DONT Name Change your Horse in Minecraft to this… – Part 13

Good morning gamers we’re back in Minecraft isn’t right right Sven There’s one thing I’ve been wanted to try for so long in Sven go in the minecart cuz that would be pretty epic Spend it, please. You’re scaring me. You’re scaring the kids Sven come down. Thank you. No stop. I Get in spend Get in spend get in the minecart. Oh my god Oh (Subtitle by *I am HeRe *in description at bottom)(sorry for any mistake)saaaaa hahaha nooo.:):) Wait for me Hey, I will that answers that question Better stops ahead. Oh god is ena forever loop. Oh these stairs are awful. If you don’t have the minecart so bad I’m Cobb a god. Is there anything you can’t do? How was that sweat? Did you like that you want to go again? Okay, here we go spin go Hey Bob say, all right while Sven goes on a little roller coaster we have other Important stuff to do I think today I really just want to focus on building because that’s a big part of the Minecraft ship ship ship show sheets shop, and I haven’t really done it and I just really feel like doing it so We’re gonna build that something special today and I think it’s gonna be pretty fun. I think it’s gonna be pretty epic Stop growing I told you to stop So we’re gonna need some wool because we’re obviously gonna decorate IKEA Tower as one of the things of course, of course Why has not spend returned? Oh Geez, I think literally all my mine carts are down there Oh God’s man watch out Oh Eat eat eat eat damn. I Hate them ruin my flooring and they hurt Sven. I can’t do this How can you live just to give other people pain? All right, we have the minecarts. All right. So now we push then And then this will push Here we go We’re under attack We’re under attack No, no, no, no You can’t eat me he wet again So then can you stop I? mean state staying there be a good boy, and I put this and we Yes, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes All right, that’s enough fun that’s enough fun for now Finn Just keep feeding Sven. That’s all we need to do remember kids if spend eyes playthrough over No more I refuse to play Okay, so I got this ready post. I said you can make letters out of banners and I’m like, okay That’s epic. So I’m gonna try and do that It could be another troll who knows at this point, but I’m willing to get trolled if the result is what I want Okay, we need four of them and I made five for some reason. I know Sven I know and then when you yell the yellow die, so if I do this, can I do letters? How do I do letters? Through this it must be spent I swear to god you’re gonna give me a heart attack sit down sit boy sit How you doing today? Water sheep. Wake up. What a shame like this. This is nice. Yeah, it is Okay, cool, and then a K wouldn’t that truly be? And like that and then like that Like that I think you know where this is going, yeah And then an e wouldn’t naturally be we’re gonna put that on top of There I think I think that would look good. It won’t be symmetric there though Cuz it’s only three wide is there anywhere there’s four wide I need cemetry One two three four, that’s five and then it goes to three. Ah It won’t be symmetric. Okay, I got it. I got it. This is how we’ll solve this problem It’s it’s a little confusing one needs to enter to know which level you are on. Okay, I’m sorry Oh god, I should not bring fan up here so bad. No, I keep forgetting see. Oh God if sweat balls So Yes, ah Okay, okay all right now God sent for the love of God do not fall down from here. What are you Yes That’s awesome What do you think sweat? Okay, that worked that really well IKEA Tower so beautiful. It’s going across the clouds So and remember if you’re ever lost just look for a Kia Tower and you’ll find your way back home. Okay? How are you doing today? You’re against Megan. I’m not talking to you talking to you. Yeah, yeah, you just want to write everything It’s fine. Okay, so then get in the boat because we have a new thing you do need to do So basically I want to build another house. I want to build not just any house, but a japanese-style house That’s right. Gamers. Are you excited for this Sven? I think you are nobody PD PI. I want to be able to definite out Like the game has seized achacha a Kasab whatever Would and it looks really cool and I’m like that looks nihongo is freak. We’re gonna build something out of that So yeah, let’s just let’s just big Sven. I mean a bit build And let’s see what happened where did virgin? toad Turtle go. All right, maybe virgin toad will come back. Alright, then. We’ll make steps here Bing bong Bing bong bong save the earth save materials in Minecraft Okay, so I need to cut the stone get pretty I want it to be pretty I want my house to be pretty judge me Sue me Maybe I’m maybe I’m thinking a little too big here, but sometimes you got to think big to go small big five five It’s five six. One, two, three, four, five six seven. Luckily. I have my Looks like we need to do some digging Oh, I dig like the wind. Oh my god. I forgot something. Okay, we’ll do that when I get back I don’t know what it is just building in Minecraft is so relaxing. It’s not right Sven. It just makes me