Dogs Swimming In Pool- Toy Poodle HATES The Water ;)

– You know what is awesome about today? I don’t have to work. In fact, I don’t have to work
for like the next four days, so I’m gonna have to plan something fun, or maybe just relaxing for the weekend. For now though, I just pulled
up to the grocery store, which is my first fun event of the weekend because we have no food in the house. Ken and I look like we’re
living like we did back in like University or
college or something. So I need to get
something nice for dinner. Maybe we’ll have a barbecue. It’s really really hot outside today, which I’m not complaining
about, it’s beautiful. So we’ll probably take the dogs on a hike, and then I think I’m gonna
swing over to Canadian Tire and buy them a little kiddie pool. I’ve been wanting to get one for a while, and today is hot enough that I
feel like it needs to happen. Absolutely needs to happen. And I know there is a little
black and white poodle that’s gonna be super
pumped when I turn that hose on later and let her play in the pool. (guitar music) (dog barking) First things first though, I
need to grab something to eat before I go grocery shopping. Being hungry and then
going grocery shopping is probably the worst combination. You end up buying everything
that you don’t need, and probably forget half
of the things on your list. Well, that’s what happens to me anyway. So, my list is done, I’m
gonna get something to eat, and then I’m gonna conquer this. (funky music) This was the most awkward
shopping trip I have ever had. The stuff in my bucket
fell out like three times. People had to help me. (laughs) Trying to fit a kiddie pool in my car. (laughs) We just bought a wicked fire
table for our front deck, and we have no chairs to sit at it. So barbecue tonight, got
new chairs, fancy cushions. I’m excited. (funky music) So we just got back from running the dogs. We decided to save the hike for tomorrow, it was just way too hot
(pop) to take them for… To take them for a hike. I’m glad you sprayed
that in that direction. Anyways, we are filling up the pool, and we’re gonna let the dogs
have at it in just a second. (playful music) Well we just put all the dogs away, but somebody insists
on staying in the pool. (cheerful music) – I’m gonna interrupt this
hamburger making montage to ask a question, and I’d love to know, in the comments section,
what you guys’ opinion is. I always leave the grill sort of dirty after I use the barbecue
because I’ve heard that by leaving the oils and things on it it actually maintains
the barbecue better, but it’s pretty gross
when I start the barbecue. Should I be cleaning it at the end of every time I’m barbecuing? I’d love to know. (scratching) (jazzy music) (scratching) Can you pass me the peanut butter? – Yep. Sure can. – Thanks. – So if you might be wondering
why we have peanut butter on the table when we are
having hamburgers for dinner. But something that we
learned a long time ago is that hamburgers really
should not be eaten unless there’s peanut butter on them. – Yeah it sounds… At first it sounds really strange, but it’s actually really really good. – Yeah, it’s so good. We have barbecues and stuff
for students or seminars, and we always have the peanut butter out and it throws everybody off. But I always say don’t
knock it til you try it. – Yeah. – If you like Thai food, or peanut sauce, or things like that, then
you would 1000% love this and probably would only
have it this way forever and ever and ever. – Yeah, it’s really good. And after that entertaining, hopefully entertaining
burger making montage, I hope you’re not too
shocked to see peanut butter in a hamburger, but
try it, and believe me, you’re gonna love it. You can’t not love it.
– I’m really excited to see how these taste because
when I was making them, which I don’t do that very
often, they smelled so good. So if they turned out to be delicious, I’m gonna be super stoked. (laughs) – They will be. – Ken’s in a hamburger coma. – I am. That’s a comfortable
hamburger coma though. These chairs are really comfortable, leaning back on them like this. – It’s nice that we actually have chairs to sit at at our table. – It’s nice that we actually
have time to sit at the table. – Yeah, I think this is the
first weekend we’ve had off in as far as I can remember
– Yeah. – where we’ve actually both been home. – Yeah, for sure. It’s pretty great, but we get
to hang out here by the fire, watch movies on the iPad. So it’s pretty good. – And with that, we say goodnight. – Goodnight. And don’t forget to hit
the subscribe button. – You should sing it out, Ken. – ♫ Goodniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight – This is what I deal with every day. – Every day. (playful music)

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6 Responses

  1. MissLadyFair Pets says:

    Oh my good gracious! I literally lost it during the hamburger montage 😂😂 It was glorious 😂 As for the grill I'm pretty sure it's like curing cast iron pans. You need to scrub off the nasty bits but don't wash it in soap or chemicals for it to still be cured. Also my pup and Hippy would get along swimmingly with all that water! 😀

  2. Madison Winters says:

    That food making montage though.. haha… the peanut butter with hamburgers sounds interesting I would probably try it but… I'm anaphylaxis to peanuts and tree nuts so it looks like I won't be trying that..😯 sounds apetiziing though.

  3. Fancy Teeth says:

    Read in deep slow voice during final montage:

    All 100% beef patties grilled to perfection with your choice of grilled onions, lettuce, tomatoes, mayonnaise, cheese or peanut butter. Yeah that's right. I said it.

    Peanut butter. Ooooohhh Yeah.

  4. The Light Up North says:

    If you do clean the grill, avoid the wire bristle brushes 👩🏼‍⚕️

  5. McCann Dog Training says:

    Judging by the response we may be the only people who are putting PB on our hamburgers!? Have you tried it? Would you like to try it? After you have experienced the deliciousness of this combination feel free to let us know in the comments below;)

  6. Cae Bae says:

    Your videos are filled with dogs and it's pretty amazing 👌

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