DONT Name Change your Horse in Minecraft to this… – Part 13

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  1. PewDiePie says:

    Some bits when building is out of sync, my bad gamers

  2. Cecil Cole Guni says:

    Pewdiepie: if Sven dies this is all over
    Me:*sees Sven get blown up by creeper in most episodes
    Me*Sweating like hell*

  3. Ezdor Cuber says:

    "It's something about building that is so relaxing"
    3 seconds later

  4. abxentlove says:

    At this point, it should be the Sven Series, not Minecraft Part (Number).

  5. Ian Desai says:

    I'm 9 and a half for your information

  6. VidIQ says:

    Anyone noticed a crazy dolphin in the water 15:26?

  7. Kacie Cadwell says:

    Felix: how can people live just to give someone pain and misery

    Me: haters

  8. nOor van Rijn says:

    Is no one gonna talk about his hat lmao.

  9. Saim Khan says:

    I seen it pewdiepie i seen your first video

  10. Vallin Christina says:

    no one :
    pewdiepie : gets bored and starts talking about his life

  11. bgregz says:

    Pewds: This wood looks 日本語 as frick

  12. Julian Schiess says:

    That pickaxe though and he doesn't even relize how good it is

  13. Jus t says:

    Чёткая у тебе кепка))

  14. Костя Лисовский says:

    Мне одному понравилась кепка?)) I alone liked the cap?))

  15. Cute Unicorn says:

    0:52 Lol he just comes back and felix has more walking to do 😂😂

  16. George5 says:

    Nice cap, do you know whatis written there? 😂😂

  17. Conor’sleft Titty says:

    Pewds would be a great dad…protective and nice because on how he treats Sven and in one episode he says I won’t hit a child CAN I JUST SAY HE WOULD BE AN AMAZING DAD 😭😭😭😭

  18. Alchemistx x says:

    Jacksepticeye: doesn’t even let sam leave the house
    Pewdiepie: constantly takes Sven with him and endangers his life

  19. GothAngel Sinner says:

    when u realize that a turtle loses his virginity before you do

  20. Joseph Ismael Pantoja Guzmán says:

    Alguien que habla español y Argentino

  21. The gaming cow says:

    So joergen dies in the minecart and sven doesn't. Wow sven really is immortal

  22. epic creeper says:

    He nearly died he was dieing in water

  23. Kaiden McWhorter says:

    The normal skeleton horse is joergen. He made a return from his death and is now a skeleton horse.

  24. Drak Sun says:


  25. Sup Ma dood says:

    Pewds literally almost killed sven on purpose by blowing the creeper up on him

  26. Sup Ma dood says:

    He literally gets the best pickaxe first try too etf

  27. The gaming watermelon says:

    I found pewdiepie's seed finally! 609567216262790763 Like to get it out there!


    Sven is having a bad day

  29. Gioangel Covarrubias says:


    Felix:nobody:I want to build a second house

    I'm sure ur confused

  30. Irene L says:

    You can also name almost everything dinnerbone then you can turn them upside down

  31. Упоротый Котяра says:

    No one:
    BadBoyHalo: DROP THE BASS

  32. Cloudy says:

    Does watching Felix play minecraft make anyone else wanna play minecraft for like a whole day?

  33. Gabriel Leal says:

    Sven immortality

  34. Røji Jåy says:

    Почему на кепке написанно с'ка бл'ть на русском

  35. Molly McBride says:

    Is Edgar still alive

  36. Gacha Sponge! says:


    Pewdiepie: “nObOdy, pEwDiEpIe: I wAnNa bUiLd A jApAnEsE hOuSe” 6:05

    Me: “ why was i thinking to make that comment when he said he wanted to build a Japanese house….”

  37. Peksi Playss says:

    swedish meatballs

  38. battleromaha 925 says:

    Кепка топ

  39. Ami LIME says:

    I want like a ten hour video of just building stuff

  40. Yeetos Doritos says:

    I reeeeeewatched all of the episodes. Yeet

  41. Shaun Parmisano says:

    Did you see pewdeipie hat and it said BAD WORD from russia!

