Dog Training & Ownership : How to Care for a German Shepherd

Hello, my name is Zephyr Clarke-Dolberg, from
Miami Dog Training. In this clip we’re going to talk about, how to care for a German Shepherd.
German Shepherds are one of my favorite dogs, and one of my very first favorite dogs. Super
intelligent, and hairy, as you can see, so grooming, regular grooming is definitely necessary.
They tend to have hip problems as they get older, so that’s something that you’re going
to want to look out for, get their hips X-rayed after two years old. They’re serious working
dogs, German Shepherds, so giving them a job can be essential in them living out their
life to their fullest. So sometimes what I’ll do with Tuffy here, is put a backpack on her,
and let her work. Giving her a job, and giving her something to do with her energy, is definitely
essential in a working breed, and this is the number one working breed. This is Zephyr
Clarke-Dolberg, and this has been, how to care for a German Shepherd.

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17 Responses

  1. panzertoo says:

    the rate of elbow dysplasia is equally high in this breed and if you suspect hip problems they should be x-rayed and submitted to OFA well before 2?

  2. Flowersim says:

    a german shepherd would cost from 500 dollars to 1000 dollars! I got my german shepherd for free!

  3. Flowersim says:

    Well its hard to remember becuase it was like 10 years ago… But this is the secret, you see some puppies for like a price. wait for like a month the price will go down to free! I love my dog!

  4. iashrai says:

    Hi, I have a 4 & half year old german shephard. As a puppy his training was going very well. I taught him de basic commands etc. But thn my dad became terminally ill & I couldn't really focus on de dog for sometime. Now he remembers de basic commands but he's not properly offleash traind. I feel bad for being careless but I wanna keep the dog. Can I still fully train my dog at 4 and half? I m willing 2 give him the time and attention.
    PS I can't afford any trainers or clubs at de moment.

  5. WakeWithTheFallen says:

    No doubt about them being the best working breed.

  6. mehtabb1 says:

    Put a backpack on her to do what? lol

  7. Kaley Karma says:

    Anyone else notice he says German shepherd almost after every sentence? O_O

  8. ScoopzyDaizy says:

    @mehtabb1 maybe to create an impression in the dog's mind that it's actually helping you do something. working doesn't necessarily mean making your dog pull a tonne of bricks.

  9. Liya says:

    how did you get it for free?

  10. Flowersim says:

    It was for free.. owners didn't want the poor thing. D:

  11. Liya says:

    sad to say they didnt know they lost a treasure for life they abandoned a smart sheperd now the dog deserve a new master that will treat him well and i think that is you

  12. Flowersim says:

    I have, Been 13 years… she's so old now 🙁

  13. Fatal PvP says:

    no belgian mals are better get ur facts strait

  14. Flowersim says:

    Sadly no. She died a few months ago. My German shepherd was so lovely.

  15. Beau Davis says:

    I got my two for free but of course their german sheperadors lol, german sheperd+labrador retriever=german sheperador

  16. Eurich Naz says:

    Someone gave it to you?

  17. Ty Pinder says:

    Thanks my German was a sheep dog

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