Dog vs Human Sprinting – Who’s Faster?

Welcome back to Warped perception. Something I’ve always been curious about. Especially after filming those previous dog
episodes. You ready April. Come on let’s go. Is a dog actually faster than a person. I have a friend of mine that insists. That he’s faster than any dog. Of course. So I have decided to set up a few scenarios. Film it with the high speed camera. And see is a dog faster than a human?. Let’s find out. You need to save your energy I think David
has his work cut out for him here. You’re a pretty wild dog. And to make this a fair comparison. April is 29 years old in dog years. And David how old are you?. 29. 29 so this is a even biological age. a good matchup. David is 29, April is 29. So the only difference here is their reaction
time. Reflexes. Body mechanics. And species. David is there anything that you want to show
us. That proves that you’re up to the challenge. And on the same level as April physically?. Of course. There you go so I think that means he’s qualified. So let’s get this underway. That’s 20 yards right there. First test is going to be from the track Sprint
position and let’s see what happens. Are you guys ready?. April sitzen, sitzen are you ready David?. You ready April blibe. Here. I actually think that she almost lost. Here. This is a 10-yard mark right here. and I don’t
know I think you were passing her up. She had a head start if you want to get technical. She was a little bit, yeah don’t worry we’re
going to do it again. We’re going to set it up again, April no cheating. You cheated you cheated. I have them set up in the ready position. But April is already gotten kind of distracted
there, are you ready April?. 3-2-1 here. That was good I actually think that David
either tied or he beat her. I’m pretty sure that I beat her. I didn’t expect that I actually thought that
she was going to leave him in the dust. But it was pretty close man that was good. Alright let’s check out that high-speed footage. So we’re going to do it one more time and
this is going to be from the. What do you call it the military Sprint?. Yep. So we’re going to do the military Sprint position. Then we’re going to move into two more set
ups. That I have in store. And it’s going to surprise him but yeah I
have something in mind. So let’s get this next one set up and see
but. That was pretty amazing. My friend that David is a gymnast but he’s
also a musician. And I wouldn’t have him help me out with this
episode without plugging his band. Which is called “Attack The Sound”. I’m going to put some links to his work in
the description below. As well as use one of his Clips in the episode
here. I highly suggest that you check it out. I think he would greatly appreciate it and
so would I. That being said let’s get on with the show. Good girl blibe,blibe, blibe. She’s like a rabbit. She’s like boom boom jumps like a spring. Okay stay right there you’re good you’re good. She’s so excited to race you David good girl. You guys ready? She’s so focused. 3-2-1 here. Well I think she definitely beat me on that
one but that’s okay I’ll get her. That was a 20-yard mark. She had an advantage after 10 yards. So I mean yeah clear as day. look at the high-speed footage it’s self explanatory. you can see the differences in biomechanics
versus reaction time and reflexes. [ Music ] so let’s move on to the next test which yeah are you
ready for it? Ready. Okay so that was a great race. for this next
test I think it was the last video I did with April. It was about how dogs get up from a lying
down position so fast. I think this is the perfect opportunity to
put that to the test. We’re going to put April and David in a lying
down position. As far as he wants to go. I mean it looks like he’s a sport he’s back
there squaring things up already. I think this is going to be a good look. At how dogs get up differently from humans
from a lying down position. we’re going to put them both in a lying down
position and see how they get up. And how they get up differently. This is pretty much where we can get April. She’s a little bit too paranoid to get on
her back. I can’t get her on her back like some dogs
do. So we’re just going to lay her down on her
side. And David has already agreed to lie down on
his side. Scene 12 take 2. Okay here it goes David versus April, April,
April, that was good. Now that looked pretty cool they both got
up about the same speed. But his body mechanics were completely different
from April’s body mechanics. [Music] Yeah I got one more test that I want to do. Just something out of the ordinary. I’m just going to have you jump. We’re going to set up like a pole with a couple
cones. Can you jump?, Oh yeah definitely. Let’s go. I’m going to go here so she knows to jump. She hasn’t jumped in a while okay you ready?. Come on April hup hup hup no?. [Music] All right I tried to get her to jump but apparently David had a better idea and he got her to jump. Here watch what he’s doing. We’re going to film this and high-speed and
see what happens. Go ahead make her jump David. Haha there you go. Apparently David can jump so good even with
the ball in his hand. Which I know some of you are going to say
is not difficult. Maybe not for you. [Music] Okay so that jump went pretty well. David tried to get her to jump the higher
obstacle but she wouldn’t comply. Now I don’t know about you but the most interesting
thing for me about this episode was not who’s faster how the body mechanics differ or how
they Propel themselves differently it was how the high-speed footage reveal April’s
character that changed my perception in a split-second April looks over at David and
when she realizes he’s either right next to her or slightly ahead of her she gives it
more effort I also found it really interesting how she formed a bond with David to the point
where she became competitive against him I’ve never noticed that about April before until
watching the high-speed footage but tell me what you think in the comments below so we’re going to wrap this episode up right here Hopefully you enjoyed the video hopefully it gave you
a great example of how the body mechanics of people differ from dogs and I answered
a lot of questions that were sent to me in the comments and email about people wanting
to see dog versus a person and I’m going to wrap this episode up here thanks for watching
if you want to see more of April check out the series playlist on this channel and until
till next time adios.

