Dog Training & Ownership : How to Select a German Shepherd

Hello, my name is Zephyr Clarke Dolberg from
Miami Dog Training. In this clip we’re going to talk about how to choose a German Shepherd.
Now, for example, this is a pure bred dog German Shepherd and the more pure the lines,
the more they want to do their job. So when you’re looking for a German Shepherd, you
want to look for nice strong bones, you want to see both parents if you can, you want to
learn as much about the heredity that you can from the dog that you have. So in choosing
a German Shepherd, you know maybe you want a smaller dog. Maybe you want to try to find
lines that are smaller. Some lines are bigger. This is a huge female German Shepherd. And
like I said before, she likes to work. Now this is another kind of shepherd. This is
a mixed breed. You can see he’s mostly shepherd but there’s some things that are different.
Notice the shorter snout then the standard German Shepherd. He’s got stand up ears but
their not kind of batty like the German Shepherds. And if you notice, he doesn’t have, come on
Stoney, he doesn’t have a body slope like a German Shepherd. He’s built, his back is
much more level, his tail’s shorter and he’s a little smaller boned. But he’s got a high
bred vigor like you wouldn’t believe. So sometimes in mixed breed, maybe what you want. A lot
of times the mixed breeds can be hardier and tend to do really well. They’re great dogs
and there is no reason anybody shouldn’t want a mixed breed German Shepherd just as well.
This is Zephyr Clarke-Dolberg and this has been how to choose a German Shepherd.

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36 Responses

  1. Karyn9902 says:

    my german shepherd/beagle mix is the stupidest dog I have ever seen. Mixed breeds are great? I disagree.

  2. JavaCorps says:

    It is a pure dog. The guy lives in Florida and the GSD didn't have its winter coat we're so used to seeing.

  3. poop ninja says:

    This guy is an idiot

  4. Linda matthews says:

    What was that?
    I hope no one is going to listen to this advice, it is not good advise, believe me.

  5. Nina Rochester says:

    its better for the german shepherds to have a sloped back because they can go under fences, run and work easier. if a person tells u she/he has a pure german shepherd and the back is leveled, its not a pure bred

  6. sweetbounty says:

    dysplasia is a genetic disease so if the dog walking strange your veterinarian can easily notice that. If u buy a GSD from good breeding u shouldn't have a problem with this coz they separate dogs with this disease from procreation.

  7. configured says:

    Pending on what you want it for. Female tends to stay closer to owner/handler. Males tend to go out and explore more. That is why police tend to use male dogs. They want them to go out and search further than female usually do. They both will protect very well and learn very well. I'm glad I have female. They don't pick up there leg and urinate on everything such as grills, lawn furniture, over fertilize plants, etc. Females squat and go one to next spot. Other than that, they are both great.

  8. Jason VanTassell says:

    Before anyone "buys" a German Shepard, they should at least buy a book titled "The Art of Raising a Puppy" by the Monks of New Skete. This small purchase is informative for veteran Shepard owners and new people alike. I am not trying to sell their book, I just want people to be well informed when they bring these amazing dogs into their lives.

  9. Bob Smith says:


  10. PrimeProductionsULTD says:

    How can you predict what a puppy might look like when it's fully grown? Does the markings change color from birth? Are there things to look for to make a prediciton?

  11. DJ80s says:

    Wha't the best thing/brand to feed it?

  12. DJ80s says:

    Thanks. I wasn't sure if looking at the parents was reliable because my framily has Shi-Tzus that have been bred with 3 litters and some look nothing like their parents. Both parents where white and tan but half the pups actually grew to be white and black with no tan.

    I didn't know if GSD's happened the same way.

  13. kirafish7 says:

    Tan might be a recessive (rarer) color. I think Labradors are the same way color wise, but it's possible to determine adult size and personality from the parents. Personality can be altered with good training, but it's hard to do if the puppy inherits aggressive or skittish genes from its parents.

  14. -TriP- says:

    purebred german shepherds are NOT supposed to have a "body slope" — this is overbreeding and causes all sorts of ailments for the dog such as hip displasia and arthritis. i have a purebred GSD and her back is STRAIGHT, as it should be. the "kennel club" is full of shit, and quite frankly it's cruel to the animal.

  15. S Nunya says:

    The cool thing about german shepherds is there is so much variation. Ive owned an Amer x Euro and now a ddr german shepherd. There are differences but also similarities. People should just get the kind of dog they want and will take good care of for their whole lives. U cant go wrong with a gsd though. I always say when you get a gsd , u dont get a dog , you get a best friend.

  16. Anne May says:

    Learned nothing here. Waste of time.

  17. teddybear4422 says:

    best dogs

  18. M3lala91 says:

    @happyrendezvous why doesn't it?

  19. lisareidmitchell says:

    i could not see this dog all I c is words..:(

  20. Norbert Soós says:


  21. arniebarb123 says:

    that mated with a coli

  22. Cindafukinrella says:

    ok so wheres the part where you tell us how to choose a GSD???

  23. jdblackbelt says:

    Your purebred Shepherd's muzzle looks sloped like a greyhound's..

  24. Vitu says:

    @dianasuarr looks like something out of a resident evil game

  25. bidroid says:

    that mix is ugly, that's not a shepherd lol

  26. Jane Doe says:

    Sorry to bust you're bubble, but the best German Shepard's, have not that "body sloap" you are talking about. I agree though about the pure the lines, but then you have to know about what kind of breed you are talking about. Today German Shepard's are unfortenally breed in that way with that "sloap" and that makes results in a breed of kind dogs with hip problems ect… You should know this if you are a German Shepard owner. Best regard from Susanna born in Iceland, live in Norway, with Freya

  27. ivy engleman says:

    dude… Your stupid

  28. Sky Mander says:

    @GrapeNomma You said it. When are people going to get over the whole purebreed craze? it's so stupid. I've had purebreds and mutts and MUTTS are always better. Healthier, better temperament, and usually are in need of a home.

  29. ScoopzyDaizy says:

    tbh that dog looks more like a mix between german shepherd and a greyhound,. maybe you need some lessons on picking a german shepherd?

  30. Xerlana says:

    Wow GrapeNomma.. We can't love animals without eating animals?
    And what do you think carnivorous animals eat?… Like dogs?
    Oh yea.. Other animals!
    That must be cruel to you though right considering that you "love" animals soo much, but you are putting down someone else's … And calling purebreds inbred monstrosities.
    Thumbs up

  31. hobie bennett says:

    looks like a malinois

  32. AntMan says:

    this guy doesn't know what a fuckin german shepherd is.

  33. Bradley Murphy says:

    Yeah! That first dog that you called a German Shepherd.I think that might actually be a German Shepherd/Collie mix.Yeah you might want to go and look at photos of each dog online and you will see more of a Collie look for the structure and German Shepherd look for the color.

  34. Faraz Shaikh says:


  35. Linda German Shepherd says:

    you beautiful German shepherds

  36. claire Abbott says:

    Disappointed. Did not discuss the different GSD lines or how to pick a puppy from the litter based on what you are looking for in a dog. A working dog you will want high prey drive and in a pet – low prey drive. I want high intelligence – so look at problem-solving ability in pups.

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