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– [Announcer] People
come to the Florida Keys for the tropical climate
and fun in the sun, but if you want something extraordinary, this tour boat comes with a dog who has some interesting friends at sea. – The first time that Maya actually got in the water with the dolphins, the dolphins came up
and they approached her from way off in the distance, and I was a little unsure at that time. You know they’re big animals
out there in the wild. She started swimming towards them, her ears kind of perked up, and then she kind of
drew back a little bit, looked at me like mom, really? And then they kind of came up gently and they looked at her. It was like wow, I can’t
believe they came over to check her out like that. Wow, that is so cool. Look at her go. The curiosity of the dolphins
was fascinating to see, and I believe that was
the beginning of their kinship and their bond. – This is amazing. – Maya hangs out in the bow here, so she’ll go from side to side, depending on where they’re swimming to, and sometimes they actually
put their eye out of the water, when Maya’s around. I noticed that they
take that extra push out so that they can see. – [Woman] It looks like through time, that certain dolphins have developed more of a friendship with her, and that she kind of picks and chooses who she knows gonna hang out with her. – She really likes the young dolphins. They are the ones that
are the most playful, the ones that jump out the most, the ones that, they’re the most curious. – [Announcer] Golden
retrievers were originally bred to retrieve water fowl. They’re paws are webbed, which helps them be fast, strong swimmers. – [Woman] Loves the
water, loves the dolphins, they will swim up to
her, and sometimes under, and twist and turn around her. – Once she focused on one dolphin, there was another one behind it, and then she was like basically
spinning around in circles trying to figure out which
way the dolphins were going, so it’s kind of like monkey in the middle. – I hope to have Maya
with me for a long time into the future, coming out to the boat, and continuing to forge
those long term relationships with the dolphins out around
the waters of Key West. – She was raised on the ocean, she’s been coming on this
boat since she was a puppy so it’s part of her life, it’s what she knows, almost like other dogs are always
playing with other dogs, she plays with other dogs and dolphins. (guitar chord)

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82 Responses

  1. Kopiko Coffex says:

    So cute.


  2. Wagnercité says:

    GREAT SHARE my friend ! cheers !~Wagner

  3. peperruti says:

    What a lovely dog. Dolphins one of my favorite animals by the way. 

  4. HK L says:

    Happy dog life!

  5. k9healthy says:

    Lovely video. Cute dog and dolphins!

  6. DolphinDog says:

    Super awesome friendship….i see 11 thumbs down….thats 11 jealous people who find negative in most things. Million THUMBS up for Maya and her dolphin friends……

  7. Rere Beckwith says:


  8. Jo Morris says:

    Cute, but always watch out for sharks and in other areas…alligators.

  9. The Horse Riding Twinzies says:

    so cute 🐎🏇🐴🐶🐕

  10. Anthony Beam says:

    my dog hated water her favorite thing was running she had a big backyard to run in and she would run circles around our pool until total exhaustion but never jump in she was a Whippet mix

  11. The Horse Riding Twinzies says:

    love it 🐴🐕🐶🏇🐎

  12. Romeo and Juliet says:

    Awesome Video We Love it (My Dogs and me 🙂 )

  13. sandy moonstone says:

    🐶 🐶🐬

  14. soonermagic24 says:

    I have no scientific proof to back me up, but I think dogs, and Dolphins somehow like each other. Possibly die, and become the other

  15. Amir.t.m Movies says:

    I love dolphin!

  16. bangtown says:

    Dolphin don't fear shark and the same for the reverse.

  17. siyah giyen kiz says:

    çok tatlilar

  18. MOG CHO says:

    cool dog

  19. Alley Cat Offshore Adventures says:

    My dog wanted to jump in on my whale shark video. Awesome! Next time I approach a pod I'll see if I can get her to go in.

  20. Kopie says:

    Ze dog should have a life vest or something so he can swim with leisure.

  21. LOWE sonia says:

    They love their dog who loves dolphins isn't that great to see. I Pest of the short life span our beloved dogs and cats have to ours .

  22. ForgiveAndLove09 says:

    I love it.

  23. Sandy Slabinski says:

    I love this video it is so cool to see them swimming together it is amazing to watch and she is a BEAUTIFUL DOG !!!

  24. breadandcircus1 says:

    sharks are afraid of dolphins. The beautiful dog is safe

  25. Doug Smith says:

    Golden retrievers have the best atitudes.
    Everything is cool mellow fun

  26. Carinne Lilac says:

    Maya is so adorable & beautiful 😊💜


    seems incredible wowwww

  28. Stephen Bruce says:

    I still the Web Feet…What? are you ……LOL and thank you for saving my Life…..Instant Protect and Save LOL XO

  29. carlos SP says:

    Please put a buoy around the dog to make it easier to float and swim.

  30. Stephen Bruce says:

    Web feet and Heart LOL XO

  31. Dr. ShuShu says:

    What type of dog has a fin

  32. julietspaghetti says:

    cute cute cute

  33. NicBunnymen says:

    wow…this was great, Thanks for the upload.

