Dogs That Are Good With Cats – Top 10 Dog Breeds That Get Along Great With Cats

The Papillon and a dog-friendly feline can become like two peas in a pod. This butterfly-eared pup enjoys constant company, whether it’s a human, dog or kitty cat. If it looks like a cat, it should actually like cats, right? If your cat enjoys a spunky furball of a pup that loves to play, the Pomeranian is a top dog for your feline. “You’ve got my heart, Puggie,” says the cat. The Pug is a super-friendly dog that loves just about everyone, furry or not. Just because a Boston Terrier wants to be friends with a feline doesn’t mean the kitty feels the same. This eager-to-please pup will be your best friend, your kiddo’s best friend and will try to befriend your cat, too. The Yorkie is a tough little dog that wants to be the ruler of the roost. A cat that can handle this strong pup’s personality and frequent barking will have a bestie for life. The Havanese just wants to cuddle and, though it lives for a warm and welcoming human lap, it will happily settle for cushy bedding, stuffies and even a cat. Possessing the same distaste for water as a cat, the Sheltie tends to get along well with its feline counterparts. Your best bet for a Sheltie and kitty friendship is to bring home a puppy and make sure it knows that felines are for playing, not for chasing. The Basset Hound has a “let’s be friends” personality that makes it a perfect choice for a cat mate. Living on its own time clock, sporting a somewhat stubborn streak and distinctly recognizable by its wail, this dog is more like a cat than it knows. We don’t know if the cat wants a kiss or is trying to figure out what the hound had for lunch, but it’s obvious that they are uber comfortable with each other’s company. The Black and Tan Coonhound lives for companionship, which may explain its affinity for felines or other house pets. The dog who doesn’t want to grow up, the Irish Setter lives by the motto “Redheads just want to have fun.” Whether it be with humans or other pets, this friendly, high-energy dog lives for the moment and wants every moment to include play.

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    While each dog is unique, there are some cat-friendly canines out there. Several adorable breeds are known for their ability to get along well with cats

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    Not be rude is that fake voice or real

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    dogs and cats i love them

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