happy. That’s right as you guys know I Love Japan, and I don’t care if you call me a weed. I’ll build my Japanese house Okay, that’s a pretty cool runway. That’s pretty epic. All right, let’s go back. So and it’s dark It’s sleep time hard day’s work. This is a pretty historical moment gamers. I Have a lot of diamond But I haven’t really made a level three diamond pickaxe right, everyone keeps complaining that I don’t use my diamonds, but then sums Barnhardt efficiency for Okay game Sound likes men got hit Okay, if bishops before what is efficiency do oh, woe it gain fortune three on breaking three. Oh My god, that’s that big man. I can’t wait to test this out. I just test it out a second. Don’t talk to bait All right, that wasn’t that cool ah Sorry Sven you have to swim. Yeah. Hey look you’re not a bad swimmer. Oh, he’s so happy Look at this a cashier would it’s looking so Smacks So stylish right Sven oh, yeah, I Don’t know what I’m doing this could turn out really badly. We’ll see Listen, it’s all about the respect. So and remember that never forget it You know, this would be a lot easier Help me bad, I wanted to look pretty I guess this is a good time for me to share some like embarrassing stories Stuff like that. There’s a lot of people a lot of people seem to think my first video was in Minecraft video So everyone is like, oh my god, you should go back to your roots and play Minecraft I never actually like played Minecraft. I think I had one series. Okay, that was it. Like okay. Sorry. I got it wrong Basically, my first video technically that is up on my channel is a Minecraft video, but it wasn’t the first video I uploaded I have a lot of videos that I just took down because I think they’re just so cringy and I don’t like them I mean I could probably put them back now. I don’t really care anymore, but I do I yes, they’re cranky. None of my videos can be cranky. Oh, no, I misspoke basically The actual first video that no one has ever seen. I’ve tried desperately to find it I can’t find it The very first video that I ever recorded was a Minecraft video and it was like before minecraft was getting popular I know I keep like ooh, I’m a veteran but literally no one played Minecraft at this point and I thought okay. Well, wouldn’t it be cool to become like a Minecraft? And here we are nine years later Well, basically I thought it was so weird to record a video like that whole concept was just so weird to me No one recorded videos at this time. It wasn’t like Let’s Plays wasn’t popular people weren’t doing minecraft stuff And I was just so weirded out by I’m like, who am I talking to I have literally no audience Am I supposed to talk to people like there is one I guess it was really confusing and weird to make videos When no one else really was all right minority. I would say compared to now it’s like people Aspire to be youtuber well as before People didn’t really know what importance that was my point. So I actually upload it to this website That like posts videos and I thought okay cool I’ll just ask these guys to help load the video and they’ll take care of it And then that that way I’ll actually have an audience if they post it But obviously they never posted it and I couldn’t find the video so I don’t have it anymore But my very very very very first video I have ever recorded was indeed a minecraft Let’s play that’s right. That wasn’t really what I was getting at. My main point was that oh god. This won’t work. Will it? Ah, Frankie have I built this all on a step wrong? Ah Oh, maybe we can make like an optical illusion like these are on the right floor Just places in front and then we get the effect that we want Genius I also liked when I was starting out doing YouTube videos I was in a really weird time where I didn’t know what I was I wanted to do. I talked about this a lot So I I applied for like different jobs and stuff like that and one of the jobs I actually applied for I’ve never told anyone This ok. This is super secret. I applied for a job at Mojang Mojang if you leak my email I will tell you I probably said something like hey, I know Photoshop you want to hire me Mojang is the creator of Minecraft basically and I remember when they they got really big they they sent out a Like a Twitter’s thing or something saying like, oh, we’re hiring you can apply and I’m like, alright, that would be cool I’m from Sweden. It’s a Swedish company. I didn’t get the job Imagine if I did that we’re getting under attack Spanish. We’re building a Japanese house and you’re not allowed I want to create like this Typical Japanese door effect. I don’t really know how to do it I’m hoping that it will look good with like a trap door. Yeah, that looks good Oh, yeah, this is a gamer moments when this is starting to look epic starting to look Nihon I think yes, not you missed out man could have made epic games together. I don’t hate it. It looks a bit Alien, I don’t know but actually, alright. We need more trapdoors. I Don’t really know how to do the ceiling but we’ll figure it out soon. So These doors will not actually work. I know I Like it I like it we went in some midsummer the movie yesterday which is base of