  34. True River says:

    look how hard the dog is working compared with the dolphins glide

  35. Nina Sadovski says:

    So cute…😘😘

  36. ivan boskovic says:

    Well how does she distinguish them from sharks?

  37. Игорь Горецкий says:


  38. Fes Fes says:

    Your dog is beautiful

  39. Juan Torres says:

    For the people saying sharks will attack the dog the dolphins will sorround dog protect it or even attack shark guaranteed.

  40. Polska Natura TV says:

    What a nice video. Please continue great job. I am waiting for more. You have got my subscription. Would you like to subscribe my channel? I am forest hunter. Good luck and thank you!

  41. Felix lama says:

    I wish I can have the opportunity to swim with dolphis sometime…

  42. yahya houd says:

    dolphin ayak man

  43. Milanka says:

    That's so cute.  That doggy is so cute.  And no I doubt the dolphins would let a shark near her.

  44. mysticoversoul says:

    That dude at 1:19 is adorable, cute and delicious.

  45. A J says:

    Until a shark gets to her, attracted to the erratic paddling motion of dogs. Not smart. I'd never do that to my babies.

  46. Agent says:

    Dogs & Dolphins.. could there be any cuter than this? I have to say that guy! Lol… he’s hot af!

  47. Chitra Devan says:

    I love it

  48. Haider Haider Ali says:


  49. Debbie Sides says:


  50. Kim Deon says:

    Careful with sharks aligators and other diffrent creatures but she is adorable cut and brave to jump out of the boat wow how beave she is

  51. emma smith says:

    Thank you for sharing this video it’s brightened my day

  52. t z says:

    Soooo cute!!

  53. Debbie Sides says:


  54. Jmichael Isbell says:

    Great film, thanks for posting. But one word of caution. My dog was also tethered while we were under way. He jumped out, and was being dragged, under water for a few moments before we cut the engine. Tethers show a lot on the ball, but boy oh boy, if no one had seen "Guineas" getting out of the boat, we would have drowned him, for sure. And we were going slow, I don't know how a dog might handle it if he bailed at high speed. Just saying, if it had not occurred to you they might bail. I must say it never entered my mind, and I about had a cow when he jumped.

  55. Paul Adams says:

    Maya unfortunately was taken by a Great White one day.

  56. Eren Jaeger says:

    I have a dog like that too .

  57. David Sandhu says:

    Very nice😊😊😊😊😊

  58. alex wu says:

    He a Pirate.

  59. Anne Graffy says:

    Our Golden Retriever Riley does this. We live in New Port Richey FL on the coast. He never barks unless he sees Dolphin. Sometimes they come up to the boat like they hear him.

  60. CajunSweetTart says:

    Super cool!

  61. Sherry Roberts says:

    What a beautiful sight!!! Why not get your pup a life jacket and she can then swim more easily and have a lot more fun without becoming too tired!!!

  62. Just a sec says:

    Give the dog a life jacket. This way she can stay stationary and appreciate the dolphins more. It's safer and probably less stressful for the dog too..

  63. ClassyShows says:

    Oh my gosh that dog is so lucky

  64. Josephine Bennington says:

    Adapt a diver’s mask, or goggles, then teach her to look under the surface.

  65. Robert Thomas says:

    Seriously….are you people nuts????What if a shark comes and rips that pour dog apart??Go figure…Robert in California.

  66. Deflin Robertson says:

    hello water dogs land dog here

  67. Aan Arai says:

    Wonderful dog

  68. Cynthia Bernard says:

    Great video, but put a life jacket on her-no matter how good of a swimmer she is.

  69. CTXBikerGirl says:

    As cute as that is, you need to be very careful, make sure the dog doesn’t ingest the salt water. There was a dog that died here in Florida recently just hours after it had played at the beach. The cause of it’s death was the salt from the ocean water that he’d swallowed. Golden retrievers are also known to keep swimming even after they’ve exhausted themselves, so keep an eye on that as well. Otherwise, have fun and enjoy your furry fish-dog! Golden’s are the BEST!


    REiCHLicht LiEB DANK, PLLLLLaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaTsCh!!

  71. Jennifer Perez says:

    My two favorite animals, wonderful to see them interact!

  72. Marie Durand says:

    Trop beau 😆😆!!!!!! C'est geant💟

  73. Giselle Polanco says:

    I came here from Facts Verse had to see this for myself 💖💕

  74. Natalia Bryzhatenko says:

    Amazing ! Always makes me so happy to see animals enjoying their lives

  75. C&L E says:

    You should put her in a life jacket, so she doesn't have to try so hard to keep her head above water.

  76. Jen L says:

    Dolphins are blind.. right?

  77. AboniEBeat says:

    Dolphins are sea puppys

  78. noemyxo says:

    Too much cuteness in one video💕

  79. Alska : says:

    Retriever : hi my name is dogphin

  80. Leticia Cobian says:


  81. Jules Mpc says:

    put a vest in the dog you irresponsable dumb people!!! this is sea water not your garden pool!.
    We put vests in our train rescue dogs every single time! even in 5minute trainings

  82. Cornelius Tacitus says:


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