Dog Training & Ownership : How to Train a German Shepherd

Hello my name is Zephyr Clarke-Dolberg from
Miami Dog Training. In this clip we’re going to show you how to train a German Shepard.
Now we’re not to speak German to her, but we are going to speak to her in a language
that’s she’s going to understand, which is the leash. Typically like I said before, German
Shepard’s are working dogs, they love to work. So giving them a job is essential in their
well being, and their mental well being, and their physical well being. They really enjoy
being told what to do, and they live for it. So, sit. Whenever you’re training a dog, whether
it be a German Shepard or any dog, you want to use a firm sharp command when you’re giving
the command. You never want to say, sit, like a question. So we want to say, sit. Tuffy,
down. Good, down. She responds to nice, firm, assertive commands. And that’s the way that
you should work with them. Tuffy sit. Good. This is Zephyr Clarke-Dolberg, and this has
been how to train a German Shepard.

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30 Responses

  1. katedis says:

    I think you really suck!

  2. muisje25 says:

    This man is an idiot. He hurts his dog for no reason. In the pack the leader doesn't bite for no reason.
    My GSP is trained in a nice way and he reacts better to me then the dog on video. See how the dog looks away? It's because he is full of stress. It's pure cruelty to hurt a dog that does nothing wrong!!!

  3. Racha Jasmin says:

    This isn't just training for a german shepherd, but for any dog. Every dog needs to be disciplined no matter how big or small he/she is.

  4. Clemuns says:

    I don't understand the complaints. If the trainer was cruel to the dog, the animal would be fearful or skittish.

    In the video the trainer is calm and assertive. You can tell by the dog's reaction that this is his consistent approach. Dogs respond to this and he is actually taking a load of stress off the dog by assuming the alpha role.

  5. Amar Uzicanin says:

    ahh u stupid dumb asses see on 58 sec when he says sit he actual pull the chain up which make the dog get yall want to see some real training look up schutzhund training

  6. Nora Haidar says:

    guys stop hating this is how you are supposed 2 train a german shepherd I have one food motivation is bullshit u only do that to 2 month old puppies not adults they will take over if you don't show them that you're the alpha

  7. Redeemer777 says:

    why would it matter what language you speak. dogs respond to any language. In germany they respond to german in america and britain and others they respond to english and in spanish countries they respond to spanish so really?

  8. Redeemer777 says:

    How do you train them to be nice to others like people around because usually there nice to one person their master.

  9. VixxenEyez says:


  10. gavroash says:

    What a waste of time.

  11. California Girl says:

    WHY SO HARSH? The goal isn't to break the dog's spirit. As others point out here, dogs understand TONE very well. Then u YANK her by the neck into position? Never mentioned patience or using Hand Signals & reassuring, respectful tone & praise. Dogs' HEARING is many times keener than our own & they WANT TO PLEASE so No Point in being loud & authoritarian. Somehow I don't get the idea that''s just a "guy thing." So I have to disagree w/your methods. But yes, they do thrive on doing routine tasks

  12. Taylor says:

    Wow! hahaa This guy sucks!!!!!!!!!!!1

  13. teddybear4422 says:

    @nikobellic8 nope ass

  14. Danny Boy says:

    @teddybear4422 what u think im lying go study WW2 ASS

  15. Redgrappler says:

    Respectfully, not the best method to teach dog obedience. Positive reenforcement is where it's at…rewards. Petting a dog after yelling it at delays the learning curve, in my opinion.

  16. thebadbrown says:

    I have yet to see an expert village video where I truly feel the person attempting to teach is actually an expert.

  17. Nick Mehra says:

    No training associated with this video whatsoever, and for the record your dogs response time is SUPER slow… I suggest a refresher course with different and better methods… and I strongly suggest you remove this video until u distinguish the difference between a "how to" video and "show and tell" presentation…

  18. wayrandomtv says:

    all he does is say sit and as soon as he says it he tugs the leash and forces it in to the posistion. this guy is friken retarded i hate you and you should die for putting this precious dog in this torture by hurting it by pulling it and all }:(

  19. lovemybeau says:

    expertvillage your voice resembles Vince Diesels.
    Thanks for your training videos. Never mind all the negative comments, your doing fine. Your helping people with their animals while others are sitting around complaining about other people.

  20. basque1111 says:

    we're not gonna speak german to her? they really love being told what to do?? jesus christ what a douche….

  21. Ronin says:

    I hope you love being told what to do like LAY OFF THE ORANGE SPRAY TAN! short and sharp see.

  22. Jeff Hardy says:

    you look like bill goldberg

  23. Allea Grimes says:

    @roninface LMAO that was sooo funny!

  24. Ronin says:

    @Hhotmama26 ha ha well I certainly thought so!

  25. alexnds1 says:

    training is not breed specific. Basic methods of training apply to all dog breeds. What is indeed breed specific is Schutzhund training, a method developed originally for the GSD as a breed suitability test.

  26. iashrai says:

    Hi, i have a 4 & a half year old GSD. As a puppy his training was going well. I taught him de basic commands etc. But later my dad became terminally ill & I couldn't focus on dog for sometime. Now he knows de the basic commands but he isn't properly offleash traind. I do feel bad for being careless towards de dog. But I still want to keep the dog. So can he still be fully traind at this age. I am willing to give him the time and attention.PS I can't afford any trainers or clubs at the moment.

  27. Patriot News Organization says:


    It's true, they do like being told what to do. That's what makes German Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds and Belgian Malinois such good working dogs, is that they love to be commanded by the pack leader (master, or you)

  28. Patriot News Organization says:


    Shutup, the dog doesn't mind being commanded or tugged on for that matter. And yes the trainer sucks, we can all agree on that.

  29. Doubtful Salmon says:

    This is some of the worst GSD "training" crap I've come across in some time.

  30. Clarisa says:

    My dog is 3 months but it works :c ??????

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