Dollar Tree Cat Treats

Dollar Tree Cat Treats Sheba Cat Food Review Delightibles Cat Treats Review AlaskaGranny dog AlaskaSammy cat birthday party today my cat is having a birthday party my cat is turning one year old and everybody wanted to come to the party and see what he got we bought cat treats from the Dollar Tree Delightibles cat treats Sheba cat food perfect portions and a cat toy the Delightibles cat treats made in the USA are BHA and BHT wheat and soy free and have no artificial ingredients they’re approved by the AAFCO cat food nutritional profile the true test of success is if the cat will actually eat it he likes it it has a zip top bag to seal in the freshness comes in a 3 ounce bag Delightibles cat treats are a great success delightibles cat treats are worth the money next we have the Sheba cat food perfect portions duo this package of sheba cat food is Pate delicate salmon entree the nice thing about perfect portions is it comes split in two sealed halves so you can share it with a friend you can serve one portion and the other portion stays sealed until you are ready to use it. check the ingredients on the back but bring your magnifying glass will they will my cats enjoy sharing Sheba perfect portion it’s like do I have to eat under her tail what was that what is she doing there she is trying to bury the food one cat does not like the Sheba Cat Food Duo Perfect Portion salmon that means he likes it she doesn’t like the food yeah oh okay I sorry you don’t like it don’t like it she’s licking him she is licking the other cat while he eats the Sheba Cat Food try switching dishes to see if she will eat it one cat still eating the food and likes it the other cat is trying to bury it and still will not eat the Sheba cat food that looks like a 50% success rate last we have a new cat toy from the dollar store it’s got a nice little rattle it’s soft it has a long flexible tail and it looks like fun to play with check out treats for your cat at the Dollar Tree near you please subscribe to the AlaskaSammy channel

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