Dog’s emotional reaction to ‘The Lion King’

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  1. Elizabeth McKellen says:

    Screw the dog we just watched how mufasa died AGAIN

  2. The Unloved says:

    Next you're gonna see fishes react to mufasa's death. Stay tuned

  3. 693gamefreak says:

    Dogs are that intelligent

  4. Christian Darkbeardtico says:

    I just want to hug him and say "it's ok buddy! I'm here with you in sad and happy moments"

  5. Active Citizens says:

    They know value of the soul.

  6. Richard Lombardo says:

    🔖who says that animals don't feel.
    Compassion? 👑🦁

  7. TyCi Craft says:

    Awwwww wie cuuuute😍😍😍😍😍

  8. Giampy J90 says:

    He cry like me😭

  9. Adrian says:

    This is dog abuse bro he has no context for what he’s watching I’m calling peta

  10. Jack Sears says:

    Seriously though, some animals have more real emotions than most people do

  11. Fabiola Limpe Sota says:

    Te amo perro sentimiento¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  12. Karen Diez says:

    I dont know how many times I have watch this movie, but the death of mufasa scene makes me cry over and over again, I dont know why, it has this kind of effect that touch my heart every time I see it. Also the music………….

    This dog is also a proof of that XDDDD

  13. DK. Fee says:

    This dog shuld get award for a good reaction. 😭

  14. Scottwilkie18 says:

    Ugh I’m bawling

  15. Jakie Bby.Sartorius says:

    Bring back my scar God damnit 😭😭

  16. Desiree Bernert says:

    Yes.. Dogs have empathy…& understand some english….watching him react to the music & Simba, ,he actually knows theirs trouble…i love dogs!!!

  17. Light Holmes says:

    Oh my.

  18. ChubbaChuba says:

    Good to know it’s universally traumatising

  19. Ivy yates says:

    If you woching this in 2019 like my dog died 😢🐕

  20. Ultra Destroyer says:


  21. Ultra Destroyer says:

    Sad dog but funny at same time

  22. Lisa lovely says:

    I wonder if the dog understood what happened? The same like we understood.

  23. Ayesha Haleem says:

    Try another one with the new lion king 2019, on the same scene. EMOTIONLESS

  24. Joyce van Oploo says:

    You know a movie is good when animals have a correct response to it

  25. Jonathan Straccia says:

    I can't wait to get home and see my little kitty boy

  26. ca the idiot says:

    I mean its not THAT sad??

  27. Julie Is Blessed says:

    This scene was the most horrible, traumatic scene for a child to watch when this movie came out and watching this only confirms it. Hell, even the cats and dogs get emotional watching this scene. Wow! That's crazy..

  28. Romeo Lajh says:

    Not only 90s kids cry to this….even a dog knows this was very sad and depressed moment

  29. Zubair Muhib says:

    i really love movies that gives you that guilt when you watch it it makes you feel so sad and almost makes you cry oooooooo I LOVE IT

  30. 20 000 subscribers wihout any videos? says:

    1970: in 2019 there be flying car
    2019: dog reacting to mufasa death

  31. LpscuteTM says:

    Why does he do that tho?

  32. steamyboy69 says:

    90’s LionKing is still the best. It Captured the hearts of every living being who’s seen it.

  33. David Sebelius says:

    This scene makes me cry when I watch it. Animals like dogs have the same emotions as humans.

  34. jyushimatsu_g13 g says:


  35. Megan Rogers says:

    "If the kindest souls were rewarded with the longest lives, dogs would outlive us all."

    – Unknown

  36. r rajah says:

    Dogs should rule the world

  37. Vanny cassie says:

    Mufasa and his death are everywhere those days

  38. Ozzz Mago says:


  39. UnicorN :з says:

    Это так мило:3

  40. Ahmed-_ Magomedov.-_ says:

    Король Лев фильм моя Детства 👍✊

  41. Petra Publications says:

    Not even half a million views yet?

  42. Sayhan Muksed says:

    This dog also making sad sound I feel sooo bad almost burst to tears

  43. rochelle123ist says:

    The saddest scene in a Disney movie

  44. MythicalLiveable says:

    Hmm i wonder if you let a lion react to The lion king?

    That will be awesome and dangerous

  45. Джесика Arni says:


  46. Rico 7 says:

    I can't take it anymore😔😢😢

  47. Uriel Eduardo Viveros Macip says:

    I think the dog is reacting to the voice, that means the voice actors did a really great work.

  48. Rosendo Puga Vizcaíno says:

    Dedicado a todas aquellas bestias que maltratan a los animales. Que sepan que también son seres vivos con sentimientos y pueden captar emociones. Pero, ¿qué van a saber ese tipo de personas sobre esto, si ni siquiera saben que hasta por eso Dios hace justicia?
    Muy bonito video y el perro se ve que es una mascota hermosa y fiel a sus dueños. :')

  49. Faysal Bin Sadique says:

    I kinda feel bad for the dog. Pets are innocent. We know that it's just a cartoon but they don't. Don't play with your pets.

