Dog Training Tips : How to Fix Bad Behaviors in Dogs

Hi, my name is Ryan William with Expert Village;
I am going to teach you submit the dog, how to properly show your dog that you are the
pack leader and is submissive to you. If he does something, he misbehaves, he bites somebody,
or something like that, the most severe form of punishment for a dog would not be to hit
them or kick them…you should never do that to a dog. It would actually be to put them
on their back because that’s what happens to them in the wild. A pack leader would take
the dog, grab him by the neck, and put him on the ground. What you do is you sit your
dog down, lay him down, and roll him over onto his back. It’s not going to be this easy
the first time; the first time he’s going to struggle. The first time I had to submit
him for not listening to me, it took about 10 minutes to get him to this position. I
was sweating, huffing, and puffing, but if you start the process, you have to finish
it. Anytime you start something with a dog you must finish it, and make them do what
you want them to do. So what you do is you get them on their side like this, and you’ll
use your hand like it was a mouth for the dog, and place it on his neck. I’m not pushing
hard; it’s just solid pressure, but it’s not hurting the dog in any way. Then I will keep
him there until he stays in that position even when I remove my hand. When I remove
my hand, if he gets up like that, I put him back. Eventually, after about five or ten
minutes, you should be able to stand up and he’ll stay there. If he gets up, you put him
back. You should be able to leave the room, and he’ll stay there until you decide it’s
ok for him to get up. As soon as you give him two or three minutes on the floor, and
as soon as you let him come up, let him know it’s ok to get up. That’s the most fearful
punishment I use with my dogs. If they do something I don’t want, like they get in a
fight or something like that, then I put them both down and make them submit to me.

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100 Responses

  1. Jeff Dentler says:

    When have you seen a wild dog do this? When have you ever seen a wild dog for that matter? I have never, ever seen a domesticated dog do this to another dog. Why? Because they don't do it. Ryan, stop watching Cesar and go educate yourself before you are bitten.

  2. GusTheBus09 says:


  3. Santino Miceli says:

    Thankyou keep up the good work

  4. Angel Estrada says:

    IT WORKS!!! me and my family almost had to surrender our pit bull to the SPCA but then after using this trick I don't have to do that now my dog submits and stays right where I submitted him until I leave the room very nice

  5. Allison Clark says:

    I took my puppy from a dog foster home about a year ago. I love him to bits; he has a great personality, and I feel that he loves our family so much. BUT, he bites a lot. How to stop it?
    My husband and I were thinking about taking him to 'doggy school', but then again, it’s extremely expensive, and the nearest 'doggy school' is far away from us. Maybe you have some advice? THANK YOU!!!!

  6. Alain Ntongo says:

    Thanks for the
    video dude. The best results that I have noticed was at Brainy paws (i
    did a google) Without a doubt the most useful dog training tips that I
    have ever used.

  7. Deepak Khanal says:

    I'm researching dog training and found an awesome website at Bevs Booster Guide (check it out on google)

  8. Search says:

    How come today this alpha roll and pack leader stuff is considered obsolete and wrong for dog training?

  9. mariyanna figueroa says:

    never do this

  10. Dan Homes says:

    Teh f#ck!? I can't believe dominance "theory" based style of training is still done nowadays. This is total crap! If you really were an expert, you would train dogs using methods based on modern day science (e.g. positive reinforcement) and not use the "dominance" approach. I will give you props though that you actually wrote and told in the video that you never should kick or hit a dog (when he misbehaves).

    0) Using this technique will harm the relationship with your dog in the long run if you have to do this often. And it hurts his spirit. Look at how the dog is hesitating to stand up after he is allowed to. Look at the body language. There is an extremely high chance of creating side effects like unwanted behavior (e.g. aggression) or negative associations (human/boss is bad)
    1) Dogs do submit/defer to another dog on their own. Submission is given voluntarily not demanded. This is a clear difference from what the dominance "theory" is promoting by submitting the dog through force
    2) You just "submitted" a dog that did absolutely nothing. By looking at the body language (ears backwards and tail low => anxious/fear) seconds before you actually started it, the dog was already expecting sh#t coming his/her way
    3) Look at the body language of the dog when you "submit" him. He is completely frightened: ears back, tail between the legs, stiff body (when lying on the ground), white in the eyes, mouth closed, back was down (when it was still standing and anticipating the sh#t that was coming). On top of that if you know about stress signals then you could see the dog: lip licking, pawing, growling (because he doesn't like the situation he is in)
    4) You say it took you 10 minutes the first time to "submit" your dog (actually your dog just gave up fighting => shutdown, because no matter what he did he could not get out of the horrible situation he was in). Dogs who have a well established relationship do correct each other in a matter of seconds. 99% of the humans cannot imitate what a dog does to correct. On top of that: dogs do know that we are not dogs but humans instead
    5) This is extremely dangerous. I can walk blindfolded into a room of everyday people and randomly pick 10 out of them out that are going to get bit when applying this technique. Especially with a strange dog and especially with a dog that already has negative experience with people and the way they treat him

