Dog’s ‘This’ Made This Baby Deer Have A HUGE Crush On Her | Kritter Klub

Sleeping… Beauty?! *snores hard* Owner/ Gongjoo! Hey, Gongjoo! We have a guest, wake up! Lives up to her name.
‘Gongjoo’ (princess) lolol Prince Charming is coming To wake her up Long, lean legs A baby water deer?! Gongjoo’s sidekick,
Happy♡ *chu chu* Wake up, princess Argh, leave me alone~ Plzzzzzz Princess, don’t you recognize me..? Who? Ah, you.. No romance bro Sad Imma leave.. Gongjoo, let’s go together

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36 Responses

  1. AK_ 24 says:

    Give me love please 😄 first

  2. Arikboss 2 says:

    i like it
    very much

  3. •Moonlight Stars• says:

    That deer is so cute-

  4. kian ming says:

    What breed is Gongjoo

  5. Cookie_Player UwU says:


  6. MidnightFøxie66 AJ says:


  7. Sttelar Fox says:

    This a so cute💗💗💗💋💋

  8. hodaaa says:

    That STRESS it's Kang Gary right? Haha

  9. big'n'chunky heh says:

    Aww the poor deer…

  10. Kuba Luba says:

    Sooooooooo cute is that baby deer

  11. V.K.W.S {The Cherry Tree} says:

    Lol that dog is lazy but the deer likes him|her in a good way.😂

  12. khanh vinh vlogs says:


  13. Снуйпер Пуйпер says:

    Смешно наблюдать как оленёнок пытается подружиться с собакой!!))

  14. Beanjamin Buxbaum says:

    The blurring at 1:44 is of the highest quality for sure.

  15. وحش الخدع والافلامVFX says:


  16. Dora Ami says:

    Có ai người việt ko 🇻🇳🇻🇳

  17. Nafia salimah animal lovers says:

    Lazy dog you dont have heart lol 😂

  18. Unndine Deneve says:

    Aww beautiful!!🥰

  19. Canal Dorinha Nunes says:

    Bom dia 👍👍🤗

  20. Maria Zenilda says:

    Que sono gostoso amo essas fofura 💋💋💗💗

  21. Melissa McDonald says:

    such a cute little deer 🥰

  22. Maria Laura Valdez says:

    Tierna historia 😊☺😘

  23. ER SHCEK says:

    What are these sounds 2:14 isnt that from aoe2 ?

  24. S Singh says:

    What a lovely parents n caring u all

  25. Will The Person says:

    Water dear are so Cute 😍

  26. fifinette fifi says:

    Belle histoire

  27. Xxmini armyxX says:

    Loool poor deer XD

  28. Riuji Yamazaki says:


  29. Shanti Cardoza says:

    Fostering….is a beautiful bond

  30. เกศินี อุ่มเอิบ says:


  31. Nom says:

    2:15 Age of empire's sound.

  32. Marco Aguilar says:

    This is lovely and all, but please don’t edit your videos like this, with all those silly sounds…

  33. Lisa Klapsma says:


  34. Danae Mohamed says:

    Que bonito que los animales se entiendan bien y las personas mal precioso video 🐕🐐💋💋🌹🌹

  35. OOfer chan says:

    I live in Burlington and I just woke up for this lol. Btw dis is just adorable!

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