walks amazing all caps change thank you the
reason why I said all caps everybody that’s listening to me on one of my
podcasts Spotify SoundCloud iTunes I Heart Radio Google and I think three or
four other podcasts thank you so much for tuning in and YouTube live of course
thank you next Josh you have an awesome show thank
you for all you do Josh love you man Greg says looked at a
doughnut gained five pounds I swear Greg I believe you and it’s so funny because
we have a donut shop by us they charge five dollars a donut it’s like we’re
talking about gourmet doughnuts and ironically you gain five pounds next
Pauline your videos have helped me so much with my newly adopted reactive dog
thank you awesome Pauline this is also Pauline I do a
structured walk every day but I don’t have a fenced yard so potty breaks are
also unleash do I differentiate between a structured walk and a potty break walk
yes you leave the house it’s always
structured unless you have a fenced-in yard and then you just release your dog
and let your dog run but if you what you do is you’re on the fenced-in yard where
I want you to do is number one start working on remote collar training for
recall you know you might as well start doing that
who doesn’t want a dog to have off leash recall what I want you to do is this
heel out of the house go to a specific potty yard you want a dog pee pulling
all over your yard then you know you poop on your shoes go to a specific
place and then you say go potty then give your dog slack next top chat top
chat another five dollars Dana oh Dana I love you put up an emoji of your beautiful face would you alright okay hi
Jeff and Joelle what’s the best and most effective thing thing to say to stop
someone from coming close to my leash reactive dog
okay you know try this ready everybody together we’re gonna do this exercise we
do a group exercise you guys remember going to speech class remember
speech class so it’s a group exercise you know you warm up your throat with
the exercise you’re singing la la la here’s what you do ready okay
someone comes up to your leash dog is leash reactive and you don’t know what to say this what you’re saying get the fuck away from me practice that
every day I want you to just randomly scream that you’re walking on the street get the fuck away from me get the fuck away whether you got a dog or not just say it
everywhere everywhere you go okay your spouse comes home get the fuck away from
me honey what are you doing oh I’m practicing
honestly I practicing honey little kids come over mommy mommy get the fuck away
from me everybody just do it do it alright Dana for five bucks I drop
f-bombs for 20 you don’t even want to know all right Abington 586 just started
up a dog training business in Northeast PA about two months ago any suggestions
on how to gain clients I’ve made a facebook and boosted videos of client
dogs and given business cards to the groomer I’ve got tons of ways that’s
actually how I make a living like dropping f-bombs and giving out free
advice that’s not how I make a living I actually do business consultation
that’s and yes people pay me actually pay me a lot of money to do it did you
think who would pay you it’s like well your
are asking me for help so this is what I want you to do I want you to put up
massive amounts of free contents with no expectation of anything in return
got it free free free I want you to be always working a dog what I want you
to do is the way the universe does is this the universe is looking down and
you in there like excuse me and they’re like Abington is sitting at home
wondering when the phone is gonna ring Abington doesn’t get dogs or Avington is
working a free dog from a neighbor from a shelter from a rescue Abington’s making how to videos everything is putting out social media Abington is doing blog
post Abington’s doing all these tips online for nothing and Abington is not
expecting anything in a turn on your website document your work show what you
do put your prices put your tools put your techniques don’t talk science be
real what made you Abington come to me the breadcrumbs are already there now
old-school business cards everywhere vet offices groomers tractor supply
everywhere get a t-shirt with your name on it
all rights and walk with traffic you’re breaking the law
you’re supposed to walk against traffic but then the people can see a t-shirt
behind you that’s how I built my business I built my business literally
wearing a t-shirt with ten dogs in heel walking with traffic and everybody was
like holy shit who is that guy but since I was walking with traffic they saw the
back of my shirt that’s honestly how I built my business whether I had one dog
two dog or ten dogs that’s how I build my business but it’s in 2018 now you don’t
have to do that but it’s a good idea to do that and get out there
next that’s a couple of ideas look what I do and duplicate it but don’t be me be
you next top chat top chat $9.99 David Smith it
looks like David Smith bingo David Smith we got a regular guy that his little his face
comes up and I’m like that’s David Smith hey guys love you six-month-old rocky
heeling on walks now um heeling on walks now with literally fingertip correction
for fine-tuning to inches hashtag prong work you rock David no prong is the
communication tool your kick-ass training your kick-ass time your efforts
all the stuff you spending time learning and listening that’s what works it’s all
you good job buddy next Jake be when my dog is overwhelmed I put her in a sit but
she couldn’t used to look in every direction and tries to run away even
after a leash pop she continues when we leave she’ll walk ahead and look back hey
you have a bonker shoot there is one in the truck okay that’s what I want you
to do what’s that give me a towel and number 64 elastics what does that make an impromptu bonker
actually no I won’t cause I don’t want to show it this will be made wrong we
don’t need at all we’re fine so this what I want you to do
don’t use obedience to stop the dog state up just to to change the dog state
of mind right now you have to a leash pop can ramp the dog up you have
to get yourself a bonker a bunker is a towel
it’s a wrapped up towel all right now that’s what you’re gonna do so it’s a
wrapped up towel wrapped up we show them in all of my videos we show them so much
what you’re gonna do is you’re saying no boom Punisher and the dogs gonna go what the heck was that you get rid of the arousal you need to learn how to get rid
of the arousal the dog also remote collar heel your dog teach you how to do
that next Kaylee Jay hey guys frustrating because my parents are
always wanting to pet my dog who has a whining problem neither of them believe
petting hurts at standing firm with not allowing them to pet him for now ok
Kelly Jay how old are you number one if you’re like a 15 16 17 year old child or
even younger because I do have a younger fanbase even though I drop f-bombs
what happens is just sort of gotta listen to your folks now when you’re 18
or move out of the house or move out of the house right now now if you’re out of
school or you’re 18 and over and you’re still living with your parents like it’s
like okay there rules but that but they’re still you know they’re messing
up the dog what I would do is I would put the dog in your bedroom in a crate
even though I don’t want whining dogs in the crates and you have to just keep
them out you have to set down some ground rules you might or you have to
sit them down and read them the riot act or get them to jump on this show get
