Dog Training 101: How to Train ANY DOG the Basics

This one’s particularly interesting though because we have tons of big hyper dogs now as you know I love working with hyper dogs But trying to convey to people that a hyper dog is a smart dog is sometimes challenging That’s my goal in this class. It looks like a Boxer Pit mix, so we’re thinking We’re gonna teach our dogs to have a look at us by using a hand signal. Dogs are heavily responsive to exaggerated body language so in the beginning it might look something like look at me, like this, really really exaggerating We have a nice tight training problem close eye to eye now. I don’t know biscuit too. Well and if you were me you would be a little cautious about going eye to eye with a dog like this that you didn’t know, and Is he good with strangers, coming into his area? “He is.” “Okay very good look at me. Yes very good this work right here eye to eye I’m gonna hold up the treat Look at me and since I like what he’s doing I’m gonna click because I like that remember the click means “Good dog, I like what you did, you win a prize.” Look at me And I’m taking my time getting them to treat, as long as you mark that Behavior with the clicker, to let them know you like it or yes If you’re not using the clicker, Then you can take your time getting the treat to them. The click marks the behavior not the treat. Most frustrating thing when working with a hyper dog is that they’re so quick it is on us to speed up to keep up with them we’ve got to be able to nail the behavior with a clicker the Instant they do it right so in this case look at me right there. I mean as I was saying it. I had eye contact Right here look at me very engaging you got to keep the rhythm up You got to keep the pace, you’re gonna have to make sure the moment he does something right, you’re there He’s a fast-paced train, a dog like this, so you can’t be too slow within the next five minutes every dog in here should be able to Leave turkey alone when we put it in front of them We’re going to them how to do it, without force, without pulling them away in any way I’m gonna drop it on the ground. However. What’s she gonna do when I drop it on the ground? She’s gonna go for it. Show me a nice loose leash here, no tension, so I’m gonna drop it But I’m not gonna let her get it when she looks away same concept I’m gonna click her, and I’m gonna pick up the treat, and I’m gonna give it to her. Don’t touch this It’s all it’s not so much the words that you’re saying. I think the biggest mistake We make when we’re teaching a dog something new is we save words at them, but there’s very little heartfelt communication Even though she may not know “What don’t touch that” means right now, she feels my energy She knows what I’m going for, and she’s you know, we’ve worked a little bit to build some initial communication, “Don’t touch this please,” I’m not gonna make her wait for an eternity right now. I’m gonna pick it up and give it to her. And then if she’s okay, and no tension on the leash Only because I know cuz I know that’s the instinct, all the more, you should have faith in your communication you should trust that your dog really will know what you mean, if you just take a few minutes to communicate with them more. Training is a concept of training where we use a treat to coax our dog into a specific position So we’re gonna use that nose to our advantage, right here So just like this Good, and we’re gonna say “Sit” as his butt hits the ground. He already knows that. He know how to lie down on command? Somewhat but not really. So we’re gonna use the same concept of training here We’re gonna lure them down. A big mistake that a lot of people make with, oh wow He’s making it he’s making me look good here. A big mistake that a lot of people make with this though, is they do this and well alright Normally they go fast is what they do What you should do is you should let him nibble on it nice and slow. Now if they if they didn’t lie down He’s too good. I need a dog that’s not listening quite that well. Yep. Why am I clicking Delilah right there? She did not lie down, but I clicked anyway. She’s on the right track look. She’s trying It’s it’s vital that when our dogs are on the right track when we’re teaching them something new That we really let him know we like that Yes, right there, that foot came forward, and then let her know I like it. That’s one more step in the right direction Yes, oh I’m gonna reward that cuz that was very good. You see how both of those feet started to move, starting to go into the down Notice the training bubble nice, and low you’re nice and tight. You see this, so with a new dog again this provides You’re very comfortable if your dog and we’re comfortable with her So we’re okay with doing it the next step is one of those feet is gonna move forward at that moment be ready to click Do you know what I’m saying really good. I’m good. I love the kisses. I love the affection there. It’s very genuine It’s very real energy. The more real, the faster your dog learns now. We’ve got our attention You never know when you’re gonna get it, but now that we have it. Yes very good We want to seize that momentum right there, you see what I’m saying? Momentum is a big deal We don’t hear a lot about that dog turning because a moment ago, she was like uh huh I don’t feel like it, but now all of a sudden, those moments go longer and longer. That’s the beginning That’s a sign that you’re on the right track So I got lucky with a group of people here that seem to really get their dogs And you’re very engaging with them be engaging with your dogs And that’s such an impossible thing to really teach and have to come from within but the more sincere you are with your dog, the more likely they are to respond to you. This is one of my new favorite classes really, and I love all of my classes I promise I do, but it seems like these guys really got it. I saw very little frustration Do you prefer working with a high-energy dog or kind of more of a chill, low-key dog? I mean everyone’s different I personally like energetic dogs to work with but that’s me. Let me know in the comments below Also, make sure you are subscribed and make sure you click thumbs up if you like this video And you want more videos like this and like me on facebook Slash b zack George, okay. Love you guys and we’ll see you in the next video

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