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100 Responses

  1. Aspect719 says:

    Give me a break. I grew-up with German Shepherds. The dog in the video was just playing and not even attempting to go at full speed. At full speed she would have left that guy in the dust.

  2. Sonny Bonacelli says:

    Some years back, my grandpa's shepherd chased me while I was blasting down the hill on bike.. Dude kept up with me until 50km/h according to my speedometer (that's like 31mph), then he broke off. And he was a big guy, well built, I'm sure if he was slim he'd be able to keep up even more.

  3. HeadstrongHarpy says:

    She looks at him during each test. It's so cute.

  4. H e l l o B u t t e r f l y I m S u n s e t Jeez says:

    *u call that running u seen me when I ran when I got a whooping?5

  5. Chandra Shekhar says:

    german shepherd is not even a racing dog

  6. Papiow says:

    I was hoping for a hundred meter run but ok do a hundred inch run instead actually that’s like 3-4 feet not even hundred inch maybe 50

  7. Isaac Herrera Monge says:

    This video proved nothing 🙂

  8. no land says:

    Like or you are gay

  9. H Xen says:

    I noticed that (about April's observation of David). Dogs in general are incredibly ocular in their expression but his is especially true of German Shepards, who whose ocular and facial expressions are very human-like. She was clearly playing too and you can discern the change of her face as being happy when she was running. It could not have been more apparent unless a thought bubble popped out that read "Oh no you don't You ain't gonna beat me buddy!"

  10. realist 4life says:

    Have had shepherds for a half century…no way in hell…if a shepherd is running full speed with motivation they can fly.

  11. Adan Deleon gonzalez says:

    Dogs are faster than humans

  12. potatoxdays says:

    This proves nothing because people get speed but running long ways not short stops

  13. everinnajin says:

    this is pretty much the worst video ever made

  14. Amazing Views says:

    What?? Throw a ball and see how fast they really are 😂

  15. MemeWars Channel says:

    5:10 april be like: boi who this person be thinkin he is tryna race me. Im fast as F boii

  16. Jeremiah Ramos says:

    It’s obvious who’s gonna win🔥

  17. Diarra Amoa says:

    Dude she went sideways and she was whining thats not okay

  18. Eclipse DaWolf says:

    Your friend: IM FASTER THAN A DAWG!


  19. Steve Salvant says:

    U can’t be doing this experiment on the grass he doesn’t have proper shoes so many other thing

  20. No G says:

    My dog is a hunting dog and I can run about 17mh and my dog can run at least 35mh and I raced it Was miles ahead

  21. Jaxon Nipges says:

    im faster than dogs i can run 30mph the worlds record is 35 mph
    usian bolt just has lots of energy dosent mean he is fastest

  22. Andrew Tham says:


  23. 9TailYugen says:

    You want results
    Go to the hood

  24. mangekyou sharingan kotoamatsukami says:

    The jumping part was dumb it was not a race she went with the ball not racing just went with him this is not accurate at all sucks horrible vid and he slow asf no cap

  25. Fighters Chooser says:

    1:00 when kindergarten reads play 0.25x

  26. Duy Tran Hoang says:

    Just randomly kick a strange dog on the street and you will know who is faster.


