Dogs are Awesome – Funny and Cute French Bulldog | Cute puppies doing funny things #58

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34 Responses

  1. brenda george says:

    Good job with photos, they're adorable I love Frenchie's

  2. Eduardo Felippe says:

    Que fofinhos!

  3. Pino the Shiba Inu says:


  4. Kamaz 55111 says:

    Вкусные гамбургеры!!!???????

  5. Nancy Norman says:

    Those little dogs are so animated how could you not just kiss and hug them to pieces?☺️????

  6. 박종근 says:


  7. the animator says:


  8. Ashley Grey says:

    3:29 I can't believe we somehow turned wolves into that.

  9. Richard says:

    Lose the horrible, annoying music!!!

  10. Pipas The Beagle says:

    So cute ??

  11. Moo Bag says:

    Beautiful ?

  12. Mary Cutie says:

    Doggie has cute eyes. The ??

  13. SunBro says:

    Those sandwiches in the first video look so delicious

  14. Josie The Frenchie & Friends says:

    8:51 oh my goodness ?

  15. IllNinoAK47 says:

    Man I’ve had my Frenchie for a few months now and they are adorable. They have a great character

  16. Richie Basdeo says:

    Frenchie's are the most adorable Pet' ever

  17. Valenti Valenti says:


  18. Rah Torres says:

    The first pup omg it’s too cute

  19. undefined bs says:

    Opened with the hamburgular huh?

  20. Harley Hynes says:

    Music is really annoying

  21. Alex 683 says:

    Классное видео, у меня такая же собака!

  22. Karla Dondiego says:

    Que. Bonitos. Los. Perritos. O. Las. Perritas. Hola

  23. g g says:

    I wanted to give that dog that Hamburger?

  24. Judge OvyoursoulvO says:

    Show me a video of one doing something intelligent.

  25. Василий Лу Vasiliy Lu Лу says:


  26. Cindy Araya says:

    5:04 ????


    Pobrecito mi niño yo el plato y se come las tres hamburguesas ??? el pequeño como protesta, hay los patucos y el del columpio, me encanta todos los videos son maravillosos. ❤️♥️❤️???????

  28. Cristina Queiroz says:

    Chego à ficar com pena desses baixinhos com suas pernas curtinhas e não alcançam quase que nenhum lugar. Ainda mais colocando essas guloseimas em sua frente e qdo resolve reclamar ou latir, não dar p/ definir. São como bebês chorões. Mas suas carinhas e peraltices são lindas. Lindos demais.

  29. Halina Polatynska says:


  30. Candace Shirley says:

    I love how those frenchies watch her make them the food

  31. gloria hodge says:

    Gawd give the little guy a taste of the burger ?

  32. fairybits says:

    They are 'RILEY' DOGS!

  33. Char del says:

    Give him the burger…he worked hard for it.

  34. the animator says:

    The first one is the cutest. Cute is not enough ❤️❤️❤️❤️????

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