them to jump on this show and I’ll read him the riot act
because you know I’m not looking to make friends I don’t really care not too many
young women’s parents have ever liked me like I used to dry the panel van okay
could you imagine me pull it up to your house I was 16 at the time guys okay –
pick up your 16 year old daughter could you imagine the freakin horror
okay people that never imagined owning handguns bought handguns it was her oh
that’s a horrific way to date but guess what worked for me next day
three-year-old border makes crawls inch by inch out of the town until he’s in
another location a couple feet away it encourages a caller and amp up each move
sometimes it gets up okay dev that makes your dog normal okay what you need to do
is you need to it is the first sign that that dog does its first crawl what I
want you to do is this put your dog on a tie back a tie back is this put the leap
today take your leash connected to the collar never connected to a remote
collar guys remote house you never have any lesions connected to them at all so
you never be on either a flat buckle tower or a prong collar take that and
you have to secure it to a very heavy piece of furniture secure it to the wall
and what you’re gonna do is this your dogs gonna start crawling but there’s
enough room for your dog to crawl literally enough room for your dog to
crawl so crawl right off of it maybe like two feet dog starts crawling off
you are to say no remote I want that dog to know to back up so you have to
roleplay that at the beginning with the remote no leash pressure back what it
feels the remote so you the dog should learn how to do remote cow or pressure
on pressure off down in place then what you’re gonna do is you’ll say no higher
level correction if the dog gets up you’ll say no place and then down you do
that a couple of times you don’t understand what you want next grant gave
us $4.99 and didn’t give us an award weird there’s a bead to be made outside
notes missed a bunch well because I’m gonna do grants oh I
see prepare for your shadow program soon fiery okay bring lots of Kleenex okay
because I’m gonna yell at you no actually
to top it what’s it talking before it’s gonna make you shoot misters your pants
you might mentally prepare is this you come there and you listen got it
you’re there to learn so it doesn’t make a difference
who else has taught you what right well I learned this at so-and-so’s place okay
that’s what which you should by the way you should you should chat with as many
trainers as possible the worst thing to do is to come into a trainer’s facility
and then be like well so-and-so trains like this number one I know how
everybody trains and that’s cool I am so cool with that but you’re there to learn
so what you want to do is what you want to do is you go in there and you just
listen listen and absorb and then you take from that seminar take from that
shadow that week-long shadow and you take from it what you can apply to your
business as we be a lot of stuff you might be like I’m not gonna do it the
way I do seems to work out better now if there’s something to did you see us do
that seems totally like that doesn’t make sense that’s wrong mmm that might
be the missing link actually now you’re only there for a week
some dogs go up and down on a roller coaster a lot of these dogs are with us
for five weeks be prepared listen to my staff because
if you don’t listen to the staff and it endangers the safety of you or the staff
you actually get your ass kicked out even though you paid to be there even
you know we’re not trying to be hard asses but we have a responsibility for
the dogs that are there and my staff that is there so they know what they’re
there to teach you they’re there to help you there to guide you and they’re there
to answer your questions okay if you start becoming a pain in the ass
they’ll say stop being a pain in the ass that’s code word for shut the fuck up
and listen right next because they’re a lot more polite than I am
next be made oh yes I know Jeff what’s your suggestion for best food for dsz
puppy going forward I feed raw I’m no expert on nutrition but chances are
anything in a pet shop is not gonna be good look in the raw go to a wrong
website ask them next Angela how I hope my current foster dog who is
fearful of men invites them she’s been in three men in the two weeks the rescue
I foster for wants to put her down because she’s too much of a liability
okay so we got a lot of super shots down below too I’m wondering if those are no
yeah okay this is what it is what I want you to do Angela if the muzzle of the
dog and you have to not let people pet the dog and the reason why I’m saying
that is this if your dog came to us we can work through it
you are a Skype session nobody has to buy a Skype session from me that’s not
why I do these shows but the safest thing but I’m also a practical dog
trainer I’m a very practical dog trainer I’m a family pet dog trainer the most
ethical information that I can give you right now is get that Dawg muzzle
commissioned start walking that dog and having that dog around people without
interacting with people don’t allow people to put pressure you might hear no
no no no no give all these people treats have them walk up to the dog and then
give them treats guess what that’s the best way to normally get bit but to
reinforce biting so stop doing that if you’re doing it anybody that’s doing
that stop but it worked with my dog great I got 99 dogs out of a hundred
that it doesn’t work with the best thing you can do for right now is they even I
thought to exist around other owners I’m gonna round other people now from an
ethical standpoint if nobody can we have that dog should it be adopted out that’s
not for me to say yes or no one that’s gonna be an ethical thing now if they’re
doing it because they don’t want to put the dog down that’s also their
discussion could we help that dog yes but it needs to go to a train of the
knows how to stop aggression right now though keep the dog safe and it’s up to
you that’s not spending three people it cannot interact with humans because you
have that information next loveable eyes to my five and a half
month old pup has started to wake up at 2:00 a.m. this week she’s been fine
sleeping through the night before what could be causing this her diet hasn’t
changed and I feed her by five in bed by 8:00 okay is she waking up and going to
the bathroom is she waking up in whining and you
leave her on the crepe do you take outside is she peeing and she pooling or
she’s going outside and sniffing around okay check have your vet you can always
do have that check on him but it’s probably behavioural but what could be
doing it it should be it could be anything
it could be anything out there so if it’s nothing
you put a remote collar on your dog and you tell your dog to cut the shit and go
back to bed for three hours all right or you can have the dog moving
with me because I get up at 3:14 for the last couple of nights next morning’s
morning’s a sign thank you for posting the video on reactive dog to children a
son we’ve got work with so many dogs with kids and glad it helps grants
question for $4.99 yet say Melissa says thank you films up yep
10:04 question hi nuclear love you and everything you do very helpful I just
bought a prawn collar from you on Monday hopefully I get it soon what can you
tell me about the Tri tronic sports you call it okay we usually ship out within
24 hours we have everything in stock you only sell three things so anything
