Dog Training : How to Train a Labrador Retriever

Training a Labrador Retriever is going to
depend very much on the individual dog. There are a couple of things you can do to set yourself
up to succeed before you get a dog, and that would be to read up on the breed, what are
typical traits of that breed, and make sure that you’re getting the right animal for your
situation. Labrador Retriever’s are working animals. Typically, they’ve got a lot of excitement
and enthusiasm and that can make them difficult to train in a more home-like environment.
They generally take a little bit of time to calm down. Strongly encourage that you socialize
them well in the first four months of their lives. Make sure that they’ve seen a lot of
things and they’re comfortable with those, and then also to get them into training while
they’re still young, and then even though they may have some difficulty focusing until
they’re a couple of years old, to continue to reinforce the things that you want your
dog to do over time, and then once they reach that maturity level, you’ll see them snap
into place and be a lot easier to work with, but this is a good area to work with a professional
trainer, and group classes are very useful tools for you.

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    labs usually tke 2 years to muture

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    she is all wrong .

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    im sorry you guys are idiots any dog can be used as a guard dog and would you stand your ground if you had a pissed of standard poodle leaping for your throat?

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