    Dogs do definitely need leadership, but this can be achieved without the traditional way of training (e.g. dominance, alpha, pack leader).

  11. Kelvin Figueroa says:

    That was sad to me 😢

  12. Charles C. Dietrick says:

    Remember patience is key to teaching your dog tricks. Gave us great ideas and fun times together with my dog. Some of the commands are very simple and my puppy already knew them, but some will be fun to learn.

  13. Niemelä Reetta says:

    This is so so sad!

  14. Derek Mejia says:

    It's sad but it's really the best way to train a dog bc the dog has to know you are the boss and that has worked with all my dogs(also others). Ppl "wow your dog is so nice!" "You have a really good dog"

  15. My Hops says:

    The way I see it is if you teach your dog enough good things, it will do less bad things. Do not punish it if that makes sense?

  16. love cops says:

    Omg its a dog not a person! People really need see human and animals in a different light. Im not with animal abuse but damn you guys dogs should be treated as such not like humans. Hell they eat their on shit so i think its ok to simply lay the dog down to show dominance/leadership.

  17. Tim Van Aelst says:

    DO NOT DO THIS WITH YOUR DOG. This is called "alpha-rolling". It has no basis in dog psychology and is just something made up by bad dog trainers. Your dog has no idea what you are doing or why and so this won't help bad behavior at all. In fact this will only diminish the trust the dog has for you and in the future could develop aggressive behavior towards you.

  18. tony sou says:

    I have a lab mix boxer.. She is only 4 months old. My question is this. While attempting this. She goes super defiant and refuse to lay. I'd either have to use a lot of strength and keep her down or give up. It becomes very cruel. Do i go the distance? When does it become bad. Do I force her in anyway? Seems so cruel. Please help lol

  19. Emma MissL says:

    What horseshit

  20. Pat Kennedy says:

    When he reached out his hands to the dog, the dog's tail went down and ears back with whites of eyes showing. This means the dog is not sure what the guy is going to do but he's anticipating something not fun and is not happy about the way he's being approached. My guess is this dog has been shut down by performing this maneuver. The dog didn't understand that the guy was doing a video and was concerned about why he was being put in a submissive position when he hadn't done anything wrong. It may have been alleviated somewhat if the guy had released the dog and told him good boy in a happy voice with hands that rewarded. Do not emulate this "trainer". Good heavens.

  21. Chathura J says:

    hi everyone ,if anyone else is searching for puppy training tricks try Grathaw Canine Teaching Expert (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my cousin got amazing success with it.

  22. AuBurney Tuckerson says:

    i don't see what everyone is freaking out over. The dog is unharmed and comfortable. If he was in any way uncomfortable, he'd be at least whimpering or growling. spanking a dog is unacceptable, and when my mother made me do it as a kid, i felt horrible, and my dog was scared of me. when he got tense towards people at the door (i.e. barking. He wasn't aggressive. He just barked at people until he got tired, and the person just went on not caring.), I would usually just flip him over on his back gently and hold him until he calmed. He was not harmed. He calmed down and stopped barking. sadly, i couldn't take him with me when wet moved into an apartment. (they allowed pets, but it was a price we couldn't afford) anyway, this method is good to calm a dog without hurting him or her.

  23. Rhiannon Angell says:

    I learned about workouts thanks to Unflexal workouts.

  24. Pete The Geek says:

    Well after 15-20 times holding him down my Shiba just wraps arms around my hand.

  25. Anita Grace says:

    Horrible training tip. The poor dog looks terrified, as though he actually has been kicked or hit. SMH.

    This guy is no expert, just a Cesar Millan wannabe/viewer. I bet he watched a few episodes before making this POS video.

  26. Jonathan Nguyen says:

    Calm down people, my parents whooped my ass when I was little and probably deserved half of it. Did I lose trust or get aggressive? No I love them to death. Modern day positive reinforcement bullshit is making kids disrespectful to their elders and dogs disrespectful to their owners. Everybody needs a good whooping sometimes. Damn tree huggers.