rocket science so we don’t use the Tri tronic Sports account or the good thing
about that is that it’s a combination bark collar remote collar and the
handset can go up to four dogs so that’s the nice thing about it we don’t train
on them though that doesn’t make them bad the brand is good the technology is
good we don’t train on them though we train on ikaw our technologies or dog
truck we like those a lot but again the brand is not bad and the tower is
not bad it just doesn’t do the hundred levels or hundred twenty seven levels
that we like to focus in on next Thomas you have talked about this I’m looking
to start a dog training business I live in Idaho I cannot find anyone that
trains like you how do I get experience differently
do you offer help with people business yes I do
so this what I want you to do so Thomas I want you to go find somebody and I
want you to work for them for free for six months got it find somebody and
say I will work for you for six months for free maybe you can live on the
facility find a cheap place to live and you get a night job get a night job to
do your intern – you do your internship drive uber bartend wait tables do
anything that’s what you should do that’s the best way to do it or start
training a shitload of dogs and make a ton of mistakes next top chat spooky be
Oh 499 yep I guess they are coming up those are just the old ones thank you
for being real have been through so much with trainers in your refreshing babb
they love you that’s it a lot of people don’t like what I have to say a ton of
people don’t tough shit right I don’t really care I’m not looking to make
friends I’m looking to save dogs lives and make humans lives were more
enjoyable also I like to always throw this out to everybody everybody thinks
that I’m dog centrist I’m like this big dog lover yeah of course I care about
dogs I’m a human lover okay I love humans I believe we look we live
in a fantastic time we live in a fantastic world I’m not ignorant about
world events at all but we live and we in we live in a wonderful wonderful
world and this is the thing humans are in pain guess how I help the humans pain
I go in through the dog got it I help the dog it helps the human and it’s a
win-win that’s my business model next David Hall host Charlotte North Carolina
we’re not in Charlotte what’s name of the city Odie’s college Mountain Island
oh we’re still in Charlotte though I’m moving there next year and that is where
I will start my business I love you guys and everything you do I’m awesome you’ll
have a great time you’ll love it here good food nice people it’s slow but not
too slow not even for us northerners okay you aren’t slow you go get your RV
fixed in Mississippi that is slow okay don’t be in a rush to go anywhere next
David Smith was sick this week so just started clicker training because I felt
guilty about no walk and limited play he likes it so far good good job
good next the tornado dogs hi as a star micro trainer something you would
recommend to a to almost three-year-old medium-sized dogs is that that plastic
thing if you star mark I don’t know if they make a remote cower if you’re
talking about that pilot the plastic thing that’s a piece of shit no like the
only reason why people use those is because they want to make it look like
it’s not a prong collar like use the pews a prong collar but if you’re
talking about a remote power I’m not familiar with you another thing I know
what’s the name star mark is they’ve got a line of toys and they make that
plastic our plastic cover is junk in my opinion so next Thomas donated $2 and he
said I had a question about dog training business okay you can ask it you can ask
it but what I would recommend is this all I answered the questions in 30
seconds 15 seconds but you can look into my patreon channel Melissa will you
throw up the link to my patreon channel please thanks Melissa
um and and you can think about that I’ve got about 25 maybe 30 people a month
that I that I sort of mentor and I do monthly skypes with and it helps a lot
of people I mean it’s a good check-in you can ask me dog training questions
business questions social media questions personal growth questions ask
me some recipes if you want to personally I think it’s a waste of
fucking money but but I don’t care next all right okay lead a very thankful for
all the content you guys put out because aside from the frustrating parents my
dog is doing amazing awesome good job Kili Jay proud of you you have to I
would put down your foot with your parents put it down and have a
conversation if you’re 16 are they gonna kick you I kicked out one of my
daughters when she was 16 um just be careful don’t get kicked out of the
house alright catch up it’s expensive next
week she donated $1.99 but retracted her message okay thank you good thanks if
you want to take your money back just call up just contact them yes
she became thanks for all your oh thanks to your advice
I bought a bunker and pet convinced her I was able to walk an extremely reactive
dog side by side next to a dog she’s never met did you hear that everybody
okay a lot of people don’t like the advice I give I don’t really care why
chief okay it worked for her why because she did it
she did the work if you’re sitting out there right now and you’re going I would
never do that that’s fine you don’t have to my way is not number one it’s not my
way it’s well established dog training training ways that have been around
since dogs were around that was long as lobsters no lobsters been around for 350
million years before trees could you manage that Oh lobsters been around
before trees lobsters have been around when the continents were not separated
like they were still like the puzzle pieces were still together
that’s Pangaea that’s how let’s all have stirs have been around before the
Appalachian Trail raised from the ground which by the ways we’re counting smashed
together boom it’s weird how the earth comes up so
cool next how do you take a medium drive dog that’s only motivated by other dogs
and make him focus on you this dog will fixate on any other dog issues okay make
yourself more important correct the dog for focusing on other
dogs it won’t make the dog dog aggressive at all that’s a lie and you
become everything to the dog everything I’m your water source on your food
source I’m your freedom of movement source I’m
your training source I’m your fun source I’m your sleep source I’m your wage
source I turn on the lights I turn off the lights I take you places I don’t
take you places I’m everything to you next and click or trade it off next NGB
yes this is what your free content did for me perfect heel down and out command
was settled within 48 hours off leash recall one week love you all working on
place now okay so energy be your the real hero of this story got it and I’m
serious I’m just the guy with a big mouth and I’m being serious here you’re
the real hero you’re putting in the work for all the
folks that are out there right now with out of control dogs that’s why you’re
here that’s why you showed up I love you but if I don’t have the answers for you
that work don’t worry about it yeah I won’t take it personal somebody does
they’re out there and it doesn’t take long
alright it doesn’t take long now rehabbing aggression sure
working on massive anxiety and fear sure but getting your dog to resemble at
least a well-behaved dog a week next or less for an average dog owner next Eden
sandwich factors 310 minutes in hahaha eating Parrish factor given t-shirts
made okay working on down with her now when I give her leash pressure if she
