Doggy Day Spa | Husky gets a Bath | Bath Time Challenge

♪ Guess what we’re doing today! ♪ I should actually say what
we already did! The other day both dogs
got to go together for a little doggy spa to get prepared for their next
two (2) trips. We are going to be at the
‘West Michigan’s Pet Expo’ here in Michigan, down in Grand Rapids. Then, we’re coming to Canada! We’re going to the
‘Canadian Pet Expo’ in Toronto, Canada. I will put some information to
both pet expos down below. We thought it would be fun
to take the girls to a little doggie spa. Here is that fun video. [Shelby making noises] Memphis! Are you getting a bath? [background noises] She’s like: “I’m going to escape!”
“Totally going to do it!” What’s going on? You like baths! You just don’t look like
you like baths! Right? [background noises] You are going to feel so much better! [background noises] Yeah! You are going to feel so much better too… [whines] You are checking her out? See Shelby? Memphis is just getting her bath! [background noises] “I was getting a puppy massage!” I told you, you will get the best
puppy massage ever today! Look at that! You are in heaven! You don’t even care you are getting a bath! You are like: “Ahh! This is great!” [laughter] You are getting all the soap out of you! That face! You’re so cute! This is where the fur flies everywhere! [background noises] Is that good stuff? Yeah? What you think, huh? [soft whines] [background noises] What you think, huh? You are getting all the work done, huh? What you think Shelby? [background noises] She’s like: “You tricked me!” “You took me for a car ride”
“and now I’m getting a bath?” “This is not funny!” You are alright honey! You are okay! [background noises] [whines] Are you going to complain? Look! You are soapy and pretty! She’s like: “I don’t…” I was noticing that’s really cool! She’s shaking again! Yeah? You got a ‘Mohawk’ going on there Shelby! She’s like: “Guys, this is not funny!” [laughter] She’s like: “I don’t like this ‘Mohawk’!” Shelby, you are going to be so pretty! Look how pretty Miss Memphis is! Look how pretty… She’s giving you the grumblings? What you think? [background noises] [laughter] “You tricked me into a car ride!” “You brought me here for a bath?” Is alright! You are going to be so pretty afterwards,
then you will go home and play in muddy yard. It will be great! [whines and howls] Yeah? You are okay! [whines] [makes ‘Star Wars Wookie’ sounds] Yeah? Are you a ‘Wookie’?
(Star Wars character) [background noises] [whines] You kind of sound like
‘Star Wars’ character! Yeah? You kind of do! [background noises] You are alright! [background noises] You got that towel dry now! Are you concerned Memphis? Yeah? [background noises] Are you laying down to get groomed, huh? Is that fun? [background noises] Yeah? [whines] Are you tired? Huh? Memphis is like: “I’m done!”
“I’m tired!” Are you done and tired? Look at the fur flying Shelby! The fluff is flying, huh? [background noises] Are your getting your feet done now? Shelby is like: “I’m so over this!”
“I’m going to sleep so good when I get home!” Yeah, but you are so pretty! [background noises] What you think Memphis?
Are you concerned? Look at all the mess you guys left! Holy man! [background noises] Yeah! [whines] Yeah, we will! We will! Well, what a morning that was, huh girls? Was that fun? Was that fun? I decided that since we still have snow
and ice with mud… That we will take the dogs to get
professionally groomed today. What did you think?
Was that a fun doggy spa? You both are so poofy! Literally so poofy!
I can’t even stand it! You both are…
Shelby is so mad at me! I know, I tricked you with a car ride
and you had to get a bath! That was not as fun as you thought!
Memphis did had fun! Shelby, not so much!
She was very upset! I have a feeling they will both sleep
the rest of today! Yeah! I think you will! We hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. I’m going to put some links up in the cards above
and down in the video description below to some of the other bathing and grooming
and doggie spa videos if you guys enjoy this stuff and want to see
more, we have other videos like this up. Definitively go and check those out! What you think, huh? Yeah! You are tired, huh? Alright you guys!
We hope you enjoyed today’s video and as always… Thanks so much for watching!
Thanks for subscribing! Stay positive and dream big!
We will see you again soon! Get some rest!
I know, that was a long morning! ♪ Turn around and roll over, Snow Dog! ♪ ♪ Sing a song with your sweet voice ♪ ♪ I know, You’ve been a good little girl ♪ ♪ We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs ♪ ♪ Come and join us for a new adventure! ♪ ♪ Lots of fun, lots of walks, won’t you come ♪ ♪ into our Siberian world! ♪ ♪ We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs ♪

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57 Responses

  1. Gone to the Snow Dogs says:

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    Come Meet the Dogs and Us:
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  2. flipmode815 says:

    The noises Shelby made just nade me laugh so much

  3. Sarah Warwick says:

    They look so poofy

    I love it

  4. black darkness says:

    Blow drying a husky is like seeing a tornado pass through a feather pillow factory

  5. 1 Playz says:

    Memphis Looks so Puffed on the start

  6. Marie Lee says:

    SO POOOFY!!!