  27. groundcontrol436385 says:

    Has this guy been mauled to death yet?

  28. Roma Nicholas says:

    Wtf did I just watch? This is stupid -.- first time you did it it took 10 minutes huffing and puffing? By the time you've 'dominated' him he would have already forgot what he did in the first place!

  29. alfis dyan says:

    Frustrаtеd реt ownеrs! If уоu wаnt to hаve а hеаlthiеr, hаррiеr dog, if yоu wаnt tо оbedienсе trаin уоur dоg now, аnd stоp him frоm reliеving himsеlf оn уоur саrpet, chеwing uр yоur designеr shoеs, niррing аt уour guеsts аnd а whоlе lot mоrе… Sее how to traing your dоооg in ааа right wаaу ==>

  30. JustBeingJada says:

    No! Don't everrrrr do this to your dog! It will leave him traumatized

  31. Saro Dog Training says:

    Why would you teach that to the public dog owners? That's not what dogs do to their dogs and even if they did why is it a human doing it to a dog. Please watch my video regarding submission and using domination over dogs.

  32. NON CAPISCO says:

    Awww it's a pitbull

  33. 259972 says:

    honestly, some dogs will walk all over you if you don't let em know you are the leader of the pack

  34. Missy Wolfe says:

    I will NEVER do that to my dog. All I do is use a firm voice and sometimes a very tiny smack on the nose where it doesn't hurt him. I love my dog to the moon and back and would NEVER hurt him. The smack is so tiny so it wont hurt him it just corrects him. My dog still loves me he wags his tail every time he sees me and he licks me <3

  35. darthavtar says:

    Yeah you do do it dogs arnt gonna respect you as an alpha if you cant dominate them when you need to

  36. Jay Kastro says:

    This wasn’t abuse… Y’all r some pussies…. I’ve seen Cesar Millán use this before on a bad ass dawg…..

  37. 1967 Shelby says:

    I did this once it worked

  38. DB says:

    Shit I whoop my puppy’s ass when he starts chewing on his training pads

  39. faithnt says:

    Try this to a blue heeler Australian cattle dog…then get back to me..I really need help with that

  40. GROC227 says:

    I see why you have so many subscriders! Thank you for speaking on topic and not advertising or talking about everything besides what you video title is…..right to the point.

  41. Aizen Dicen says:

    I tried this to my pup and she's not submitting to me. She even bit me, what will I do?

  42. Gary Harrison says:

    My mom grabbed our chihuahua by the neck to move it cause it won't get up and the dog was screaming, I Looked at her and said: (What the freak!), and then I got into trouble 4 no reason

  43. azuris221 says:

    instruction unclear. dick stuck in dogs ass

  44. Tom Chase says:

    Makes my puppy worse

  45. ilovecanines says:

    THIS IS MALPRACTICE! THIS YOUNG MAN IS SO MISINFORMED!!!!!!! PLEASE PEOPLE, DO NOT DO THIS!!!! DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!!! Dogs are NOT pack animals. This has been known for years! See the recommendations of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior. the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists, and other REAL experts!

  46. Augustus Sinclair says:

    Is it ok to hit my dog when he bites enough to draw blood because sometimes when he steals food that's bad for him we have to take it and give him a tap on the head when he gets agressive

  47. Ellie 14 says:

    Your an idiot

  48. Ellie 14 says:

    I hope one day you get hurt deadly with your cute dog

  49. Bat Chimeddorj says:

    My 1.5 year old male caucasian shepherd is very stubborn. He doesn't even obey a command Come. He just goes his own way if he wants to. Recently he has been testing me with hard bites. I tried to use this submission method but he is very strong and impossible to hold to ground. How would you submit a large and strong dog?

  50. Alina Garofalo says:

    This hella works my 10 week old pup was miss behaving sticking his head into the door escaping and he actually submitted to me took like about an hour lol 😂 but I didn’t give up thank you so much what a great tip I was feeling a little lost. it’s took me like about 40 minutes no freaking lie! Lol 😂

  51. Theresa says:

    Some Dogs do not understand the NO BITE I get that especially the Bully breeds OF ALL kinds big small somtimes small Dogs bite even Harder.. this is NOT Dominance "Training" at all. This is just a quick fix to an Out of control moment with a very nasty Behavior that needs imediate att. Just note all TRAINING uses this fast method. It is a hard wired move that All Dogs understand.I am not supportive of using this on a Dog constantly or they become immune to it's obvious value use it sparingly and ONLY WHEN ABSOLUTELY NESS..

