Look out John, it’s got a stinky hiney! *Woof Woof* *inaudible* *inaudible* *inaudible* *Woof Woof Woof* *Woof* Oh snap! *Woof Woof Woof* *Woof Woof Woof* Oh s- *Woof Woof Woof Woof* Slo-mo Woof Oh startin’ to smell that sh-

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100 Responses

  1. 9pt9 says:

    I could see the stench stinking.

  2. Biscuit says:

    It doesn't even look like the dog was sprayed. Thumbs down.

  3. carlosjbrr says:

    To taje of the smell, burn dry shit of cow and put in the smoke

  4. hawkboy1792 says:

    it didn't even spray the dog. The dog would be writing in agony if it got sprayed

  5. Hubieee says:

    Sure you want to provoke a little but seriously, what is wrong with you?

  6. Shane Texiera says:

    Proof that he's acting on his nerd and rage stuff omg

  7. Rain MakerHD says:


  8. tmxs says:

    That skunk is too MLG. Just 180 quick sprayed that skrub.

  9. fun mud mower says:


  10. Penny says:

    Im scared of skunks.

  11. O'Fearghail the Fearless says:

    Psycho Dog Sprayed by Skunk

  12. Driftkon says:

    It use to be a happy family 😀 but now eagles landing is destroyed and Jesse is now nowhere to go D:

  13. XxRainbowdashxX says:

    Those people who say that it didn't spray ur wrong,it sprays out this
    stinky liquid.

  14. Nick Sautner says:

    Shoot the damn thing

  15. nathank7256 says:

    25th comment.

  16. REALLY BRUH says:

    If i were the dude i would have killed the skunk

  17. Rosa Ortiz says:

    (JasonOrtago) I think that's Pepe Le Pew exes Gril friend.

  18. I want To die says:

    Jeffrey sucks

  19. RAV says:

    Skunk Op, A youtube comment although its already 2015 and this video was made in 2011.

  20. Spikey 369 says:

    Psycho Skunk sprays John

  21. Mikie Reck says:

    You are the best

  22. Devistator66 says:

    This has 52 comments when his new vids have 20,000 lol

  23. DabsRus says:

    fake & gay

  24. Yaknow WhatIming says:

    How much money did you pay the skunk to be in this video?

  25. Connor Lawrence says:

    I half expected his dad to come out and shout at the dog "YOU PROVOKED HEEM!"

  26. Scoutsy 1 says:


  27. Jessica Gaming21 says:

    Did you bath him?

  28. Ireland Pope says:


  29. Randy Lent says:

    Yay 60th comment hi mcjuggernuggets nice to meet you

  30. Cody Mosby says:

    I would've just shot the skunk before it got close to my dog.

  31. Rebecca Cha says:

    that dog got hurt

  32. SpikeTheLizard says:

    One time a skunk sprayed my lab so i got my 22 speedmaster and put all of 12 bullets in it.

  33. Sarah Edwards says:

    My first cat got sprayed when he was only a year or two old, long before I was born. It wasn't his fault; some boys were throwing rocks at the skunk and Bingo just happened to be there. My parents had to bathe him in tomato juice and PURE vanilla extract, and his pride was hurt for the next few days.

  34. Harry James MONTIBLE says:

    No wonder his name is poopyjohn

  35. Jacob Bridges says:


  36. Alex Nelson says:

    Who would know that 2 and a half years later, his brother would be locked in that cage

  37. Willy FreshPpl says:

    Phsyco Skunk sprays Dog

  38. Benjamin Bouley says:

    that skunk is immortal

  39. Michael Leaf says:

    isnt this dog abuse since you locked the dog in a cage and did nothing to stop the skunk

  40. EnriqueVloggerTuber says:

    The skunk beats John!

  41. Fleet - abandoned says:

    The skunk sprayed him for :security reasons"

  42. Ricardo Contreras may says:


  43. Soma Cruz says:

    Ha ha xD

  44. james moffettone says:

    "look out John it's got stinky hiney" 😂

  45. Foie Bump says:

    LOL rekt that son of a bitch that m8 is called THE MLG SKUNK

  46. Your missing dad says:

    Wait if this is why they called John poppyjohn, why to they call boobs boobs

  47. Miranda Buchko says:

    rlly a long time ago

  48. Psycho Dad says:

    He's not called poopyjohn for no reason

  49. Vargen says:

    psycho skunk sprays psycho dog

  50. ImmortalRecon says:


  51. Kero! says:

    I still don't know how this could be considered acting.