this Swedish tradition that we have oh Boy, was that a trip now? That was a film? Undeniably a film I recommend it was good. I love how all the colors come together ceiling time Do I build a ceiling in white or a gray or a cache up now? This is a really gamer question I know that you’ve been thinking it throughout Its beauty by gonna make it Alka. I’ll try the chords. First is I think I can make them in slams. I Know I know I’m crazy. I’m crazy Sven game. I gotta do what give me gonna do stone will look good, too They could all look good. Okay, I have an idea. Why don’t we just test it will test everything now? What looks better I think the stone I think the stone looks better it ties it all nice together, don’t you agree Sven? I just love Japanese architecture, it’s so different from anything else How will I do that typical effect where it goes up? Right? I mean that look doesn’t look bad Thanks, man. No no. Oh Thank god. All right, I’m going back to sleep gamers. Let’s go back and take a nap spin. Yes. See that’s yeah, that looks good Gamer moment right there. Gosh, I didn’t think the ceiling would be this complicated It’s really tricky building ceilings. No one talks about that in Minecraft my god Why am I spending so my time on? The problem is I can’t just back up and look how it looks like I have to look at it At the micro scale and then get a mic macro picture of it. It’s really tricky tricky D Get off my house. My Japanese house is for me only. Ah Let me build this a time god I just want to build it Building houses in Minecraft is relaxing they said okay. It’s looking pretty neat I think it’s all about that details now the fun stuff. We’re gonna make some fan nourishment. It’s gonna be epic It’s like red banners could look cool. Maybe black banners could look cool. Maybe like a lot of stuff to look cool I know what I’m doing. No, I don’t I just hope it looks cool Oh my god, turtle virgin turtle is back guys. Oh I have together. I’m trying to build Oh, yeah. Yeah, that’s what I want to do I’m trying to build over here guys, please Oh god, we’re bouncing we’re bouncing. So apparently you can ride these horses underwater, I don’t know if that’s True. Sorry Savannah. I gotta check this out. Okay. Alright That’s kind of Awesome. What? Okay, you got a sink though. Oh god. I’m actually drowning Can you not drown me, please? Thank you. Now. What color scheme am I going? Plus, I have a lot more red and maybe I’ll do like a cool pattern. Oh, yeah, that’s gonna look good I was like here barging toad Okay, so I need to see grass. I think you use shears to retrieve it chip-chop Chip top six top chip top. Why is the horse eating it lit? what an idiot ah Alright, it’s a secret. Alright virgin. Oh my god, he found someone He found someone okay, this is perfect. Yeah, follow me. Akima, sha Tata So we need to get them saying but we have sand here oh, this is just perfect Come here guys Why are you so hey, did I tell you to stop? Oh god. No, you have a girlfriend. Come on. Come on It’s like slightest get up. Get up get up Did I tell you to stop I need you to eat it? So you two can Frick I need your helmet from your babies. Dude. I got to say bone horse is pretty good Like he doesn’t disappear and stuff. No one leaves these beach until you two have friend Let that be clear now. Our was sight. Yes epic mansion. Alright, we’re gonna be there Great now we ran out of fence. I hope you guys are happy. Oh, yeah, another thing apparently name There’s another Easter egg. If you name your animal dinner bomb, I think can I do that? I’m sorry. I’m sorry. What do you eat? What are you course? I’m so stupid. I have to put a name on it first My anvil disappeared this better be worth it, where’d he go? Nothing you could see. Oh my Oh My no I ruin him better bode this history Why did you tell me to do this I’m so sorry. The nine year olds told me to do it I’m already dead. And you Jesus? Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, this reminds me There’s another thing I want there’s so many things to do in Minecraft. Literally this let’s play could go on forever. I’m not even joking Okay, so with nine slime balls this hook better be worth it. I can make a slime block and then with a slime block Where it’s meant I want sin to see this then you have to come look at this why is he upside down? I don’t know He’s like don’t tell me I don’t think oh my god. I’m so ticklish Stop it. Stop it. Are you? Oh, yeah go in the pool spin So apparently if I put this I will be able to bounce watch this thing Yeah Okay So then you try it come here dinnerbone Please damn it looks pretty epic from a distance. I’m not gonna lie. Alright, are you two ready to make some babies? I think this one is already pretty does that make any sense? You’re already pregnant you where’s your babies then? Maybe it’s your brother or something God he’s like that’s my cousin. What’s wrong with you main? Well, I guess virgin toad will be forever a virgin turtle I keep saying toad You’re gonna be here. You’re gonna be alone for a long time. I’m sorry. I don’t know how to break the news for you I know it looks amazing Sven. I know I worked hard on it, but it was