    Dog stamina much shorter then a human

  28. اردو لوگ URDU LOG says:

    One day , we will be …

  29. fofbob - fortnite streams says:

    The dog is obviously playing around, if you even seen a dog barking at another, yanking you. Then you'd understand. david's like 3x slower or something.

  30. Ultra Gamer • 72 years ago says:

    The dog has 4 Legs! He should be faster Normally right?

  31. Mason Jones says:

    This guy thinks he’s faster then a dog but is he faster then the dog that runs rev 60 mph?

  32. shaun douglas says:

    The pup wasn´t going as fast as it could it was doing a playing like trot, the pup needed more motivation like hanging sausauge out of Davids arse giving him a head start then set the pup onto him. The dog should then run at full speed catching David easily each time.

  33. shaun douglas says:

    The other difference is dogs have four legs.

  34. dyla1520 dyla1520 says:

    The dog is just playing around

  35. PEDROJELLO says:

    the dog looked at him like Usain Bolt looks at his opponents 3:08
    you going lose. the dog knows it a race wow

  36. SpikedKillz _OG says:

    3:11 The face you make when your trying to shit

    4:59 WEhN YOu SeE A RAt 🐀

  37. Jacob Hernandez says:

    She would only have ran her fastest if she was chasing something. This wasn’t much of a race.

  38. Keith Grebinger says:

    My buddy and I chased his dog down about 10 blocks on our bikes and head to German Shepherd follow us back home, we were riding at full speed and his dog look like it was trotting keeping up with us with embarrassing ease.

  39. Charly Beast says:

    The guy said he could beat her but she wasn’t even trying

  40. BILIN says:

    Dog Jogging Vs Human Sprinting – Who’s Faster?

    That should be the title of the video

  41. Gregoris Zacharia says:

    david is slower than me and i am only 14 years old

  42. eddie flexx says:


  43. Lauren Smith says:

    The dog was not jogging it's not that hard the dog was running

  44. jay penna says:

    It's just a bit of fun guys. Let's all just relax. Ha ha I enjoyed the video.

  45. Keisha Evans says:

    🐕 Dog

  46. Keisha Evans says:

    🐕 dog

  47. Owen Stallings says:

    That dog was Playing

  48. Victoria Olaosun says:

    If my German Shepherd run full it will beat David the thought and I will sing sun flower when your left in the dust

  49. Ryxo says:

    The dog was barely trying lol

  50. Blah Blank says:

    Also not to be a pain to the gsd are way slower than a mal

  51. dasa5023 says:

    The dogs running slow. No fucking way any human can out run a dog. Even my little papillon would smoke this guy.

  52. MNL News says:

    Was any one else confused when he said the dog was 29 in dog years

  53. MNL News says:

    That dog was barley even running… I think all dogs can run faster than that… that dog was jogging

  54. panic at.the.shasha says:

    bruh my 25-pound dog is much faster than me when she sprints.

  55. Kiki Davidson says:

    Let’s be fair the man has 2 legs the dog has 4 so obviously 🙄 the dog is going to faster

  56. Jason Taylor says:

    What city are you guys in right now

  57. George says:

    5:14 is it just me or is there a wizard guy behind the cars

  58. Mizzy moo Animations says:

    If the dog was going at full speed the human would loose

  59. Mizzy moo Animations says:

    Idiot: I’m faster then a dog

    Dog beats him in almost every race

    The dog isn’t even going at full speed he’s playing

  60. Mizzy moo Animations says:

    And when the guy was getting up half way when he got up the dog hadn’t even gotten up

  61. Lpswolverine says:

    Ik that’s my moms reverses question in the morining,for school”how does she get up,from laying down so slow?”

  62. SlaY Julian says:

    My dog is a beagle mix and he’s 25 pounds and he’s faster than me that German Shepard did not know it was a race he was playing around

  63. Tian Senpai says:

    0:10 he's a dog, it's a human.

