Dogs vs Deadpool Prank : Funny Dogs Louie & Marie The Beagles

Hey Hey… Wie ben jij? Ik ben Voldemort Jij bent volgende week man ! Nee , ik ben deze week! Hoe bedoel je? Volgende week! Ok….. Deze week is Deadpool “Evanesco…” Maak dat je weg bent!

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76 Responses

  1. Charlie the Dog says:

    The best beginning ever ???

  2. Fabiana Menjívar says:

    Cute and funny

  3. Fabiana Menjívar says:


  4. Daniel Clark says:

    Aww 🙂 so adorable


    Wowwww sweet beagles. Louie catches the catch proud of her. ? ? ? ? ? ? ur videos have a tremendous cool editing and sound effects and ur beagles r ur role model

  6. Daniel Clark says:

    That begging tho

  7. CrclebobRndPants says:

    Keep doing what your doing. Your funny, and the beagles are too!

  8. Pandikas Pandas says:

    What beautiful!!! Cute!!

  9. Marleny Martinez says:

    Lol??Now I know what next weeks is

  10. CKT_SucramNila says:

    Best dog ?❤️

  11. Zeke says:

    That was a great intro lol omg they're so adorable, my best friend and her sister have a Beagle called Milo, he is just as cute but kinda stubborn haha I love Beagles! I'm definitely gonna buy some of your merchandise soon!

  12. the robber says:

    0:10 ge kunt de verwarming door zijn been zien

  13. Frances Henry says:

    Love these beagles~

  14. kaew1968 says:

    Very cute, ha ha ha

  15. snickers the beagle says:

    Hey louie and marie i am back thx so much for your like i was freaking out that a famous doggo would like me. Bye the way great video! From your fellow beagle doggo snickers. Oh and i subscribed bye ruff!

  16. beran blan says:

    Y love louis and Marie

  17. Aida Nelson says:

    What about Valentine's Day

  18. Robert Nilsson says:


  19. Killer Epic Klaiber says:

    Love ur ?! There so cute and makes me laugh when I'm having a bad day!

  20. CarosWorld says:

    Your are the best youtuber ?❤⚘

  21. Elena Delawder says:

    Haaaa!!!!!!!!Great video?

  22. Petra Jezikova says:

    It is a cute

  23. Kat Heard says:

    You should go to another place because they might know it’s you if your there a lot just a tip ? edit: thanks for the heart your my favorite YouTuber since I saw a video of yours which was a few years ago I always been a fan so have a good day ?

  24. Girl Falcon says:

    i love dogs!

  25. Lindsay Hayward says:

    Comment ? if you wached until the end

  26. Analia Saavedra says:

    Muy divertido??? adorables??

  27. Connie McFeely says:

    Louie and marie are quite the team so you better watch out…. no one can beat those two ???

  28. Sakshi Agarwal says:

    Deadpool is very funny to both

  29. Sakshi Agarwal says:

    I want to you take one new puppy

  30. Joshua Barrett65 says:

    My beagle pup Kacey just passed. I love beagles so keep up the good work… I can't comment on your comment but thanks..

  31. viharsh jain says:

    your channel has become like maymo .just pranks nothing else:(

  32. culwin says:

    All these beagles are pre-madonnas
    I stuff my face with Chimichangas

  33. Devin Jones says:

    I think it's probably good for criminals to know that if they wear a mask and wield a weapon in your house the dogs will just play with them.

  34. Aleshia Parham says:

    Like 270 ???

  35. Boyette Boys says:

    This is so cute!

    Hopefully my channel can get this cute and I am able to learn how to edit.

    But I hope you can support me anyway by subscribing to my channel AND/OR tell me what you think. It's about my all make group of pets……the Boyette Boys.

  36. 예쁜삼색이 says:

    Love Louie & Marie❤

  37. Shan Shan says:

    At this point they’re used to seeing strangers in the house ??

  38. MusiCanines - The Musical Dogs says:

    If you love dogs and music you might like my work. I do versions of songs inspired by my dogs. ?? Besides, I use them as actors! If you're interested, you can check my work in my channel! Regards! ?

  39. sherie light says:

    That was too funny. I think they are on to you!!

  40. Luc Bur says:

    My beagle is just like your's

  41. El-Low 666 says:

    My beagle is better than yours *my dog peeing on the floor*… I think he is better…

  42. a bird sniffing the floor says:

    ? That beginning

  43. Mary Louise says:

    You must spend a fortune on renting costumes LOL.. dogs are going to need therapy LOL

  44. Delia Mărghitaş says:

    Are you kidding me?? It's awesome and funny!!!!

  45. James R says:

    I enjoyed your video. Are you located in Greenland?

  46. Smartphone Hack says:

    Hey bro my beagle use to cross on people legs how to prevent it from doing so please help??

  47. Jhossy Melanin says:

    Hermosos !
    Has un directo con los bebés ?

  48. tu reina patatuna says:

    Que lindos son??????????❤❤❤???

  49. tu reina patatuna says:

    Like si no vas a ver mi lista ni suscribir te a mi canal???????

  50. Joy Hsiu Yin Kwa says:

    Beagles and jing jing be gings have a humourious comedy so funny laugh your hesds off ee yer… Make urpprises and than maybe make sushi …. Run to toilet to shi shi …..japanes style shi shi mani sushi domoe… Huh….dont want ….?

  51. Random Games says:

    I wish I could give u a million likes ????

  52. ara dea says:


  53. Pipas The Beagle says:

    omg that intro as so funny love it +.+ kisses from a Portugal fan 🙂

  54. Julia Agostina Mamani says:


  55. Daniel Valdivia Aragon says:


  56. Shabir Ahmad says:


  57. Brenda Dog Friend says:

    Love that beginning! ? U R SO Creative and Unique & there's always a laugh or smile cuz of ur videos!!! I love when Louie and Marie barks &/or growls!!! They r my heros!!! U guys always brighten my day & I THANK U!!!!!!! ?

  58. blue monserrate says:

    ???Ay como amoooo estos beagles¡¡! ?????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️??

  59. David Taylor says:

    Another Awesome & Funny video. 2 thumbs up ? ?

  60. Leonard Johnson says:

    0:25 calls other dog to come look it's Dead fool I meant Dead pool

  61. Netrix says:

    Omg so cute, my neighbor keeps his beagle in his backyard I play with him lots, I don't have a Beagle tho :(((

  62. ميراج الشيخ says:


  63. Pets and Animals says:

    Funny and cute..

  64. rajnish chaudhary says:

    new songs

  65. safeer anjum says:

  66. Allison Martinez says:

    h xityfcj⌚?

  67. Meryem Yahya says:

    Ümit stuart reaper largets sammie!??

  68. canal da Raianny isabelly says:

    Aí. A minha vida, e

  69. Jennifer Stefania Alvarado Castro says:

    Ola desde ecuador mi hija le gusta mucho tus programas

  70. Rukhsana Hussain says:


  71. SoupChicken 09 says:

    Those Beagles are cute. I have a Beagle called Frijolito, which is translated into little beans??!!

  72. اميره ميرو says:

    اللي قبلتنالسبت

  73. Jillian Clark says:


  74. Maria Felix says:


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