screeches and then redirects no matter how much pressure she’s advice do I
correct screeching and continue leash pressure muzzle up the dog okay
this is gonna sound so mean and you get a lot of people that are like that’s
mean you’re being forceful bla bla bla bla bla okay try with a food Lord this
is the thing everyone’s like this builds a better relationship with the dog and
then I listen to you really why is it the people that event
own dogs for four or five six years still hire us because of the crappy
relationship they have Gerard it is to build a relation with your dog when he’s
trying to bite you when there’s massive anxiety when it runs away from you all
the time when it dragged your ass down the street it’s sort of hard to build a
good relationship with a dog or bring the dog to us okay here oh you know
we’re gonna do we’re gonna freakin sing Kumbaya hold hands smoke pot by the way
I don’t do drugs at all smoke pot and sit under the stars for a month until we
build this relationship and talk about our most inner thoughts
no dogging can it down any better maybe it’ll be so damn stoned it’ll fucking
fall down but other than that it’s not going to so muzzle up the dog work the
dog fluids you know what kid in a temperate and you know what kid at seven
a temper tantrum that’s what your dog is doing next we just lost 30 listeners you
rock yeah but you put that up before I started talking really excited to start
using had to order a different content yeah you are you know what I use Aaron
is the UM I used to fit four contact points on my box next to be working on
car reactive behavior No she’s with faraway cars but close by
causes arousing boom apply your Punisher at the moment of arousal next the
tornado dogs like that mean also I have another question when I have my dog in
public should I try it too mentally stimulate her and keep her interested
throughout the sessions in public no the last thing you want is a mentally
stimulated dog in public you want a bored dog in public guys okay this one I
want you to do we just put up we just put off we didn’t get any shit on this
because people like they don’t give us really much hate anymore because we’re
not fun to play with anymore you know we’re no fun in the sandbox so there’s
that there’s that there’s that flash the 80-pound pitbull they wanted to take
people’s faces off right they literally couldn’t take it in
public you see the drop off which by the way is like a simple dog for us it might
look ferocious but that’s like yep that’s what dogs do that we don’t we say
hello to their eighty pounds pitties and they try to take our face off welcome to
our world then you see that dog walking in the
park with its owner off muzzle now if you look at that dog and you’ve got a
mindset of like jeez the thoughts are sort of bored no shit
it better be bored it better have a mental calmness to it I don’t want it to
look excited why guess what excited was watch the drop off video that was
excited now this flash get to run around and play hell yeah he’s gay does does
flash get to go swimming yep play chuck it of course
frisbee if he knows how to trick training yep
agility sure but on the walks I want that dog to walk around like yep just
hanging out walking with your mom walking with your dad boom blinders on
ongoing that’s the beginning of the rehab sequence got it next angie be with
that I’m working on my timing awesome any other sequence nice Abington 586
thanks so much for the business advice I’ll try my best to be me and not you
although my name is Jeff okay Abington B this is the thing a lot of trainers take
my videos and they share them to their clients and trust me I have
appreciate it but how about if you’re that client doesn’t like me that’s a
crappy way for business model right so so I’m flattered but I love you so much
I want you to make your own videos alright next the doghouse had my
one-year-old GSD and in town stay in public and a call loud chick carrying a
box stopped slam the box down in front of my dog approach loudly I told my
boyfriend I try I Jeff Gillman her by jumping in good job that’s right
that’s right good for you Haley day oh hold on oh no used to business don’t did
jumping in front of her and telling her that’s no way to approach any dog and do
not touch mine damn right you did everybody’s got boundary issues guys so
many people like I feel bad saying no to a person I feel I feel bad saying no ok
public service announcement PSA ladies ok if you think you have a heart ladies
show of hands do you have a hard time saying no to somebody wants to pet your
dog right most people will say yes ok ladies I like boobs I love them give me
a good set of boobs so listen can I come up to you and be like ma’am those are
nice boobs can I touch them I imagine you kicked me in the nuts when
I wasn’t bent down knee would go up into my elbow and break my nose and if you
don’t do that she’d learn how to do it because it’s freakin effective nobody’s
ever done it on me because actually learned I was actually raised proper ok
and you actually ask permission for things and no means no so you do have
boundaries you got boundaries you can say no you
need to put the don’t pet my dog into the dough Ted don’t touch my boob
category got it literally take it don’t pet my dog and move it into the don’t
touch my boobs and you have the same energy about it and then all of a sudden
you can start adding new stuff to your boundary box you do have boundaries
right dudes want to touch my dick it’s a
fucking free-for-all I’ll even throw you 5 so we have to come up with another
play from that woman hurry up our host Scott’s gone hold on you said you were
allowed you did say you’re disgusting Kayleigh J yep I’m 24 and just bought my
own house so my house my dog my rules KVJ damn right and you’re gonna have to
tell your parents guys you can’t come over anymore seriously you have to read
your folks the right acts you have to say mom dad I love you but you can’t
come over anymore or have to put your dog away your house your rules that’s
the attitude to have next Melissa put the link to your
patreon page Thank You Melissa join that guys Nicole Manor have been taking your
advice on you using tools for training our seven month old Belgian Tervuren
turn star it’s a process that’s seemingly at the end of the tunnel
thanks so much number one it’s a seven month old dog number two you got
yourself a dog all right you got yourself a dog so just remember what you
signed up for you need lots of structure lots of guidance on how to properly
punish everybody knows how to motivate you learn how to properly punish and
let’s make sure we get through 18 months so you right now you have an 11 month
hardcore journey ahead to secure some pretty good patterning next superfan for
everyone out there take advantage of Jeff Skype sessions worth every penny
love you guys ah thank you David Smith easiest GSD training I’ve
done used to dabble in horse training mentor said make right thing easy and
wrong thing hard reward the slightest try transfers to dogs even though one is
prey from one predator Wow Wow David see shadow program how do I sign
up cost Melissa just put up a link to comments down next spooky beat how can I
start introducing a collar Corrections on structured walks she follows my leg
unless we are passing another dog then she struggles leash pops only seemed to
heighten her arousal spooky be as soon as you start seeing that arousal no make
a little bit of not a b80 protocol PA to be 80 protocols
