Dogs Try Not To Eat Challenge (React)

– You see how–
you see that? Smelled it, no.
Not having– I love you. – It’s gone.
He’s done. You wanna lick the plate,
you animal? ♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) Can you tell me
who you have with us today? – Well everybody, this is
Chaz Michael Michaels and he’s looking very
dapper. He’s very excited about
the opportunities. Not here, not now.
Stop it. Over there. – This is Sony,
my beautiful companion. She’s six years old
and only speaks Spanish. – This is Doug the dog
and he’s two and a half years old and we got him from the pound
and he’s perfect. – I have my adorable
chihuahua, Dolce. – I have my little princess.
She’s not a princess. Selena, she’s named after
the singer and Catwoman. – (FBE) This challenge was
actually voted on by the FBE Super Fam.
They’ve been coming up in a lot of our episodes recently
because they’re supporting FBE and in return, they get to pick
what we make like this episode.
– Nice, nice. Thank you guys.
Thank you guys for letting me bring my dog in. – (FBE) We’re going to bring out
five courses of some deliciously secret pup friendly
items from famous fast food restaurants
and your pup has to try not to eat the dishes
placed in front of them. – Okay. – (FBE) However, if they do,
the human will be punished for each dish their doggo eats.
– No way. Sony, (speaking Spanish).
She said, “Okay, I’ll try.” – (FBE) Do you think he’s
gonna be able to resist human food?
– Maybe if I get a little stern with him.
Like, no. He’s not allowed to eat
people food at home and normally, we can
kinda leave our plates there but he’s definitely tried
to finish off Marie Callender’s pot pie. – (FBE) Okay, let’s get ready
for your first course, which is a pooch-ini
from Shake Shack. It’s a vanilla custard,
peanut butter sauce, and dog biscuits. – Is that what you want?
I’m just gonna let you do what you gotta do.
You don’t want that. (buzzer)
– See? – No, please no.
Please no, please no, please no. Please no, please no.
Dolce, you good? Oh, I see his tongue. – No, no.
Don’t eat it. I think that one little
nose bop got him. You are such a good boy.
Oh my gosh. – See?
Resistant. – (FBE) Wow.
– He’s more of a meat kind of a guy. – No?
Wow. I kinda want her
to eat everything, but then I don’t want
to get punished. (speaking Spanish) – (FBE) No, wow.
– She said, “No, gracias.” – (FBE) Wow.
– Oh my gosh, this is horrible already. – Oh my God.
You see how– you see that?
Smelled it, no. Not have it.
I love you. – Well done, Chaz.
I’m a little shocked that Chaz resisted. – Oh my God.
She’s doing better than I thought she would. – My dog is the best dog.
You’re so good. – (FBE) So, your second course
is the puppuccino from Starbucks. So, this drink is a decadent
helping of cream that is whipped to perfection.
– Is that what you want? You want another treat?
That’s the word she understands. – Gonna smell it.
Please don’t. (buzzer)
Please, no. – (FBE) Yeah. – See if you like it.
Okay. I mean, he just honestly
can’t stop. It’s really a problem.
It’s very upsetting. (buzzer)
– This is her favorite. I’m okay to losing
to a puppuccino because she loves them. – Are you gonna have it?
Are you gonna have it? Oh, just a little.
(buzzer) Just a little.
Do you like it? I don’t even think
he likes is. Do you like it?
Nope, nope, nope. – Oh hey, I’m just gonna
let her do what she’ll do. (buzzer)
Selena. – Okay, you don’t need
to keep going. I get it.
Okay. – She’s enjoying it.
If she’s enjoying it, I’ll take the punishment. – I guess he’s done. – (FBE) Now it is time
for the entre, which is a super secret
flying dutchman from In-N-Out.
– Ooh, oh my God. – (FBE) This is two
beef patties with two slices of cheese melted
between them. – Dude, there will be
no resisting. Chaz.
– (FBE) Can you resist, sir? – Oh hell no.
The only way that he could resist that is that
he can’t actually eat it ’cause he doesn’t want to. (buzzer)
– Here, I’ll help you since you already did it.
