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The more boys I meet the more I love my dog. Carrie Underwood (singer) Welcome to Animal Facts. Today we examine the Smart, Confident and
Courageous German Sheppard Dog. The German Shepherd Dog is one of the few
breeds who official name includes the word “dog.” Why? So people knew when you are talking about
a German shepherd human, who tends the livestock, or the dog helping him. The German Sheppard Dog is the second most
registered dog breed in the United States. This is most likely due to the breeds diversity
– they are popular as family, guard, performance, police, military, and service dogs. There isn’t much this dog can’t do.  Max von Stephanitz is considered the “father
of the German Sheppard Dog breed.” In 1889 he started to standardize a breed
of shepherd dogs after seeing a “medium-sized yellow-and-gray wolf-like dog” that caught
his attention Synonymous with intelligence, German shepherds
dogs were ranked third when AKC judges rated over 100 breeds on intelligence. They’re easy to train, learning many simple
commands in as little as five repetitions. World War 1 helped to increase the breed’s
popularity in the United States. American Soldiers saw what the dogs were capable
of and many brought dogs back home. Famous Hollywood dog Rin-Tin-Tin is said to
be “America’s First Rescue Dog.” He was awarded the American Humane Association’s
first Legacy Award in 2011. He also has a star on the Hollywood Walk of
Fame. Before there was Rin-Tin-Tin, there was Strongheart. He was one of the earliest canine stars. He starred in six movies and also has a star
on the Walk of Fame. In 1917 the AKC removed the word “German”
in front of the breed’s name. It remained that way until 1930, when members
of the club voted to change it back.  In 1929, Mrs. Harrison Eustis founds “The
Seeing Eye” to train German Sheppard dogs for use as guides for the blind. The breed is popular worldwide. There are hundreds of thousands of fanciers
in 78 countries. There are a quarter million purebreds in Germany
alone,. There is even a World Union of German Shepherd
Dog Clubs.

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  1. Animal Facts says:

    We love this intelligent and beautiful breed of dog. Any suggestions for future videos? Feel free to comment below.

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    pls do husky

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    I am looking to re_home my 10 week old German Shepherd. Please let me know if you are interested.

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    Amazing dogs!

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    German Shepherd dogs are amazing!

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    Why have the Yanks totally ruined their German Shepherd Dogs by breeding them with a sloping back? This is the reason why the GSD breed are so prone to hip dysplasia. This is a prime example of typical human vanity at the cost to the poor dog. Just look at Rin Tin Tin at 01' 34'' to see how a proper and healthy GSD should look like.

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    Germen Shepherd are beautiful dogs and very intriguing I love them ♡♡

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    Kids sound is absolutely awful

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    I have a white German Shepherd! Her name is Laika

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    I will buy a german shepherd they are the best dog breeds ever.

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    I just recently got a GSD puppy (Videos of him on my channel if you want to see him) and he is incredibly intelligent and loyal I just wish they weren't ruining the breed with the slope back!

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    The German Shepherd is a beautiful dog! I love them! 😍

  15. Animal Facts says:

    Learn How To Get That 'Best Friend' Relationship With Your GSD, That Most Dog Owners Can Only Dream Of Having!

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