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Hey, Everybody. This is Chad Culp, Certified Dog Trainer Owner of Thriving Canine and today I’d like to talk a little bit about dogs that tend to slip out of their collar. Sometimes it’s because they have a large neck and a small head. Sometimes it’s just because they are escape artists. Or, sometimes they’re fearful – something startles them and they want to get away and back up. And, with a regular collar, a lot of dogs can just slip right out of it. So, a good solution for that is what’s called a Limited Slip Collar or you might also hear it called a Martingale Collar, a Greyhound Collar – Really, it’s “Limited Slip” is really the proper term because it only has that much tightening ability. So you set the size as small as you can get it to slip over their head so it’s a good snug fit that way, when it tightens, they can’t pull out of it. The other benefit of this that if the dog hits the end of the leash or you give your dog a correction, it distributes the pressure all the way around Where if you had a regular collar, all that pressure, I’m just feeling that on the back of my arm, see. which would be the dog’s throat. So if it was a regular collar, it would be, all that pressure right on their throat so that puts a lot of pressure on their trachea. This way, that pressure gets distributed around so it’s actually better for the dog. And, at the same time some dogs will notice that correction more because they’re feeling that sensation all the way around. So, it’s physically safer and sometimes more effective as well. So, anyway, that’s a step up from your regular collar, help keep the dogs from pulling out of it. and may help you with your training a little bit as well. And, help keep the dog’s throat safer. Ok, so, very good. So, this is Chad Culp with Thriving Canine. Thanks for watching. See you next time. I’m outta here.

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10 Responses

  1. The Zen Room TV says:

    Great information!!

  2. Roberta Culp says:

    Good stuff.

  3. sarah hansen says:

    Good information! That looks like Hanging Lake in Colorado in the background.

  4. Reading Through History says:

    I hope this works. My dog has escaped five times in two days. Despite having a fenced in yard, I had to put my dog on a leash. He literally takes a run and bounds over the fence. It is honestly one of the most majestic things I have ever seen. Since leashing him, he has broken chains, escaped from multiple collars, and he also manages to get out of harnesses within minutes of putting them on him. The fines double each time the city picks him up!

  5. Tony Flamingo says:

    My dog is a fucking escape artist he bites the leash and pulls it all the way to the top of the short pole

  6. Jonathan Blenkinsop says:

    Had this and a body harness combine on her and she still escape

  7. Em M says:

    INFO DO NOT PULL THE COLLAR UP NEAR THE DOGS EARS IT basically tightens around a specific part of the dogs skull causing them HUGE pain!! Thank you

  8. OffThaRadarr lowkey says:

    wtf is that for a tiny ass dogggg

  9. OffThaRadarr lowkey says:

    i got a big ass rott that will eat that

  10. Frankie kates jr says:

    I have a collar similar to this collar , dog figured it out in a matter of hours if the dog te relaxes the collar opens up and they make a run for it

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