Jeez. That’s my finger.
Stop. (buzzer)
– He’s trying. – His daddy at home
would be so upset. (buzzer)
Oh man. – (FBE) Yeah, I think she
looks like she wants it. – Don’t eat it. – I think he’s going
straight for it. Oh.
He licked it. Oh.
(buzzer) Oh my God.
(FBE) Oh my gosh, is this gonna be okay?
– He’s gonna eat the whole thing.
Don’t try this at home. It’s gone.
It’s gone. He’s done.
Do you wanna lick the plate, you animal? – (FBE) So for dessert,
a delicious dog friendly cupcake from Sprinkles Cupcake.
– Oh, it’s a dog cupcake. Oh my God.
Chaz is just like– are you kidding me right now?
– (FBE) So are you going to eat it? – Oh yeah.
Oh [bleep]. There it is.
Chaz, you’re gonna choke to death on television.
It’s gonna be on YouTube. Don’t choke to death.
Okay. – Is your nose going crazy?
Just do it. No? – Can he eat the whole thing?
Oh, he did not like that first sniff. – (FBE) I think she’s
gonna go for it. – No?
– (FBE) Resisting? – No cupcake?
Are you sure? – Check it out.
Right? Delicious.
It actually looks so good. I kinda wanna eat one. – Oh no.
– (FBE) Okay. – It’s not a pill.
And it’s gone. Magic, tada. – Lick it a little bit.
Oh, just the whole thing. The entire sprinkle.
Oh, and it’s gone. Seems like that one
passed the test as well. – No?
– (FBE) Wow. – Okay.
– (FBE) Wow. – He’s not really eating it.
– (FBE) Yeah, he’s not really– nope, he’s not into it.
– Nice. – (FBE) So for every food
that you ate, you’ll have to eat a scoop
of peanut butter out of a Kong.
– Who made up that punishment? – Mm, yum. – I hate peanut butter.
I wanna have him lick it. – All right, Chaz.
Back off, girl. Nope, me first.
Oh yeah. Look at how Chaz is like,
“What are you doing? That’s clearly for me.” – I don’t even know–
I have to lick it. This just is gross. – Oh, yummy.
I think I’ll save it for him just because I love him so much. – (FBE) Because Selena ate
every single thing on the menu, you’re gonna have to eat
a Kong filled with every single thing
that was on the menu. – A what filled?
– (FBE) Kong. – Oh my–
I know what you’re talking about now.
She knows what this is. – (FBE) So, you’re gonna have
to take a bite, Jonathan, of whatever’s inside of there.
– How do I get in there? – (FBE) I don’t know.
– Any tips? Ew, ew.
I taste more rubber than anything. Not great.
She still wants it. – Oh no.
– (FBE) What you could have won is a winner’s cake.
– Chaz. Everyone is a winner.
– (FBE) Wait a minute. Hey, you lost.
You’re not supposed to be eating that.
That’s not for you. – Chaz.
– (FBE) Excuse me. – I’m so sorry.
You’re a massive loser. – Do you see this?
It says “You’re a winner.” You see?
Oh no. – Just get it.
Just get it. Life’s too short, get it. – (FBE) They’re being
very disrespectful right now. – Yes, they are being
very disrespectful by eating the cake
and yet, notice I don’t stop him, ’cause this is
one less meal I don’t have to make. – You want a whole bite?
Just do it, just do it. Just go for it.
You can’t put delicious food in front of dogs and
expect them not to eat it. – I was surprised she didn’t
attack the food at first. Maybe she was just
a little shy. – You’re a winner.
Dolce, you’re always a winner, but I’m glad you didn’t
eat it, ’cause you’re a loser. – Thanks for watching dogs
try not to eat on the React Channel. – If you like this episode,
hit the Like button. – Subscribe for new shows
every week. – Thanks for watching, guys.
Goodbye. – Hey guys, Caprice here,
React Channel producer. Come talk to us on Twitter
and let us know what you thought of this episode.
Thanks, bye.

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