Dog Training : How to Train Your Dog to Poop in 1 Spot

To teach your dog to poop in one spot you
would want to choose the spot in your yard or other area where this is an appropriate
activity. Take your dog, probably on a leash would be the best idea, to that location when
you know they have to go to the bathroom, and then wait patiently. Try not to get your
dog excited or interested in you, but try to stay detached from your dog so your dog
will get down to business. And then another possibility is to move some of their feces
to that location so that they are aware that this is what they do in this location. Once
you get your dog to go to the bathroom there, reward them, tell them your dog is a good
dog and taking them back into the house and then the next time you are in a position to
take them out to poop again, you would take them to the same spot, try to get the same
activity. After a relatively short period of time, your dog will probably choose to
go to the bathroom in the same location.

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  1. Becca burns says:


  2. Eva Pleska says:

    my dog never poops while im there!! …

  3. Mikey Renwick says:

    …shut up!….

  4. janineebobxx says:

    thank you. common sense really.

  5. عبدالعزيز بن خليفه النعيمي says:

    @hayce3 thank you for sharing that with us

  6. عبدالعزيز بن خليفه النعيمي says:

    @marshmellowfires ya i tride that with my little brother ya it doesn't work

  7. Hussein Anifowose says:

    where is the dog please?

  8. Dennis Tran says:

    i try to make a spot for him to poop,but he wont poop or goto the bathroom.please help me

  9. Marisolpink says:

    another too much talking an usseless video….

  10. TheFighting Scotsman says:

    How do you STOP a dog from pooping in a certain area? Aside from feeding it poison.

  11. Thuy Nguyen says:

    My dog poops anywhere

  12. The Gaming says:

    that didn't help at all

  13. Mark Lin says:

    But how do i know when its poopong?

  14. king the 3 says:

    It work I can't believe it

  15. king the 3 says:


  16. Anton Ramirez says:

    Wtf is this video

  17. Mayur Deshpande says:

    No dog videos just bla bla bla there shud be real dog videos, this is just theory

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