are a bunch of bullshit most people don’t know it they work at attention 12
months to freaking figure it out all right trust me on this you don’t need to
do dat especially with eighth with an acronym
you don’t need to do just look at it that way but as an acronym don’t do it
you want to speak in plain English all right what do I do
closet bhe protocols ah no okay so what you want to do is this at the beginning
of the sequence of arousal you apply your Punisher remote power also guide
your dog away for a little bit of space next Julian
sticking point dog still stares and gives the stink eye to any dog that
passes by own walks try correcting at different levels but hasn’t worked what
would you do what levels have you tried what levels have you not tried okay find
the right level don’t look at the number I assure you there’s a level out there
that works next Top Cat Top Chef David Smith so okay to work on multiple things
or one at a time they’ve always done multiple that I’m know you lol Phoenix
area seminars don’t see on the side I’m glad you’re not me because you’d have no
friends okay so I mean a good reason why she’s sitting here is because she’s on
the payroll and she does it when she’s on the road because she’s down the
double payroll gets paid to paid a regular salary then paid to be on the
road and I pay for all her damn expenses so she’s actually triple paid alright so
you still not nice to me all the time risky which is glad because then she
doesn’t feel all be you need to be nice to me
I don’t remember the Oh David David Oh multiple things you can do just like I
have multiplied Diaz going in my head trained multiple things no problem at
all next okay Sweden I’m a doctor in Portugal I bumped into solid k9 training
through YouTube suggestions I’m like a 20 year younger version of you I simply
love your working attitude awesome so 20 years younger
let’s see I’m 41 so make sure 21 why actually I’ll be 53 in a couple months
yeah nice all right Maryanne hi guys he’ll unleash okay
he’ll off-leash okay but I don’t have a follow me command because when I break
them they still follow me is it confusing them can I start teaching the
same for client dogs just say the word follow just be like follower let’s go
and do directional changes let’s go turn to the right
dogs are behind you let’s go turn to the left dogs are behind you two steps back
one step buff heel tap toe tap try that next no okay the new nation’s unity
hello I am fostering a pitbull who is human aggressive but has been homeless
for quite a few months she’s a good dog but please okay so confused she could
have got shot today because the house next door got raided by the cops and
I’ve had 13 for the last three days she’s been in bad environments with
people who didn’t know how to look after her lately I’ve been told she’s been
biting people due to fear I liked her shell from the video and
we’ll try that with okay do me a favor number one your dog is biting multiple
people you don’t have a good dog let’s make it really really clear right now
that doesn’t mean it’s a bad dog but don’t be going around saying it’s a good
dog then you can tell me to F off right now but I really don’t care
you own a dangerous dog I admit it that doesn’t mean you can’t rehab that dog
that doesn’t mean that dog can’t live bites free for the rest of its life that
dog is not confused okay let’s get it right out there right now don’t bullshit
me I’ve seen the horror of an aggressive
dog I have been mauled three times okay I deal with bites on a daily basis but I
don’t want people to do is be misguided be self-aware your dog knows exactly
what it’s doing now can we get it to change its mind absolutely
is it its fault that it’s goods fighting people maybe maybe not tell
the child that was walking down the street innocently and a dog ran out of
its yard and attacked it’s melted not the child it was teasing it’s the child
who was innocently walking down the streets tell that to the bicyclists
that’s minding its own business biking and the dog breaks out of its front door
through the screen chases it down and chomps on its leg okay it’s not the
bicyclist problem either I’m not mad at you I love you but I need you to be
self-aware I also need you to know how dangerous dogs are I’ve seen dogs kill
I’ve seen dogs mane and I will give them the best chance I can at life but the
dog is gonna have to work with me on that and what I don’t want you to do is
that dog does not need more affection or more love now whenever I make that
comment people are like oh so I should beat it
can I say that did those words come out of my mouth no they did not but
affectionate love that’s how we trained dogs to bite we actually trained dogs to
bite with play and we reinforced it with affection in love okay I own dogs that
are trained to bites guess how I practice with play guess how I reinforce
with love but they’re called controlled biters you have an uncontrolled biter
I’m not mad at you I don’t hate you I love you and I’m being serious but I
love everybody and I don’t want to see them hurt by a dog all right follow my
stuff follow my rules take your heart out of it and use your head and we’ll
see how far we get but I need you to be self-aware all right and if you’re still
listening to this and you haven’t gone hoarse by calling me a fucking asshole
that’s fine but I’m not looking to make friends I’m looking to keep dogs alive
and to keep people safe next regionally jeff’s we live in a wonderful wonderful
world is going to keep me feeling better when I’m struggling with depression I
just know it join the club Rachel okay next I have many educators
view Chargers every night my guidon me one time when in the middle of
a walk one time Yeats yeah I think that’s always good idea to charge it at
night next the tornado dogs do you think you call her positive at all yeah of
course dogs are off leash running around having a great time don’t get don’t get
don’t get tied up in this positive and negative bullshit it’s like what does
that mean what is I’m not mad at you either tornado
what does using an eat our positive mean though what does it mean it means like
can you use any counter reward a dog well yeah because because the dog has an
e collar on it can be taken off leash that’s positive I can take my dog
swimming to the beach to run my dog doesn’t have anxiety anymore
I can I can I can fix my dog’s aggression and I hate use the word
thick’s it’s all positive but if you mean is that when you push the button of
the e Cour is it a reward well if it marks a behavior that you don’t want
them to do when they better understand it hell yes but don’t get caught up in
this reward punishment as far as what this tool does nobody gives a shit
Jeremy or some people do but they’re just trying to look you’re not doing and
you’re not doing this doghouse um I’m sorry tornado dogs you’re not looking to
start an argument cuz you’ve been asking some good questions but you know but I
want people to understand though is like like who cares but no the primary
primarily way a remote cower is used is to stop and one not I don’t want to
behavior through punishments and then to reinforce the training that you’ve
already put down with a dog and we start all dogs with food so we turn dogs that
use remote collars should be excited to see them and guess what they can inflict
a lot of discomfort but they also can allow a lot of freedom
okay next ninety nine when four majorly spread Joe went for a major lease
problems to kick ass off that she’ll walks get tons of compliments and