  52. Kurai Sekai says:

    it Works

  53. Total Pet Care LLC NC says:

    Great way to get bit, please seek help from modern educatrd trainer

  54. MrRodpec says:

    Hi, I am mentally disabled, and this is animal abuse.

  55. biggbertz1 says:

    Good teach these mother fuckers what's right

  56. David Nygaard says:

    the sound is so bad

  57. Fip Dibwibbler says:

    Dude legit seems like a killer.

  58. Peter Birt says:

    Thanks mate very affective

  59. Chris Freely says:

    Yes, 100% and here's a few more:
    1. Never ever say your dog's name when correcting it.
    2. Be consistent, dogs respect authority and authority isn't insecure.
    3. Dogs will mirror your attitude, so, again, be consistent.
    4. Dogs don't understand long sentences, no matter how slow or cute you think you sound.
    5. Dogs are not people and they're not better than people, they are animals, just be kind to them.
    6. When walking with them, they must follow you, you should not follow them, unless you're in a '60 sitcom and your dog's name is Lassie.
    7. You don't need to waste your time teaching it tons of tricks.
    8. The most important thing is that they come when you call, see #1.
    9. If you overuse their name they won't come to you, also see #1.
    10. Always, always do something good to them like pet them or feed them while using their name, this will ensure #8
    11. If they fear you, they respect you and you don't have a problem but if they fear you because you mistreat them then you're the problem.

  60. Vodallus says:

    What if your dog does it b4 you can make him… Then he pees

  61. Jeffrey Rocks says:

    This is idiotic. If you watch dogs and wolves they don't push eachoter to the ground. The drop to show submissiveness. But they are not forced.

  62. fork at the end of the road says:

    I spray water they a bottle while repeating NO. he's pretty receptive to my dislikings when I do that. But I'l sometimes grab him up and pin him down pokin his back and repeat the same word NO. WITHOUT HITTING HIM. just brute force pin down

  63. Michael Perez says:

    Lol my dog will think im playin

  64. Michael Perez says:

    I give them a little smack in the but not hart just a gental smack and say no to him

  65. CestLaVie says:

    Jesus Christ- is the cameraman beating off on the mic??

  66. Horse says:

    never do this because when the force the dog into that certain position with your hand on their neck they think your going to kill them because wild animals bite the others neck to kill them

  67. Hoshime Tomoe says:

    It's not a correct technique. A dog doesn't submit to you when you do it. It starts to fear you. You become a predator, a danger, not a pack leader. The animal becomes super stressed out and fearfull although on the outside you see a dog "peacefully" laying on it's side. You don't teach your dog anything but to fear you. You don't train your dog like that, you break it.

  68. yelsa sedohr says:

    Um yeah, great to try on a puppy. But try doing this on a grown dog you just brought he/she is going to bite you. When I first got my puppy, she would always nice nibble my fingers. When I played with her she would get overly excited and start trying to bite me for real. one day I got fed up and turned her on her side and held her by her neck she started growling acting stupid, but after that she never did that again. another things you used to do was when I try to feed her things out of my hand she wouldn't that my fingers and bite my fingers hard taking the object. One day I took a cookie and try to give it to her and she met my fingers, so I proceeded to give her another cookie she did it again and I slapped her lightly on the side of her snout and told her no. I gave her a cookie the third time and she took it out my hand very delicately. she's a good dog but now I'm having trouble that now after I pet her and play with her she gets super excited you or maybe she's Revenge pooping. But when I put her in her crate she'll start barking and then she'll just poop in her crate and then sleep on the other side so that it doesn't get on her. it drives me crazy because I take her outside thousands of times she pees but saves her poop for her crate, I'm still trying to figure this out but hopefully one day I'll get it right.

  69. Parth B says:

    I beated my dog today for takin my charger pluged in to phone n had a brawl in which i pushed her badle i feel regretted pls help me

  70. UMBUBA says:

    You basically making him your bitch.

  71. v_in_ni_e says:

    thanks man

  72. Hortense Dandridge says:

    It really does WORK!!!!Omg!! Thank you!!!

  73. BitterTeeth says:

    Remember, every dog is different. This method may work. This method may not work. Its just what he does with his dog. Every owner trains their dog differently.

