Dog Trick Training Tips : Myths About Dog Training Breeds

What type of dogs are good at trick activities?
Many customers ask me this question and I normally will respond by saying it is not
true, you can teach an old dog new tricks. So most of the dogs you see doing agility
or different types of circus tricks, they may be Australian Shepherds, Border Collies
or different types of Terrier dogs such as a Jack Russell. But truly in my experience
of training over five hundred dogs in the greater Arizona Valley, I’ve seen a majority
of pure bred dogs to mix breeds all exhibiting the ability to do difficult tricks. Throughout
my series you’ve heard me talk about dedication, commitment, routine and repetition. The more
you can work with your dog in the early stages of using food as bait, once the dog learns
the trick, truly you’re not going to need any food. You’re just going to need vocal
praise and physical affection to let the dog know that they did a good job.

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23 Responses

  1. rogersmmr says:

    He's right. Any dog really can learn tricks. I have ridgebacks (hounds). Everyone always says hounds are difficult to train, but with positive training methods, you really can train your dog how to do anything. Give it a try! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Auburn Showalter says:

    ANY dog can learn tricks, however, it has been proven that certain breeds as a whole learn better and faster, more easily.

  3. Caitlyn Daniels says:

    that waz gay. look up mii boiis n there is a really funnay 1.

  4. DogLoverGSC says:

    i think it training a mix breed is the same as training a full bred, just as long as the parents were smart and handed some down! xD

  5. Gymnure says:

    I love ridgebacks. My friend's Ridgeback bitch is better trained and more obedient than her collie and lab. They have all recieved the same treatment, she just took to it better. I look after the bitch when she is in season (the other 2 dogs are males so she can't be around them at that time) and she really is a bright dog, no trouble at all.

  6. john Bravo says:

    where can i get treats

  7. vyvo95 says:

    my dog cant keep focus while i have a treat in my hand

  8. Murgertroy says:

    i saw a woman at sonic burger sharing an icecream with her dog. i felt like punching her in the face

  9. neoserenity333 says:

    i gave it a thumbs up, not for the woman, but for your wanting to punch her in the face. why do stupid people own dogs? there should be a law against that.

  10. Murgertroy says:

    the woman was sick in the head

  11. mikeman9412 says:

    wait why is that bad? sorry im new to dogs lol

  12. snuggliepuppy says:

    totally agree!

  13. Clyde Thatcher says:

    Fabletv a trick is a behavior. Sitting is a behavior, etc. The only thing I would add to this video is allowing the dog to be trained by targeting, offering behaviors on it's own, or shaping the behavior. This way you don't need to fade your food lure.

  14. kirkelicious says:

    Our dog HATES physical affection while working. Food and toys really do the trick for him.

  15. LongTermCap says:

    aw wuat a cute bernesre mt dog! best breed

  16. belle murdoch says:

    how do you get a dog to stop biting? my brother has a German shepherd and he keeps bititng/
    we know that he is just playing., he still a pup. but he is getting pretty big and agressive.

  17. corvaxxx says:

    True! Everyone says you can't train huskies, two of my classmates have huskies
    (brothers) and in a few weeks they'll be ready to compete for their Companion Dog title. One of them is more obedient than my border collie!

  18. Weston Bickley says:

    @Murgertroy that seems overly violent to me

  19. Wtflolyay says:

    @rogersmmr Too right! I have a Pug. Im told theyre stubborn. He skateboards, he does freestyle, he does agility and conformation and frisbee.

  20. TheJewelKitten says:

    @jackstrawfrmwchta Stfu you troll. Go slowly die under your bridge.

  21. Scooter.Newt says:

    This is true. I find that My Pit Bull and Chow-Chow can execute the same tricks as any border collie. Yet borders always get the credit for being easily trained

  22. Chris Brummell says:

    This guy looks like he would be a registered sex offender.

  23. Alex Popsie says:

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