questions and tell everyone about your videos can thank you enough Jeff ever
muscle be at seminar someday Oh awesome cool
all right yes Megan Reynolds just started advertising my own dog training
business targeted very low for now I would have already got some hater
comments just ignore them no don’t ignore them ban and delete ban
and delete don’t be fun to play next Dean when walking off leash in an area
with other off leash dogs what do you do another dog are not under control dog
just keep walking up to my dog with no recall and chase my puppy around my
puppies on the e-collar and will come that don’t know interaction I should
allow ok I wouldn’t go there got it I won’t go there I’ll find somewhere else
to go like you’re not if it’s an awfully shariah then those dogs ought to be off
leash I just won’t go I won’t go stay in your lane and go somewhere else next I
keep her very ok comments sorry Jeff I missed it a little where’s the link to
where I can talk with you about being a mentor um do you go to night training and
Joe can never thank you enough for blowing some ice
the new nation’s unity I’ll do a video on her show her strong points
don’t say that video to me ok I already heard you she’s aggressive nobody needs
to see a video of how wonderful she is ok Jeffrey Dahmer was polite Jeffrey
Dahmer opened doors for people Jeffrey Dahmer was respectful to his parents
Jeffrey Dahmer killed an 8 young men boiled them up in soup
serve them to his guests you don’t get a free pass for being nice your behavior
is judged on unfortunately the worst quality about you next he says he can’t
ever thank you enough changed his life no but don’t take it ok thank you
melissa posted the link to your website and pinyon Greg says funny thing about
the no Kron call our trainers is they have no video show
I’ll cock no proof all excuse me wait or there they’re inside with easy dogs I’ve
never seen him rehab a dog a true dog they used tough to animals for dog
aggression next who the dog doesn’t attack a stuffed animal who cares
okay impressive my stuffed animals are safe okay
FAO Schwarz is thrilled actually FAO Schwarz is pissed off because they want
your dog to destroy your damn stuffed animals so you got a mite more okay Toys
R Us wooden is my Toys R Us went on a business because of all the all the dogs
that we’ve rehabbed that don’t attack stuffed animals that’s why Toys R Us
really went on a business next Dean my rescue puppy has a great fear of storm
drains it comes and goes and I’ve done everything to fix this but keeps coming
back one day he’ll walk right past other day he will stop 20 feet away power
through a man power through it next okay what I want you to do remote power train
their dog tree Mad Dog to have a great he’ll next to you so to walk in a
perfect he’ll next to you alright get the dog to focus so much on the heel all
the environmental don’t don’t matter got it and you’re gonna find storm drains
and what you’re gonna do just are 20 feet away and I want you to work that
dog sit down he’ll sit down he’ll go back the other way we’re not talking
about a month we’re talking about the first session sit down he’ll go the
other way turn right turn left go forward boom boom boom boom boom next
thing you know down your dog nets for the storm grain good past the storm
thing pasture strong gain pasture strong grain keep doing it next great probably
the dog probably saw what’s that clown movie it the dog probably saw it your
fault for watching letting your dog stay in the room with it next Greg says I
help you with my dog bites when they brush to pet him that usually does the
trick good sometimes it doesn’t some people
are saying oh so can I pet your dog next yes Carol my fear aggressive dogs now
allow through much clipped nails and mildly nervous and walk coming into the
best office for a weigh-in no barking no growling no issues
balanced training works Wow nice good for you next Sara I think I’ll start
saying no you can’t pet my dog and you can’t touch my boobs either Thomas okay I sent an email through your
website looking for more info asking you about mentoring brings in advance stop
soon all right Thomas jump on to the patreon page next Pam a little confused
with a caller Corrections correct on hi only for dangerous infractions dog gets
up from place multiple times correct at working no a then it’s not a
correctional you correct okay you correct on high for things that you know
are very dangerous or disgusting like so eating cue and poop urges both shoot a
human poop actually dogs to eat diapers getting in the trash counter surfing
eating dog poop litter box fence fighting there’s
probably a couple more those you need have to train your dog you make it suck
right from the beginning boom obedience command working level
communication level perception level call it what you want we pair that with
a leash and then we also use food to mark the behavior and we do pressure on
pressure off just watch all the videos dog knows it you’ve done it 500 times
down next correct correct is not working level
correct his punishment level what number is that the number that’s enough for the
dog to go holy shit what I did was wrong let me go ahead and reverse next David
said you missed the part about Phoenix in his last question Phoenix I usually
go to Phoenix or Tucson but unfortunately had to cancel the last two
months of my tour this year because I need to be in Providence for November
and December and this is the big was suppose to be the beginning of my tour I
go I go from Maryland down to South Carolina and then I head to Texas
I knew Phoenix or Tucson San Diego Denver and then I come back through so
unfortunately I have to stop here and head back home next
but yes 2019 I will Russ says hey guys Jeff I love seeing a little behind the
scenes of your daughter’s workshop she’s so badass she is beyond badass wildcraft
knives next I sue I love how you get people out of their denial of their
dog’s behavior so they can move forward it’s very very important next new
nations I see your comments I not gonna keep getting into with you I can
you sign up for a Skype watch my free bit videos watch them all I know you’re
asking for help I know you’re asking for help I notice how my questions have to
be quick your dog needs a major rehab process it takes intensive work it takes
a long time it’s not going to be a quick response this is a free show even if you
gave me five dollars it’s still gonna be a quick response so I’ve got five
thousand videos out there start by watching the videos schedule a Skype
session with me right next josé’s almost to super high energy and pulls a lot
what a prawn color help me out okay a prawn power will dramatically help you
out it’s a great tool but also you have to make sure you watch the videos on how
to size it how to put it on how to introduce it and how to start using it
but yes a prawn counter will dramatically work if you got a point
down you’re not using a prong collar then it’s a whole other world
next the prong collar won’t harm the dog prawn collars don’t harm dogs even if
you use it wrong top chuck doghouse $5.00 love you the doghouse next him you
cause up on continue’ it’s only no boosts you do not lock down stem numbers
you’re able to hike a number up where needed never lock down your remotes
never end up with a dead dog I do momentary and continuous just for
the heck of it by historically and only doing continuous if I want it to be
momentary I’ll just hit the continuous for a really quick second next gouges
thank you so much for what you’re doing you helped me a lot with my adopted two
