Dog Training: House Training Talk

Hi. My name is Mikkel Becker and I want to do
some myth-busting as a trainer. One of my biggest training pet peeves is when I hear people say to rub a dog’s nose in their accident if they pee in the house. This is a really big no-no. All that does is teach your dog to not trust
you and that it’s not safe to go to the bathroom around you. So then the dog will become sneakier when
they go to the bathroom, which makes it harder to teach them to go potty in the right places. A better way to help your dog is to limit
the amount of space they have in your home. That’s where baby gates and crates really
come in handy. Also, take your dog out to the right place
where you want them to go potty and then reward them when they go in the right space. With these tips, you can be well on your way
to a fear free, happy home. For more information on how to train your
dog, go to

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