Don’t touch cat’s paws

Touching my cat’s rear paw check out my channel for more and he ran away

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5 Responses

  1. Dreamy vANT says:

    great video i subbed please sub back

  2. Juice says:

    Lol, dogs are funny. Anytime bro. You have my support now =)

    Getting close to 30 subscribers bro. You got this =)

    Cool video man. I'm your new subscriber, Bro. Mind returning the favor?

  3. Small Bubbly Otaku says:

    Hey This Was A Funny Video NO JoKE!!!!Hey Question Do U Want More Subs? I Mean Who DOES'NT Right? Tell Ya What If U Go On My Latest Vid And Say That U Subscribed I Will Give Ya A Shout Out Sound Like A Deal?

  4. Kennytori Crow says:

    Awwwww cute cat

  5. Vita Kirilovich says:

    Aww my cute myrchuk 😍

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