  52. Rose Eskett says:

    That's the cage which made his parents get divorced

  53. Mike Oxhard says:

    I love this video cuz it's the first one I saw😂

  54. Quabledistocficklepo says:

    Can't anyone make a decent video about a skunk?

  55. Retrostevie Gaming says:

    If this video was made in 2016: Psycho Dad would come out and yell at the skunk: YOU DISRESPECTED HIM! WHAT AILS YOU?

  56. Soulful Aura says:

    Maybe not record this and actually go help your dog

  57. Matt Buttlar says:

    2,222 like

  58. Onepenny short says:

    skunks smell awful

  59. TehAmazingSkid says:

    I remember this video XD

  60. Cameron Rodriguez says:

    John doesn't care. He's a savage

  61. Jose Flores says:

    love all of your vids keep going

  62. Jose Flores says:

    so funny!!

  63. Matt Touma says:

    This is like a year before the Pyscho series started wow

  64. immediamal coccinello says:

    dat timing

  65. Sebastian 0113 says:

    First video I saw by you

  66. De Nish says:

    love how larry took that chocolate on the floor and pick it up and blew the dust off and ate it xD

  67. HONDA MAD says:

    this is so old 😱

  68. Pyrehz says:

    WHOS HERE IN 2016 haha

  69. JokrInDaBuilding says:

    Haha jesse

  70. C V says:

    Anyone here in 2017? 🙂

  71. susannah newcomb says:

    The first line of this video has got me crying 😂

  72. WhisperWolf says:

    Who's watching this in 2017

  73. Brandon B-Productions says:

    Psycho Skunk Sprays Dog

  74. tigerwoman484 says:

    Poor dog couldn't defend itself

  75. CJames2015 says:

    What ails that skunk? He disrespected PoopyJohn!

  76. Drew Letasse says:

    Lol when the skunk runs to the fence and challenges the dog. So much for 'defense mechanism'.

  77. Street Spitzley says:

    Dogs, never bark at skunks. They could spray you

  78. Katy Lepetsos says:

    I wanna see psycho dad get sprayed by a skunk

  79. Kalil HC says:

    😂😂😂 the skunk wanted to spray just to do it for fun as you all can see the skunks reactions 😂 The skunk saw and realized that the dog is fenced in. She/he runs up to the fence for that great opportunity to Spray……And its a hit as he runs away laughing historically ready too tell his/her whole family. But aside from all of that i myself was sprayed. Yeah it was bad. And by the way awesome recording skills .

  80. Mr Supreme Pizza says:

    This got recommended to me 7 years late

  81. Sydical says:

    Mcjuggernuggets?!? Didn't expect to see you pop up in my search results of "Pet skunk"!

  82. I'm Jesse Evans says:


  83. Weatherman 315 says:


  84. Balance Witch says:

    IF YOU SMEEEELL! What the skunk… is cookin. cue The Rock's entrance music

  85. Arakox says:

    nice job just filming it happen you fucking retarded twat, hope you get sprayed so i can just stand there and record it

  86. Philip Mclaughlin says:

    Something's wrong with the skunk. You hardly ever see them out during the day.

  87. Dallin Peterson says:

    You couldn’t do anything you just recorded your dog getting sprayed that’s messed up

  88. Alisa McMullen says:

    Poor bog

  89. Mello Do_bot says:

    0:22 Death Stare

  90. unluckyspeeder ! says:

    Why is a skunk out during the day

  91. Leśny kot Black # White says:

    Good skunk

  92. Idaho lewis says:

    That skunk is likely Rabid, They are a BIG Carrier of Rabies in the US, Skunks are a VERY Nocturnal Creature, They are active at night and Stay in a Den of Sorts during the Day. When/if you spot a Skunk in Daylight hours BE AWARE! A skunk Being out in Daylight Hours is NOT natural, Very Possible that it’s Sick with Rabies. Also not having Immediate fear, Notice how it walked right up to the Dog? This Particular Skunk Showed Tell Tale Signs of Being Rabid.

  93. Aaryan Jansari says:

    I hate skunks!

  94. Christian Skelton says:


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