  50. Balázs Gyenes says:

    Kedvenc film kutyának

  51. e r says:

    I'm also crying

  52. Ella Young Jay says:

    This video made me cry

  53. SoUl is THE reAL surrender •_• says:

    YouTube: recommend dog's video after cat's one

    Me: done watching both cuz why not?


    This scene is very heartbreaking.

  55. ahlam ibrahim says:

    Omg 😢😢

  56. Bella Bella says:

    Good dog 🧡

  57. mathieu perrin-beau says:

    That's strange I don't see any comment saying that dogs don't feel emotions or that his reaction is unrelated to what he's watching…
    Yet I saw so many people saying that with the cat video… Why do you assume that easily that dogs have emotions and not cats ?

  58. iam _hanarh says:

    Anytime i watch Lion King and it reached the part where you have to watch mufasa death I skip I just can't watch so heartbreaking 😥

  59. Steel Boone says:

    Thanks. For sharing.. It show how smart your dog is… ❤




    அடப்பாவிகளா… நானே அழுதுட்டேன் டா…😢

  62. Manuela Costa Lima says:

    I've seen at least three different videos of a dog's most amazing and touching reaction to The Lion King. Who says dogs don't understand what's going on?

  63. COMIX NOOB says:

    A ustedes también les sale en recomendado esto? 😂

  64. Pia Hansen says:

    That is truly amazing….What a precious woof….:D

  65. Wolfy says:

    I felt that.

  66. Nancy Zita Xaxa says:

    He's so pure his feelings are so pure 😭😭😭❤🌻🌻🌻

  67. heydiddlediddle says:

    I wonder if they'll ever make movies that are designed for a dog's psychology.

  68. heydiddlediddle says:

    We don't deserve dogs.

  69. Erine Wilyan says:


  70. governer180 says:

    Nothing beats this scene, not even dogs. Even for a 27 year old guy like me that still gets teary-eyed from this scene.

  71. Moni Majesty says:


  72. Lisa Love says:

    Yeah in China and Korea they beat and boil our beloved dog's alive and eat them!!! Tell me a dog isn't smart or have emotions!!! Help stop animal abuse( Be a voice)!!

  73. Tim Allen is a scumbag says:

    He’s upset because he realizes that the lion king is a shameless rip off of Kimba the white lion.

  74. y am i here again says:

    i must try this to my dog

  75. A. Aslan says:


  76. Ceanne Creme says:

    The dog was a paid actor

  77. Linda Forrester says:

    Arrr the lion king always wins doggy votes and I think this also would win a academy award if there was such thing love to doggy

  78. Aalap Vedpathak says:

    Dogs are brilliantly emotional

  79. Yerko Hernandez says:

    Mhhh patas

  80. Amanda Diko says:

    This dog pays more attention to a movie than my mom…

  81. Beto flores says:


  82. Lockhelm Exelsiur says:

    Wow that dog sure knows how to watch

  83. Rhoda Jeanett Esparagoza says:

    awww. dog crying snif* snif* now now. settle down 😆

  84. Liah Bracho says:

    Coisa fofaaaaa Deuss😍🤩😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  85. Peace&Love Fuckingshit says:

    I hope he know that a fiction

  86. GAMER GOD says:

    Awww so CUTE..

  87. togo2yt says:

    Get a dog name it Hamlet and let it watch the lion king

  88. Scott Caulfield says:

    So funny, your dog is awesome…

  89. Nando Mendes says:

    I want see this dog watching remake lion king 2019 please hahahaha i am brazilian sorry my english is not good

  90. x Franzi x says:

    that are real emotions baby

  91. Jatinder Singh says:

    Dogs Have Also Feelings Just Like Us, But They Can't Speak Like Us. I Love Your Dog. 💖❤

  92. Nomad Zilla says:

    Mufasa's death was really depressing! If you admit hit a like for the dog's respect towards The lion king

  93. Светлана Галкина says:


  94. Ms. LaKiesha Chavon DeLoatch says:

    💔😥This is so saddening I cry everytime this seen is playing🦁💚🦁 sweet doggy he's a cutie 🐶❤

  95. Žarko Čubrinoski says:

    The dog is more emotional than the asshole watching. That's the reality…

  96. macarito007 says:

    Now I see music of this film is sovietic.

  97. Diana ivon Briones bracamontes says:


  98. Pina Orsini says:

    é proprio vero, gli manca solo la parola..

  99. غموض نملة says:

    Can we see a lion reaction to the lion king next time 😂👏

  100. MITHUN DAS says:

    Well behaved dog.

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