Dog Shelter stories and advice – from Dogstrust Leeds | Episode 11

Dogs Trust has 17 Rehoming Centres across
the UK and cares for over 16, 000 stray and unwanted dogs every year.
The charity doesn’t discriminate against dogs with health problems – even though they often
ring up expensive vet bills like Snoopy here. Snoopy’s had food allergies since he was a
very young puppy. He actually had suspected meningitis when he was only really two or
three months old. From there he became intolerant to a lot of the food. He’s on a very, very
strict diet. He mustn’t have anything else at all. If he does he can become seriously
ill, because he does have very strong intolerances to foods. And unfortunately he loves his food
and he’s always looking for it. But it just makes him so ill. So it’s a sad part that
he’s missing out on in life, on that. If he did eat something that he shouldn’t be eating,
it can result in him fitting slightly and getting the shakes. He has been down to the
vet many a time on a drip. But now we seem to have go the – the food side controlled
here. But you just have to be so, so careful about him not picking up anything when he’s
out and about. As if Snoopy hasn’t got enough to contend
with he’s also recently developed diabetes and needs regular insulin injections. Joy
knows it will take a very special family to take on a Beagle like Snoopy but she lives
in hope. Obviously, with all his health issues it is
quite a lot for anybody to take on board. But he’s got a lot to offer in himself, being
such a lovely natured dog. And maybe somebody that’s got food allergies themself may understand
really what Snoopy is going through in the dog world. The ideal owner for Snoopy would
be somebody that has got a lot of time and patience. He absolutely loves his walks. So
somebody that wants to do a lot of walking as well. And just somebody that wants to help
a very special boy like Snoopy. Meanwhile, it’s a big day for Dogs Trust Rehoming
Centre in Leeds. Manager Amanda Sands and the staff are preparing to celebrate five
years since the opening of the new building. Since we actually opened our doors, we’ve
rehomed 5,425 dogs. That’s giving those dogs a second chance in life, and often saving
them from what would have been actually euthanasia. It’s been fantastic. We’ve had fantastic support.
The staff worked really hard. I’m very fortunate, I have brilliant staff and brilliant supporters.
And it’s great to be in a position to be able to help all these dogs. To mark the occasion the local press is here
– and even the dogs are tucking into their very own birthday cake. There are 30 full
and part time staff at the centre not to mention the many volunteers who walk dogs. 5,425 dogs re-homed to date. It’s just absolutely
brilliant, and you know, that equates actually to an amount of lives saved as well, so well
done. And I know that you were all so committed, and it’s wonderful, when I come here you’re
always so upbeat and enthusiastic and want to help the dogs that need your help the most.
So you know, you’re always taking in the little puppies that need hand rearing, the dogs that
have medical problems, the dogs basically that need the most work. So I’d just like
to say a very heartfelt thank you very much. But among all the festivities there are two
very special guests of honour. Jane Whittles and Ben – an eleven year old Collie Cross
and one of the first ever dogs to be adopted here at the centre five years ago. I wanted a special treat for myself, for my
30th birthday present. And I came up to Leeds – to the Dogs Trust centre the first week
that they opened and spotted him within just a matter of minutes and completely fell in
love with him. Walked him, took him out for a walk, and decided he was the one for me. Jane says adopting Ben is one of the best
things she’s ever done but it’s not a decision to be taken lightly If anybody’s thinking of rehoming a dog, I
would highly recommend the Dogs Trust. I just think it’s really important to have all the
information and understand that you have to be completely prepared and know what you’re
getting into. Because, you know, like a child they are really huge commitment. There’s so
many here that need looking after and lots of love to give, and you know, if you’ve got
the time and the patience and the effort to put into it, what you get back you can’t even
put into words. You can’t measure what you get back from them. They’re -they’re amazing. Manager Amanda couldn’t agree more It’s a lovely feeling to re-home any dog,
and it’s great to know that they’re getting a second chance in life. It’s always that
bit more special if the dog’s maybe really old or it’s been with us a very long time.
That’s really special, when they go.

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