year old pitbull that still needed correction every day well awesome hold
on one second second next Cindy I just started prong collar a couple days ago
with my seven month old GSD lab mix but he nas on the leash so I can’t pop it
okay dog nose on the leash get yourself a bonker which is the wrapped up towel I
don’t have one here because it’s out of my RV dog no hogs on the leash you’ll
say no boom okay correct Thomas I see now needed to read up more or $5 bucks
for asking care if we’re asking to ask you more that I was reading it was it
was too simple Thomas man I love you it’s cool were cool
it’s all good okay it’s all good man it’s all good everything’s good
next Greg says no the toys-r-us line hello
supreme leader snoke my puppy thinks the bunker is a toy even when I whack her
hard okay you probably do it big it’s supposed to be okay that’s what you want
to do make sure your dog doesn’t see it coming it should be always no and then
BOOM you’re supposed to be stealth ninja like next AJ Gonzalez didn’t think I was
making much progress lately but yesterday was complement and asked how I
got my dog so well behaved thanks for all the free content trust the process
everyone Jeff knows AJ that’s right thanks I’ll give you a call in a couple
days tomorrow I’m heading to South Carolina this weekend I’ve got a seminar
I’ll probably get back to you on Monday or Tuesday next or my office will send
you information because Jessica will be on top of that next Greg says dinner is
on me next time you’re in Colorado don’t care where it is just let me know Greg
it’s a gun it’s a deal it’s a done deal Greg find me a location Colorado Denver
Colorado Springs next Ellie win thought I would miss this would work late that
property you rat and your Instagram story was amazing my dream huge acreage
secluded perfect we’re talking about your property that’s it we’re here right
now yeah is a dream this is an incredible property we’re doing a
seminar here Allie come down next I’ll announce it in a couple of weeks we’re
gonna do a seminar here Scott by the way we’re doing a seminar here four days
sky Oh Great Scott four days of this Scott’s going oh my god he’s booking a
trip look at a trip he’s like worthless frostfall I’m spending nights back at
work honey I love you but no this is not acceptable I can’t run g19 thoughts on
connect or sell it it’s not a good first dog be careful
about your love and affection massive amounts of structure make sure you
understand how to do consequences for unwanted behavior socialize them the
heck with humans and dogs Matt like again massive structure Maksim Sasha it
could be any breed can be difficult but you just have a bigger sized dog they
can be difficult alright next and don’t get don’t get bought into this well
that’s their breed characteristic to be protective alright Island German
shepherds in a Malinois in a Turkish kendall all of them capable of doing
some serious harm to dogs and people the hell if they can explain any of that
behavior while they’re alive next wha-ha-ha 169 hello I have a GSD he
seems to be least reactive we use a collar and it has helped so much but he
still has moments when he launches barks and growls of strangers that talk to him
or get too close okay so what I want you to do is you gotta learn how to punish
the beginning of the sequence to get the dog to not be aroused but also you know
don’t don’t feel bad if they move slightly away from people like I’m not
spend but you know totally across the street some people have to go across the
street at the beginning of their dog training you know the dog training rehab
process but what I would do is I well if I see people coming I give him a little
bit of a courtesy I always give people a little bit of courtesy next Anthony C
are you ever coming to Florida um yes I’m trying to are usually in Florida in
January in February I have two houses down there so but the location that I do
in Ellington is being sold so I’m actually looking for locations in
Florida right now in the Tampa area Gainesville
I’ll take Tampa and then South I’d like you to locations two weekends in a row
so one weekend up in one area one weekend in another area next Pam did I
hear you say you’ll be in Denver in 2019 that is fairly close to me in New Mexico
I historically do Denver in December next you know November sorry just thanks
for all the human training from someone who thought he was pretty damn good lol
safety David thank you for the kind words next
mwah-ha-ha my GSD is anxious a caller has helped a lot but he still barks
growls and launches with strangers Troy thoughts on a villa I’m useless
guys like if you like Vizslas get of each line if you like a Yorkie get a
Yorkie if you want a chihuahua get a chihuahua if you like a Malinois rethink
okay so you know this is the thing what’s your thoughts on a beach lot
what’s your thoughts on a beach lot and why do you want to get that specific
breed there’s nothing wrong with them but why that breed I would say that to
anybody it’s like I like the way they look that’s that’s a good reason to get
a dog but what are you planning on doing with
a dog how good is your training skills like every dog can be good with kids
every dog to be bad with kids how are German jumpers with kids mine are great
we work with clients dogs than our grades but we also work with German
Shepherds that are not great and then multiply that times every breed that
ever existed and you have the answer next Cindy when my seven month old GSC
lab is gnawing on his toys he is always gnawing them touching me and won’t stop
which part you want him to stop touching you or the gnawing seriously but he’s
not he gnaws on you you don’t send the toys right probably like just pushy
throws it on you looking for attention Oh tell him to go fuck off so just teach
him teach em teach him just how to move away from you the out command out boom
or put him in three two things you can cure your toys in place it’s like Angelo
Angelo is six now okay Angelo sometimes will touch his penis right and I’m like
and like that’s something you do in your bedroom
like I’m not shaming my child for tougher for self for self pleasure or
for body parts of her body image stuff we don’t play that game at all we’re not
those type of parents but it’s like and that’s that’s privacy stuff okay that’s
privacy stuff so I don’t know why how the hell we get onto that other than oh
yeah tell the dog what to do no touching what does it go away is touching the
owner oh go away tell the dog you go away
tell Angelo Angelo we’re gonna do that go away dog if we can do that go away
but you don’t tell the dog that so you don’t say if you can do that go away
just like place send the dog away next Ali when I am in Boston and my dog is
bored and train with you next week where Rhode Island seminar next year my friend
has a similar horse breeding facility property in Jack’s Florida we’ll ask if
you can do a seminar there that’d be great
that’s good I would love to do one in Jacksonville make sure they know who I
am and what I do because everyone’s not on board and I forgot you’re going to be
there and I have a seminar coming up at marks though and you can go for free so
remind me to send you Ally because you’re going to be boarding train with
us remind me to send you free tickets to the seminar next caitli just found out
that you’re having a seminar in wi wisconsin be there with you both okay
that’s what I want you to do how many times a week you out for dinner
stop do you smoke stop drink alcohol stop do you go grow chopping excessive