definitely worth it. When are we moving in? Well, we got to do the interior in stops when you see it’s not completely it just said What kind of pattern can we do on the banner? That will look cool? Okay. All right, wait here virgin Well said, you gotta come see this The miracle of birth. Is that what I think it is. I knew you were pranking. He’s all about What is this Yeah, oh my god, I can’t wait for them to hatch I’m don’t worry I’m not gonna do anything bad Yo, let’s get the virgin over. Oh, we got to protect them We got to protect the eggs Oh God and the Sun is going down. Oh my god. I’m freaking out I’m freaking out but look I Got a protector. I’m so proud of you turtle. Oh God, it’s a raid Put the kegs at all cost. I didn’t think you had it in yet What can I say? I was wrong. You’re gonna smell again. You better protect those eggs So back, basically the zombies will attack and stomp over the exit they get the chance So we got to make sure that these eggs are under our Khan Chaka laka, all right, I’m gonna clear out these sand No back off Back off defend the eggs at all cost I hate them not a creeper. Not a creeper. Not a creeper. I’m done If the egg is cracked I’m gonna just swim bone cow yet don’t mind me I’m just drowning is whatever Oh my god, I protected the egg. Oh Thank god. I mean I lost 30 levels But I’ve protected the eggs rights men, all right, how is the baby’s going How are the babies doing so I could be crazy, but I think if you combine with bone meat? you can actually make this go faster and Yeah, I’m crazy. Okay, that doesn’t work. Sorry. Sorry. I I’m not touching them. I swear. I’m not touching them. God. I love this shovel I’ll have to repair it Okay more sand more area – Frick am I right ladies? Why did I say that? Okay, so all right now we’re just gotta learn this either the Virgin toto. You can’t just have people Time with a girl and then just leave her. All right, you got to take responsibility now virgin turtle. Oh my god Why did the other one? Okay, what are you two doing? Come here get up? Look how badly he wants that the other one made it up Here making another baby Just making another baby you Can’t just make it at the same spot you soon Whoa Childbirth come back and take responsibility This guy just freaks and bounces push push push you and push push push push push push push there will be no more freaking and bouncing there will just be freaky – ha ha ha Better I have you trapped now. Hey, calm down. Calm down. Calm down. Calm down. Calm down Alright your bit your bit aggressive over there. I Don’t know what this is. I don’t think this is I think he might be Maybe Having kids are stressful guys. I don’t know if you knew this Oh my God, look at his aam be no no I’m sorry I’m furious Alright there’s only one thing to do and that’s more freaking oh you die Miracle of birth be born I Want that Turtle helmet dude certain zombie fortress because I want to blow that thing up. Okay. I’m with they’re gonna pay for What they did This is not okay should have protected you guys but I didn’t I Let you down I could be crazy and this could be the worst mistake of my life But I think if you have silk touch you can separate the eggs. Oh god Yes It work turtle egg is mine and then we can place them away from each other and that way they grow quicker Look at that alright more frickin, but I tell you to stop more frickin. Meanwhile I can build my house Yeah, I didn’t see you there little schmuck I’ll kill all of the younglings now. You killed my younglings. I kill your younglings. Usually I feel bad about it, but not anymore This is how wars are made This is how they start I tell you to stop freaking I don’t think so what What? what how Science does not allow this To build my god damn Japanese house keep fracking Sven Hurry spender. Look look look the miracle of life has happened Sam. Yes. Oh, my god You’ve gotta come see this one. Hey, let me open up for you, buddy Look they’re tight. They’re escaping. Oh God we gotta wait. Wait, wait, wait guys. No Outside I Think not oh god, I’m wasting precious material Do they need to go to the water addict a climb that makes no sense? Push push. Sorry little dirt those Push push I’m proud of you Virgin toad. I’m drunk them proud of you. What can I say? I didn’t think you had it in yet. There will be no baby turtles escaping on my watch Sven buddy, it’s fag. Stop Spence op that oh god I got In front of merging toad, I can’t believe it what an absolute elephant. Alright gamers This is it for this week’s episode of Minecraft. Alright, it’s not it’s not finished, but I’m a pretty pleased with it I think it’s it’s gonna come out pretty nice. Isn’t that right Sven? I know this wasn’t the most eventful episode but next time we’ll get on some adventure because I have a woodland Explorer man see you tomorrow gamers smash like and buy merch buy What you never played super simulator You know, it’s fun right I’m not supposed to give my opinion But give it a try and then you can tell me if it’s good or not not convinced yet. Okay I’ll cut you a deal the game is available for free and that’s a great price

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