    Don't bash him for using this method. Its not hurting the dog

  74. ANGEL says:


  75. Athena Divine says:

    That’s how you get bit and do nothing towards progression away from the behavior toward calm. You just make an insecure dog and force the dog into a fight/flight response. You remove the ability of flight so there is only fight. Notice the whites of the dogs eyes. The dog is very afraid and choosing not to bite right now but just wait, it ALWAYS happens. It’s like agitating a dog and wondering why it bit you. DO NOT EVER DO THIS. Research proper training techniques and save yourself and your dog a lot of trouble. Look into “balanced dog training” and the use of corrections to remove behaviors.

  76. hbeefk11379 says:

    Different dogs. Different techniques. My buddys dog responds really well to prong collars. My jack cries like I'm about to tear his hide off. I cant use prongs on my dog.

  77. Bonney Raven says:

    Thank you! This is the only thing that worked with my wild 11 month old German Shepard.

  78. lamfilipos says:

    Many thanks, been searching for "commands for a dog" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Diyadison Genia Equalizer – (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my work buddy got excellent results with it.

  79. saul bearcat says:

    Lol like magic

  80. Thomas Dk says:

    It worked:) thanks for the great advice, no harm done to the dog, amd now its listening and knows who is in charge.
    All you whiner out there wh9 says tbis is wrong to do so, well get a cookie and dry your eyes with a tissue, i could not care pess what you liberal morons think!

  81. Bradley Quincey says:

    He is not very good at it lol

  82. Gin Karaciger says:

    My sister spanks her corgi dogs if they make mistakes. Sometimes she doesn’t feed them for 2 days. She call it “educating dogs” but I feel terrible about it. She said dogs need to be punished if they’ve done something wrong. :((((( And I don’t know how to talk to her about it because she views her dogs as her children (and it makes spanking a very personal behavior).

  83. sione ongoloka says:

    Like a horse lol

  84. GamingWithChris says:

    I think this got patched

  85. Jerseychick O says:


  86. PLUGSBY says:

    None of that pansy treat training shit worked for me. 3 months straight training. Putting a foot in his ass was the only thing that he understood.

  87. Sam Brownfield says:

    🙏 it helped us so much

  88. Just Delta says:

    The other dog is like Good stuff

  89. Dogology Class says:

    Very good method. The way the dog will actually understand. I love dogs and being around them. It is tough work but it pays off and I enjoy teaching dogs the quieter way to behave. I save rescues from being surrendered to shelters again., by positively correcting their unwanted habits.

  90. MyLove NeverDies says:

    My puppy is crazy😭😭😭😭 He bites me! he wants what he wants when he wants ! He pees all over even when I have patience and put pee pads all over the house I take him for walks and give him food I teach him tricks but he's still mean 😭😭😭😭 then once I kinda barely aired his butt and he acted like I had bloody murders him 😭😭😭 first it made me freak out but he's behavior never changed now I'm thinking about getting rid of him , he's a bad puppy 😭😭😭😭

  91. Big Olli says:

    I've been using this technique and it doesn't work, my wife keeps getting up.

  92. Moo dy says:

    This method is a great last resort if your dog is trying to hurt you or is being aggressive to someone. Remember to only use it as a last resort though as even though intimidating the opponent is apart of showing your dominance, you don’t want to frighten your dog if they haven’t done anything that bad.

  93. Candace Nia says:

    My husky aint going for that ish

  94. TrolliPoilli says:

    Bro if it does something wrong just whip it. They won’t do what ever it is again. If you wanna dog to listen to you you have to show them you’re the boss. They are gonna do what ever you let them get away with unless you stop them. Snowflakes would disagree with this but it’s just like whipping your child for bad behavior. No difference.

  95. Osmaniye Özcan says:

    can you please do the same thing for cameraman ?

  96. sud to tofuu pls says:

    To me that's me

  97. Kittyna 606 says:

    Wtf man, this is bad, you cant do that.. Try to watch: its me or the dog, there was one video where woman was punishing her dogs like that and one of them became rlly aggressive..


    this does work…and why because its PRIMAL

  99. Ken Santiago says:

    Nothing wrong with this technique. Doesn't hurt the pup in any way. Used on my girl and she went from nipping and disobeying us to making a huge turnaround & be the sweetest girl in the world. Friends, family kids all loved her.

  100. RoamThrough says:

    Thanks for the video. Anyone who think dogs are equal to human are nut. As my pup get older, it less likely to follow the usual command and sometime bark at me telling him "no". I been hesitating to use some kind of physical discipline as it continue to challenge me. But now I will apply this method.

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