Dogs 101: Lessons in Love (and Life) from a French Bulldog

Hi, my name’s Melyssa. This is my dog Gus
Gus. We’re in my salon, Thomas Taft Salon, in Manhattan, New York City. Gus Gus is a
French Bulldog. He’s gonna be 4 in October. Gus Gus is our Salon Mascot. People come just
to visit him and say hi. He eats treats all day and plays with toys, and drinks water
from the shampoo bowl. And gets cuddles all day long. Living in New York City, it’s always
go go go, rushing around, and Gus Gus teaches me to stop and really connect with people.
And he doesn’t discriminate on size, age, or anything. It really helps me to enjoy those
moments too.

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