shopping stop everybody can put $75 together a week or every two weeks you
can accumulate $300 by the time the seminar is there go through all your
shit that you don’t use anymore post it on Facebook marketplace and let’s we’re
gonna do this I want everybody right now that wants to go to my seminar and it
says well you don’t have the money bullshit go through your stuff put on
Facebook marketplace flip it come up with the money got it I want to know who
buys a ticket with Facebook money go next le Wynn said it’s larose
performance horses amazing property indoor/outdoor space offense we’ll let
you know awesome things how they love you Greg said what can I email about the
specifics of what you need in a location let me know I’ll start looking on you
can you can we have we I do have a place in Denver though right outside of Denver
that I think I use but I’m hoping to another one though but Jeff had solid
canine training Jeff it’s all a canine training next Angela says thank you Jeff
you’re amazing Oh Thank You Angela David Smith experienced GSD and
no I’m not that the guy for a male choose wisely guys I know I swore I
would never get a male but a male fell into my lap and most people don’t know
the situation how that happened so text is doing great text also I mean
I can handle you know I wouldn’t want to raise them al papi that’s for sure next
the tornado dogs thank you for answering my questions it helps a lot I’m
subscribed and we’ll watch your videos I need for my dogs
good job 20 or Doc’s ha I’m traveling in a couple weeks of my DSC and you’ll have
to be patted down when we go through security but he’s anxious and growls at
strangers he will wear a muzzle okay you see under 20 pound dog because I hope
you’re not putting a certainty SD so okay this is the thing if he’s a true
service dog you shouldn’t be doing that but I’m not here to pass judgment I’m
just telling you though there are laws now that we can get you in trouble so be
very very careful okay your dog your dog guys the airlines are cracking down on
service dogs emotional support dogs and therapy dogs one of the things that
they’re doing is that when you give it you have to pre-register for your dog
right now you’ve got to submit the vaccination
records and submit your paperwork prior on a lot of these okay you’re also
agreeing of the behavior of your dog growling we’ll get you a refusal to get
on the flight I just want you to know that chances are a muzzle might get you
refusal on the flights so just be just be aware of that that’s the only comment
I’ll make on that I just want you to be aware they’re really cracking down now
as they probably should be so just be super careful have alternative plans
next Tammy love you because of you I had the courage to actually have company’s
name thanks I would have shown up um you just
an accident you’re probably smart especially if
you’re like in a relationship I’m the worst guy for that aisle people or
having any of your friends there they’ll think you’ve got really bad taste of
friends congratulate
by the way next Russ’s is the Jeff version of the garyvee flip challenge
love it yeah don’t know Ellie winces thank you so much so excited first
seminar no that’s it and we are past the hour mark anyway so that’s great nice
yeah guys our 11 minutes in 9 seconds okay big sigh relief from the background
so this is it guys we love you we care about you I know I’ve got a big mouth
but just to let you know when you’re training your dog it should sound
nothing like me when I train it when I actually work with a dog one on one I
actually usually don’t talk to dogs I’m a very very sad with dog trainer but
like everybody to do is actually go 24 hours and don’t talk to your dog but do
a lot of stuff with your dog and yes you can try it on your spouses as well thank you Scott and Lara for allowing me
to do all this and hopefully not create an argument later in the night so so so
anyway we love them they’re really great people and we love being here and down
and thank you thank you all um Jeremy says I’ll just give me all I’m sorry
that I skipped you Jeff thanks for the advice you gave me for my dog to get
over fearful noise and another night on the QA are you seen results you’re the
man Jeremy thank you so much I really really appreciate it it’s okay
thanks for following me all right great madly in love with all of you guys I’m
proud of everybody that’s kicking ass alright if there was stuff that I said
tonight that maybe rubbed you the wrong way okay but if you’re still here to
hear it and if it was dog training advice that
actually might have been the magic to the answer now another thing is this
it’s important that everybody knows that I’m giving short quick answers on how to
fix maybe a specific problem I’m a huge advocate of proper exercise a huge
advocate of proper nutrition I personally feed raw but you don’t have
to huge applicative teaching your dog to do things okay so we all want to be
teaching our dog how to sit cut it down how to place how to recall how to walk
next to us we want to teach your dog how to go in and out of a crate politely
we’re honest you’re not going to be quiet on a crates we want to teach your
dog either to not go out go on furniture I have to come off furniture on command
we want to teach our dogs how to exist around the wild world that we live in
without being reactive okay so all I’m not just we’re not just punishing dogs
constantly we’re doing a lot more teaching of what we want then what we
don’t want and the cool thing is especially at the beginning of a
boarding train sometimes you’ve got to stop someone want to behaviors on day
one or two but then after that man do we have a lot of time to be passing out
some good rewards a lot of structure and a lot of guidance and all you should be
doing that as well all right so I probably deliver a punishment to my dogs
hmm I’m with my dogs 24/7 let’s keep that in mind I’m traveling in our view
with them sometimes once a day sometimes every three days it takes one second
think about that one second out of the day maybe one two maybe all three have
to be told you know what I don’t agree with that but they’re with me 24/7 we do
lots of stuff together that’s how would you look but at the
beginning you might be more punishment heavy because you’re trying to stop a
lot of stuff all right but then once they’re trained now you’re just doing
awesome stuff with them but you always got to be ready to give them guidance
they’re like children you want to humanize this stuff let’s humanize it I
love you so much but I need to tell you that what you’re
doing is not proper now when your kids are over 18 and they’re out of the house
and they’re not your responsibility anymore
stop telling them what to do unless they ask for help
got that got that parents of older kids let them learn let them make mistakes
they ask for help always be there but now enjoy them if you have grandkids
don’t tell your kids how to raise your grand
it’s the grandkid your grandkids love those kids if they ask you for help ask
I don’t know why I’m talking about this this did not just happen to me at all
it has though in the past actually I think I had that conversation with my
mom hmm like it well this kids are 28 so
probably off and on for 28 years not every day not every time maybe
that’s what triggered it yeah I’m getting super emotional here I don’t
maybe I won’t have another baby who knows right mouthing love with you guys
we’ll talk to you soon you

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