Dog Training Tips : How to Settle an Excited Dog

Hi this if Ryan Gwilliam with expert village
and I am going to teach you how to handle it when your dog is very excited. Most people
think that when your dog is excited that he’s happy but it’s actually anxiousness. For example
most the common scenarios of excited dogs is when you first get home, jumping around
wagging the tail very excited. When new people come over when they see other dogs when you
grab the toy stuff like that, that’s excitement out of them but for a dog that’s not a good
thing. It’s okay for the wagging the tail to be happy, yes, but as soon as it’s a full
body wag as soon as the dog’s jumping or barking or anything like that, that’s him being very
anxious. Like when you first get home, my dogs a lot of times are very anxious and they
just want me to pet them so bad but if I pet them, that just is gonna make them more anxious
and it’s going make them tend to be more anxious everyday. So what you really need to do is
ignore them when they’re in that state of mind; you ignore them. If it gets too out
of hand, they’re jumping on you, you have to correct them you have to address it, make
them sit down, make them calm down. But if at all possible, just ignore your dogs and
until they come out of that anxious state of mind we don’t, we don’t give them any kind
of affection. But once they get there then it’s perfectly fine to pet your dog give him
that full body massage or whatever you wanna do.

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