Dog Training : How to Train a Dog to Use the Litter Box

You can teach your dog to use a litter box.
There are many different solutions out there that have an attractant that will draw your
dog to the litter in the box and are more acceptable for dog use than for cat use. So
look, go out and look for a dog litter box in particular. They’re also a little bit larger
and have an easier entrance for them to make the dog more comfortable. If your dog is already
trained to pee pads or newspaper, you can start by putting pieces of those things in
the box to draw the dog to go in the same location. Dogs tend to like to use the same
spot where they’ve gone before. The same general area. You can also bring in some of their
feces from outside and put it in the litter box again to draw them to that and then just
work slowly. You might need to confine your dog until you think that they need to go to
the bathroom and then only give them access to that litter box so that hopefully that’s
where they’ll choose to go. You might choose to use a dog litter box if you live in a high
rise or an urban area where it’s hard to get your dog outside to go to the bathroom. Also,
some dogs will not be comfortable going to the bathroom on concrete or gravel and so
they might need an alternative to that. There might also be a situation where you have a
small dog and you’re gone for a long period of time or you’re going to be going away and
somebody’s only going to be coming to check on your dog once a day, which may not be recommended.
I would check with your landlord and make sure that these are all appropriate things
for your building. But, that might be another reason why you would choose to use a litter
box for your dog.

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10 Responses

  1. EGMAG says:

    Thank you. Simple concise and to the point.

  2. LoveThatPhantom says:

    My dog didn't even get training to use a litter box. I have a 13 year old cat at home too. And we got our dog when the cat was about 6 or 7. After about a year the dog started using the cat's litter box. We know this,because a) I clean the box and there's a few things in there I know are not the cat, b) she doesn't go outside at all during a storm of any kind, and c) I've seen her do it. Maybe the cat trained her, lol. She doesn't do it all the time though. Mainly at night when we're asleep.

  3. DoughboyD16 says:

    So it is possible

  4. PurdyBear1 says:

    I've got a litter box as my dog is getting on in years and is finding it hard to stay clean during the night.

  5. Karen J. Howser says:

    It's completely uncomfortable when your puppy keeps jumping up on people.

  6. sue Beal says:

    Is there a different kind of litter that dogs use than a cat?

  7. alia ibrahim says:

    I just need a good video that show how to potty train from day one..plz guys leave me a link if u got one.pad training

  8. sue salmela says:

    I can't imagine that poodle goes in a litter box

  9. brettduffy19992 says:

    Can this be used in conjunction with outdoor training my Chihuahua is 99% outdoorif it's raining she does not want to go outside so I need a backup

  10. Michael Haddock says:

    Didn’t tell me shit

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