Dog Training Tutorial: “Clean up” / Put Away Objects

in this video you will learn how to
teach your dog to place objects into a container this is a fun and impressive
party trick but also a helpful behavior because you can use it to get your dogs
help in cleaning up their toys or dropping an item off at a specified
location. Training this behavior can be a lot easier if your dog first understands
how to fetch if your dog does not know how to do this check out our tutorial on
this skill before teaching this behavior before beginning any training session
it’s helpful to clarify what the criteria is for the dog to earn a reward
what precise behaviors are we clicking for so for this session we will click
for looking at the container moving towards it sniffing it and eventually
work our way up to a higher criteria which will be holding a nose target with
duration spend a few moments practicing the hold
behavior that your dog should already know the purpose of this step is to
prime this behavior and help your dog connect this with the behavior that they
just learned. Once the dog is consistently offering a nose target we
can introduce an object that will be dropped into the container. Use the same
object that you previously used to train fetch as this will serve as a cue to the
dog that you were asking for a hold behavior. The new criteria or click point
is when the dog places the object inside the container. With enough practice most
dogs will offer this on their own but if your dog struggles with this step work
on the two behaviors back-to-back during training sessions and eventually your
dog will be able to put them together you can point and guide the dog
initially but it is best to let them figure it out on their own while keeping
the rate of reinforcement as high as possible if your dog accidentally misses the
container do not click and reward instead take the object and re-present it
to redo the whole trial. Once the dog is consistently placing the object inside
the container across multiple sessions start to introduce other objects. Help
the dog generalize this behavior by offering the object from different
angles and if your dog starts to make mistakes go back to the earlier steps
and work your way back up. Eventually increase the reward criteria once again
so that your dog is placing multiple objects inside the container
before getting a click and a reward Once you are confident that the dog will
perform the behavior correctly every single time you can now introduce the
verbal cue which you can use to tell the dog to do this behavior.

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