  7. Hello, I’m bored says:

    3:30 is it just Me or did anyone else notice the smoke in the background and thought that Shelby was whimpering because the water was too hot??

  8. Nijah Boyd says:

    where is Oakley

  9. werecat podguski says:

    They like mom….WHY!!!!!!!!

  10. Wolf_ Galaxy says:

    Poor doggo. When they pant and look like they are smiling like the first dog they are actually very stressed

  11. Wolf_ Galaxy says:

    And the other one whining shows it's clearly uncomfortable and doesnt like it at all.

  12. dawn ireland says:

    I have to huskies that are half wolf

  13. ѕlυѕнιєTнуƒσχ :3 says:


  14. Claudia_ Playz says:

    If I could re-name huskies, and I had to choose differently I would choose hair dogs. xD
    Hair flies.

  15. Jasmine Kat says:

    Ok so in 4:45 shelby has only 3 legs and the she has all of them

  16. KittyLikesToDraw says:

    Shelby is like a cat Lol

  17. Susie Araiza says:

    There both shining in the sky

  18. Killer Wolf4321 says:

    What part of Michigan are in

  19. Kadie Fletcher says:

    At 3:34 it says in subtitles making star wars Wookiee sound

  20. Paul J. Brazzle Jr. says:

    Wow, think of all the pillows you can make with all that fluff in the air.

  21. Gabby's World says:

    5:09 Shelby looks sooooooooooooo floofy around her thigh!!!!!

  22. Lilz Lz says:

    wheres oakley?

  23. Princess Paola says:

    Where is Oakley

  24. Azlina Ipran says:

    Shelby be like "I Dont like you. You lie." Hahahaha

  25. Heruzin - says:

    Like, memfis was okay, but then Shelby just wasn’t having it at all

  26. Paige Davis says:

    Oooohhh now I see why they were whimpering the water was hot and they didn’t like it

    But they felt beytrayed saying”why? I thought we were going on a car ride for fun not to get a bath!!!”

  27. Tallyn Miller says:

    when shelby was geting a bath she was wimpering cause the lady had the water smoking hot

  28. Hayleigh's World says:

    I just had a hair wash, and before the hair wash.. I'm like Shelby when she's in bathtub.

  29. TypicalAshley says:

    Thanks for making this video for the dog lovers. I have a video also on my channel of me giving my puppy a bath for the very first time. My dog nave is Cookie. Your dogs are so cute!!

  30. Kiki’s Read says:

    At 5:33 the dogs both look to the side at the same time

  31. Queen Of Mean says:

    In really exited to see Kira take a bath!!

  32. Erika Martinez says:

    I love your videos you're the best and I love your dog just so cute my face is so cute and chubby to and Oakley they're so cute

  33. Christopher Driver says:

    I think Shelby would rather b stinky

  34. Samantha Jewel says:

    3:30 bruh there was smoke on where the water was coming from I think Memphis is whimpering cause the water is too hot

  35. Kirsty Bishop says:

    Adorable huskies I have been watching since Shiloh past I have three husky bears methres and Shiloh and Oakley . I love husky’s and you and your songs

  36. Kirsty Bishop says:

    I love night mar before Christmas I have been seen jack Shelton in the back grawnd

  37. Ella Mcghee says:

    It might be too hot for us Shelby

  38. Leona Leslie says:

    When Shelby was crying I could see steam so I think the water was really hot and she did not like it

  39. Silv3rt3arz :D says:

    the shizzles i like to see in this era

  40. EMILY_like my dog?? says:

    Wait I’m sorry but I haven’t been here in a while

    Is Oakley died

  41. Crystal Rhine says:

    I love huskys🐶🐺

  42. Ember Ice says:

    Well at least you don't get the death glare when you give your dog a bath. Me on the other hand I get this 🤬

  43. Jasey Rae says:

    Your dogs gets a bath once a year!!???

  44. Jdiddy 26 says:

    I got fur in my mouth just from watching this

    Edit: I have a husky and there was actually fur in my mouth


    If you look in shelby eyes when she's staring you'll feel guilty

  46. Hhhj Fgbb says:

    Your dogs are ugly they just whine you nearly burnt Shelby and you use them for clout THERE PETS NOT TO BE IN VIDS FOR CLOUT NOBODY LIKES YOU!

  47. Elizabeth Ruiz says:

    Shelby is like "help me out now"

  48. Roselin Fernandez says:

    It’s not a challenge 😒

  49. Zeraora cousins AMV says:

    Hey my name is Shelby

  50. Zanice Chua says:

    Like if u saw smoke when Shelby was getting a bath and was howling

  51. sophia h says:

    Memphis is cute

  52. xxnight wolfxx says:

    They look so pretty after an before

  53. Tianna Loyola says:


  54. Hayleigh's World says:


  55. Amelia Brook says:

    Memphis looks cute when she smiles

  56. Lps puppy xox says:

    The reason Shelby was whimpering, was because that lady was using water that was to hot! I mean, did you see that steam?

  57. Hayleigh's World says:

    Jessica when they are in the bath there was HOT WATER

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