  42. JustBeYou 666 says:

    The turtle smashed and dashed

  43. Yajaira R says:

    26:17 i thought my phone was dead 💀

  44. slk Rck says:

    is it for sven

  45. Lavacreeper121 says:

    Your videos are rubbish Pewdiepie!!!!

  46. Akbar bulladin says:

    Pewdiepie is treating jeb like a trach jeb didn't do anything wrong

  47. Burrito The Cheeto says:

    Here’s a challenge!
    Take a shot every time pends says “gamer moment” or “epic gamer moment”

  48. Blossom says:

    12:40 how did he move the screen with his hands in the air

  49. Alexandru Lungu says:

    Did someone see on his hat there is wrote suca bleati

  50. LemmyKoopa13 Boi says:

    23:22 lol

  51. Darth Vader19905 says:

    Ok but is anyone going to mention just how amazing that pickaxe is? Like the three most overpowered enchantments that I would spend hours trying to make with books and such and he gets it first try…

  52. It's Meeh Chazfer says:

    I Love Japan!

  53. Dan'sintheband says:

    Never noticed his hat before….. Huh….

  54. Laurence De Leon says:

    "No one leaves these beach untill you two have fricked"

    -Pewds 2019

  55. gaming cheetah says:

    Your not a wee I love Japan too

  56. gaming cheetah says:

    Do you use windows or macbook

  57. Anonimous Bitch says:

    hey, epic hat :"DD *i've not found russian comments so я тут, добрый вечер, русский мат, not bad*

  58. 구독하면 일본망함 says:

  59. David Bejenaru says:


  60. sierrayo says:

    trap the turtles in a building

  61. super Mario sy guy says:

    Im twelve

  62. Colourful Gaming says:


  63. Tim Huber says:

    he did that shit on purpose at 2:08

  64. Jeraldine Bobadilla says:

    PewDiePie:this is was super secret… I applied for Mojang

  65. Critical Gaming says:

    I think your pro in minecraft like it

  66. Francesco Pastore says:

    Wish! Child birth!!

  67. Violet says:

    When I saw creeper next to Sven I thought I was gonna have a panic attack

  68. robert pannullo says:


  69. Delsyn Stidham says:

    PewDiePie: I haven’t built.
    Me: How did you get your house?

  70. luvley says:

    15:28 is tht Sven zooming through the water??

  71. J4CKT1C4L says:

    The Ikea Man
    The Protector Of Eggs
    The Avenger Of Eggs?
    The Respecter Of Horses
    The Felix

  72. Lucy Mai says:

    great stich voice

  73. Giuliana Dollente says:


  74. ロボットテレビ says:

  75. Games Adamy says:

    Hmm what does his hat say?

  76. Games Adamy says:

    S*** ***

  77. Kyle & Chung says:

    In Minecraft make Sweden and Japan be allies

  78. OOF says:

    My heart literally stopped when the creeper blew up next to Sven

  79. OOF says:

    I thought my phone died when there was just a black scream

  80. Mason Brady says:


  81. Aaden Persuasion says:

    I love how pewds will die if it means protecting those turtle eggs

  82. Spider Gaming says:

    Eat rotten flesh it is the best snack,piewdiepie

  83. Spider Gaming says:

    Tiny wolf

  84. Abashera Revamped says:

    17:46 is about the name

  85. Daniel Simpson says:

    Midsommar sucked my guy

  86. Samuel Lunsford says:

    .pewds @ 6:12–6:14 It's pronounced a-cA-sh-ia

  87. Samuel Lunsford says:

    pewdipie:I love Japan
    me: now he lives dere

  88. Mishal Rasheed says:

    They want to swim they need water 💦

  89. Leon Meuer says:

    Sven the unstoppable

  90. Kai Patel Year 9 says:

    18:32 WTF 18:32

  91. Soraia Rezende says:

    101. Milhoes de subscrição

  92. Grace Dunbar says:

    Pewdiepie you are so hot I love u and your wife

  93. Teisha Rolfe says:

    No one:
    The turtle: digging a huge ass crater

  94. THEMAX glitchy says:

    Ovejita de bokita papá

  95. saif mohammad says:

    Dude pewds Felix Marzia husband WATCH WITCH SAVANNA you will LOOOOOVE IT its so funny and you need to make a reaction to it like a video PLEASE

  96. юра 1 says:

    Клевая кепка

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