Dog Training Tips : How to Scent-Train Your Dog

Hi, I’m Ty Brown, with
I’m here in Riverton, Utah today, teaching you how to train a dog. The topic of today’s
discussion is teaching you how to scent train a dog. In order to scent train a dog all you
need is a dog that likes food. If you have a dog that likes food you can scent train
a dog. Now what you’re going to want to do is you’re going to want to get some hot dogs
or some other tasty morsel like that, cut them up into very small pieces. And what you’re
going to want to do is stamp on the ground in a small area, and make what’s called a
scent pad, and this is where you’re putting a lot of your own scent. Now, once your scent
pad is made, you’re going to drop little pieces of hot dog, or whatever it is all around that
scent pad. Bring your dog up to the scent pad and tell him to search. Once he’s searching
he’s going to start finding food and praise him, praise him heavily. Once he gets the
idea of the scent pad, then you can start teaching him how to footstep track and actually
track that person. And so start off with your scent pad again, but this time take one step
away. Get your dog to the scent pad, encourage him to search, and when he starts searching,
praise him. And then, if he doesn’t find the other piece that’s in your other footstep
where you left it encourage the dog to continue moving forward, and then he’ll find the piece
of hot dog that was left in your step. Once he’s does that, then you can continue moving
on, and teaching him to search further and further distances. So make your scent pad,
drop the food, make a step, drop the food, make another step, drop another piece of food,
and then continue on in a line. Once he understands that you can start making turns, you can start
going over different surfaces. Once the dog really understands the concept then you can
start slowly weaning him off the use of the food, and teaching him to train, or to to
track, because at the end of the track he’s always going to get a reward. Now, that reward
might be food, it might be a lot of praise from his owner. Whatever it might be, you’re
going to want to wean him off of the food so that he just tracks the scent of the person.
With a lot of repetition the dog is soon going to associate the smell of the food and the
smell of the person, and he’s going to realize if I continue following the smell of that
person, eventually it’s going to lead me to food. And that’s how you scent train a dog.

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35 Responses

  1. Bob Cannon says:

    Nicely done

  2. jennifer n says:

    hmmmm cant watch

  3. rvngizswt says:

    @Arian861 Then you cry.

  4. rvngizswt says:

    What about with that liquid scent stuff?

  5. Randall Wall says:

    Thanks! here in Sandy Utah and was wondering how to start training our 5 month old Dutch shepherd..:)

  6. will8675 says:

    my dog dosen't like food 🙁

  7. will8675 says:

    @unityspirit51 yeah… you got me…
    lol i was making a "smart" comment 😛
    my GSD (samantha) LOVES people food, she wont really touch her dry food unless we put some wet with it though lol.
    she's happy, and she's doing wonderful in scent tracking now 😀

  8. will8675 says:

    @unityspirit51 ……… TO split hairs….
    we only feed her the FINEST, NON PROCESSED, ORGANIC, STRAIGHT FROM MY COWS AND PIGS, "people food" (heed quotes) … GSD is a German Shepherd Dog… she eats FRESH RAIN-WATERED GRASS to balance her diet of NATURALY FERTALIZED, NON-PROCESSED, oats to supplement her meals… as well as vitamins carefully measured through her weight and stool to help in areas lacking…

    and still people will find something wrong…

  9. will8675 says:

    @unityspirit51 except love… we force feed love shoved down her throat into her heart… it comes after the beef but before the oats and vitamins.

  10. dpain0 says:

    I thought this was a natural instinct, because my maltese can always find us when we go out for long walks and leave him behind!

  11. karmaking3 says:

    @will8675 if you wanna feed her the best you can, feed her raw meat from your cows. Since you have your own cows you don't have to buy it, lucky. Take advantage of that 🙂

  12. THE GUN SHOW says:

    Awesome thanks

  13. Kenny Love says:

    i read a really great book on tracking it's called enthusiastic tracking by willam sanders.

  14. MrAbrink says:

    is age a factor?

  15. Rick & Sherry says:


    add a w.youtu

  16. 2012PhillyPhan says:

    Awesome shit

  17. Kelly Dawes says:

    You gotta check this out, I took on the care of my parents dog not long ago, and with young children in the house deicded that I would try some proper dog training for him. I went to and followed their step by step program, he is now the best behaved dog ever, and is great around all young children. Made my life so much easier

  18. Sir Andrew says:

    I got a pitbull myself and wanting to do the same thing cause he uses his nose a lot. I can throw a tennis ball in heavy woods and he'll find it, I not a dog trainer but what I found out it really depends on the dogs character if it uses it's nose a lot normally then you should have no problem getting it to track. Just think of it as a human everyone has common sense just everyone don't know how to use it.

  19. spencer middleton says:

    Wow I never knew it was so simple

  20. Fezzlynn says:

    As soon as you said the word "food", my malinois perked up, looked at my computer, and tilted his head to the side. I don't think you have to ask him twice if he likes food! lol Thank you for the video! I can't wait to start training him!

  21. Laaberia Maplace says:

    Thanks for the informative video. I would like to know, what do you leave behind that the dog actually smells to be able to track a you. "After you stop food or treat".

    Thanks a lot.

  22. Anwar Jahid says:

    how are you , If anyone else is Searching the top hints for training their dog try banfan turbo dog trainer (should be on google have a look)? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my father got amazing success with it. 

  23. Susan Lengyel says:

    Thank you. I learned a lot.

  24. SuperLennyBenny says:


  25. Lily Oppman says:

    sooo cute 🙂

  26. Unknowplayer says:

    thanks for the tip

  27. Cha-cha Kyamba says:

    my PUPPY DESTROYS FOOD she's a lab 5 months skinny and she eats LIKE CRAZY! her skinny self ate a hole can the meal one with the chicken and beef including her dry food so I think this tracking is gonna work well thanks for tips I left a like btw

  28. afroula21 says:

    tnx..but i actualy am trying to teach my dog to do not take food from the ground!and with this metod i will destroy what ever i bild for 2 months ! is there any ather method without the food on the ground??

  29. Karma Yukihara says:

    thank you

  30. hellhound says:

    Have a dog that likes food? What a clown.

  31. Gillian Xiong says:

    awesome you have a rottweiler

  32. Lone Star Kennels says:

    what dog doesn't like food? fucking idiot

  33. David Rand says:

    I will use this method to train my dog for search and rescue. She already does great at scent tracking she just needs more training for it

  34. Caleb Huff says:

    Unless you want your dog to get pancreatitis, don't feed it fatty foods like hotdogs. Use bits of chicken.

  35. Brian Pacini says:

    Great video! –

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