Dog Training Tips : How to Train a Hyper Dog

Hi, I’m Ty Brown, with
We’re here in Riverton, Utah today, teaching you how to train a dog. The topic of today’s
discussion is teaching you how to train a hyper dog. Now, there are many dogs nowadays
that are quite hyper. They’ve got a lot of energy, and their owners are really struggling
how to train them. There’s a couple key points however, that are going to allow you to have
success when training your hyper dog. Number one; make sure that you’re calm. Too many
people react to their dog’s hyperness with more hyperness, and they bring more energy
to the situation, and soon, the dog is a hyper mess. And so it’s important that you as a
dog owner remain calm. Also, set reasonable expectations for your dog. Make sure that
your dog understands exactly what it is you want. Many hyper dogs, when they’re confused
by what’s going on around them actually makes them get more hyper, and so what you want
to do is make sure that your dog understands the concepts that you’re trying to teach him
before going on to a new concept. Also, be firm but fair. Don’t be too harsh with a hyper
dog. Make sure that the hyper dog gets fair treatment from you. And also, with a hyper
dog you want to make sure that you do a lot of leash training in the beginning. If you
have a hyper dog, and you try to train him without a leash in the beginning, you’re not
going to have any means of communicating with him. And you’re going to be trying to shout
at the dog to get him to come back, or to get him to do something. But if you do leash
training from a young age, and you’re consistent with that training, soon the dog is going
to understand the concepts that you want him to do; such as sit, lie down, coming when
called, heeling, walking with a loose leash, that type of thing. And once he understands
those concepts, then you can go to using no leash, but in the beginning stages, make sure
to do a lot of leash training with your hyper dog. By using these key points, you will have
a lot of success in training your hyper dog.

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25 Responses

  1. YeahxAnd says:

    This was gey….

    Actually clicked this by accident… =P

  2. weirdoguy says:

    pretty good

  3. nikigurl08 says:

    Why is he using a Rottweiler there not hyper.

  4. Morgan Lackey says:

    its chihuahua

  5. nikigurl08 says:

    @BloodthirstyGnome Not that particular dog. lol. And if u think Rotties are energetic you should c a boxer or Dobie, or Visla.

  6. Thomas of All Trades says:

    Loooshhh leash!

  7. Matthew Gilmore says:

    Walk your dog then train!! I have a belgian malinois who has to be the most hyper dog ever 2 hour walks and he still is hyper but so much easier and is the best way to train

  8. Vigia P says:

    my dog is a hyper mess !!!!!

  9. xcarflyx says:

    wtf? this video didn't help for shit… i

  10. elementwind91 says:

    the hardest part for me with training my hyper dog, is that my dog is WAY stronger than me. and i'll try to get the harness on him, by grabbing his collar, but he'll twist around in circles while i'm holding him. ow.

  11. mittty says:

    When i did this she died

  12. Sofia Jia says:

    What?? That's it?

  13. Alejandro de Villiers says:

    thumbs up if u have a jack russell

  14. NNG11 says:

    My puppy bounces off the walls and tries to bite my toes every time I get up to walk. I was hoping this would work lol

  15. Severus Skywalker says:

    i don't think its a hyper dog…

  16. UteNativeYT says:

    i thought he was going to show us how, not tell us how… aww…

  17. dmcdom mofo says:

    my dog
    runs back and forth running in to cougches and licking you till your raw

  18. jas mine says:

    my dog thinks its a game.! :O

  19. George Gray says:

    This vid is useless. Tells us nothing that you couldn't get from a single written paragraph. What's the point of making this a video? The guy is just standing there talking, never demonstrates a single physical technique.

  20. eddith wilber says:

    they're crazy xD

  21. Mailina Grant says:

    Thanks for your video. I think my pomeranian is untrainable but I will try these steps first.

  22. Naresh Pandya says:

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  23. Brandon A. says:

    Please delete this useless video!

  24. Saro Dog Training says:

    Hyper dogs are made by their owners and not that the dogs are born with. That is why the dog owner needs to be educated before we even train the dog.

  25. Red's Outdoors says:

    So we have a hyper unruly spaniel mix. We just got her from the shelter. I don't think she has ever had any training. The leash training works great for her

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