  64. Evan Mitsakis says:

    Idk about you but I can’t even catch my dog in the backyard

  65. Livek says:

    "We're going to put them in a laying down position as far as David wants to go"
    "David has already agreed to lie on his side"
    "Can you jump?"

    Why is this video so politically correct?

  66. get jay 313 says:

    My German Shepherd does the same play run and cry's but she love play biting Soo now I know lot but school no I get bully alot but that why I like home more bc of my dog 🙂

  67. ITS QUABABY says:

    Dude was slow af

  68. NIYU _ says:

    Comment on my comment what's your dog's name

  69. a Gamers life says:

    David: I think I beat her

    Me: sure😅

  70. Logan Harris says:

    maybe its just me, but combined with the dog barely trying and the dude sprinting..did anyone else think the dude was a bit slow? its hard to tell from the camera but i personally feel i could do better than him

  71. Blake Jeffers says:

    U are so bad at Fortnite

  72. Amila Hangana says:

    I vote for April

  73. Henderson Germosen says:

    Cmon the back flip killed me man literally cracked my neck 1:18

  74. Bendy the human gamer :D says:

    Sonic trying to save pikachu in a nutshell 2:50

  75. bluerade21 dude says:

    german shepherd is not even the fastest dog its the grey hound

  76. Trí Nguyễn minh says:

    Dog doest êven need to look

  77. Colton Mason says:

    Slow poke

  78. Mr Blue says:

    The dog was not even runing your slow

  79. Mr Pingus Penguin says:

    Get a greyhound and see. They can go freaking 45 mph.

  80. Jay lemiere says:

    Ofcourse captain america is faster than a dog but an average person no

  81. Shala Marie Wallen says:

    No one is faster then a German Shepherd definitely not mine. The dog in video was jogging

  82. Melissa Reed says:

    this guy is not that well a sprinter, yes he may be fast but his first few releases off the line aren’t good.

  83. Thomas Diaz says:

    The dog had so much time to emotionally respond it was ridiculous. That was all simultaneous, if that dog had the intent to race as fast as possible she wouldve won so easily. His face was determined she was just a little curious about why he was running lol

  84. LEELUvs KPOP says:

    She is so cute 🥺

  85. martzpd says:

    April can go faster. not running more because she’s a dog and the instinct is run next to the guy!!! In other words, the dog isn’t racing, just playing with him.

  86. Lucano s says:

    If April wanted to she would be 1 meter ahead of him

  87. Dennis Bradshaw says:

    That dog was clearly having fun the entire time what a good Dog ❤

  88. Krissy the Cat says:

    Faster then any dog? Race dozer the dog then

  89. Agent Grandma says:

    Use a greyhound next time

  90. Robert Greene says:

    This is fun but not really convincing. The dog is not really trying all the time. In he Los Angeles Science Museum there is a n exhibit about dog speed in the current dog exhibit collection. Usain Bolt is somewhere in the middle of the speed range. Dobermans Dalmations , and of course whippets and greyhounds leave him in the dust.

  91. Robert Greene says:

    Also German shepherds(re comment below), who are actually a bit faster than Dobermans according to the exhibit.

  92. Robert Greene says:

    And my dog Zahara can easily clear six feet in a forward jump.and can do 7 feet with enough motivation

  93. Jaxon Nipges says:

    humans can run faster than dogs that dog was running at full speed i can tell and plus they have four legs and the kinda leap when they run

  94. CooManTunes says:


  95. இது உங்கள் சொத்து இது உங்கள் சொத்து says:

    So boring

  96. Jurassicgamer says:

    Even if it was Usain bolt the dog would have been able to go almost twice the speed to the dog it just a game

  97. Jose Aguirre says:

    A Doberman would leave that guy and the German Shepherd in the dust

  98. Grady Gilchrist says:

    Should have baited a rope and pulled it in front of dog.

  99. DracoDragonKing XX says:

    At full speed, she would destroy him. And, if you wanna rival her FULL speed (Probably around 30 Mph i assume???) You would need usain bolt.
    Edit: i searched that a german shepard can ran 30 mph while usain can run 27 mph.

  100. George TATIN says:


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