Dogs Shaking Off Water

Dogs Shaking Off Water Dog shaking off water in slow motion.

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8 Responses

  1. DIYworld Productreview says:

    rondas boxing coach

  2. HuiHLoh says:

    great music taste

  3. TBiscuits says:

    You just watched sci-show's why doggos shake of water

  4. RorriBorri says:

    Was looking for an animation reference, thank you!

  5. Random *SNANS* says:

    I am just wasting my life

  6. pot ato says:

    What is this song called

  7. Тысяча и один эпизод says:

    Прикольно!!!! Заходи в гости!!!!!

  8. Duane Evans says:

    That's so cool seeing these dogs shimmerating in slo-mo!
    Shimerate_ adv., The action a canine takes when shaking off water, also sometimes when waking up from sleep or a nap. Shimeration_n., see above.

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