Who is with him? Why no one came to take him? It’s too much time already Someone should have come to take him have someone left him here? What should i do? should i leave him here or take him with me Nobody is coming to take him i Should take him home Finally i have a puppy , i will keep him secret for some time And then will tell Mom about him Don’t know if Mom will allow him or not? Mom please buy me a Dog Don’t disturb me i am watching T.V. Mom please buy me a Dog No dog will not come in this house Dog will not come? No I will not eat then Should i make Chapati for you or not? Make 2 Mom please buy me a Dog No I Don’t have brother or sister Leave me alone who will pay his expenses? I Will leave this house Should i pack your bag? Mummy please buy me a dog please please Stop this drama go study I Will tell dad I Wish you were small then i would have kept you in pocket From now you are my Secret pocket found tomatoes? Yes Mom i Finally have a puppy From today we will have lot’s of fun Ashu why you have closed the door? Open the door Pocket Go inside Yes mom Why you closed the door? Exams are coming so i am studying Ashu Ashu Why he has closed the door? Ashu open the door right now Ashu what happened mom? give me a side this smell from where this stink is coming? Mom pressure of studies i didn’t take bath from 2 days haven’t taken bath from 2 days, Yes And where did this dog sound came from? That was me Mom pocket don’t go anywhere , i’ll be back in 2 min if mom will know about you then she will throw us out of this house My son What is this strange thing? Ashu save me Ashu save me Who’s dog is this? and from where he came from? Mom he’s pocket when i went to market that time i met him Through him out of the house Mom please keep him in house please No i will not Mom please keep him till exams Although my exams will not go well Till exams? Ok not more than that Ok mom , thank you so much Mom come i’ll introduce you to him No you meet him Mom give me water bottle Mom i am going to school you please take care of him please don’t through him out of the house You concentrate on you exam i’ll see Ok Mom bye What have his boy done to this room Pocket play there don’t go anywhere Hello , Yes usha Hello Seema , there’s a girl in our society her dog is lost Puppy is lost from socity? Yes Oh how he looks? he’s beagle breed dog , you know how they look? Beagle i’ll send you his picture of what’s app if you find him somewhere then tell me Ok you send me his picture if i find him somewhere then i’ll inform you Ok seema , Bye Ok bye Ashu come here Yes Mom tell me Son , Usha aunty called me and said there’s a dog lost in her socity And he looks like Pocket Son see , she send his picture I think he’s pocket Let’s go son , we should give him back No mom i will not let pocket go anywhere Mom we should keep him with us please Son don’t be mad In few days we have attached with him so think what must be going through to his real owner they must be attached to him What they must be going through let’s go son we should give him back No mom i will not let pocket go anywhere we should return him back son , let’s go son we should return him son please Bruno Bruno where were you? I missed you so much i went to play with my friends and left bruno here i thought bruno will not go anywhere But when i came back Bruno was not here Anyways Thank you so much You have given me my Bruno back But where did you find him? Actually i was coming back from market So i saw Pocket sorry bruno here
I Waited for a long time but no one came So i thought i should take him home with me So i took him with me But i am so sorry , i took your Bruno with me No No You don’t have to say sorry In fact you can come to meet him anytime Thank You Here’s your Pocket sorry Bruno No No From today his name is Pocket Ashu someone has come to meet you Pocket

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