Dorothy-Anne, Tuku and Suzi the poodle, Tales with Tails, Episode 4

Tuku my little SPCA pavement special. She
is a trauma special, I got her from the SPCA. I’ve got Suzi, my French poodle, a throrough
bred who loves to do posing and sitting by herself. Tuku is more a lap dog, or sits behind
me in my wheelchair, loves and cuddles me, she just wants attention. Suzi, she’s the
more stylish girl. She wants to do posing and to lead. She for example, when I walk,
will not walk on a lead. She refuses point blank. She wants to do her own thing. This
one walks on a lead beautifully. When she’s When she’s tired or when it is getting hot, she walks
behind my wheelchair so that she is in the shade. I can’t feed my dog personally myself.
I’ve got to to tell my carer: put food in the bowl, put water in the bowl, so the dog
never sees me do it. But with her, with Tuki and Suzi, the kind of know they are my responsibility.
They come to me when they need something, or if they see I am in need. With Tuki, if
I cry, she will immediately come onto my chest, and if there is tears, she will lick them of. They feel that this person that they love and trust…trust, is hurting. And they want to do something, I guess as
a response to the love that they get and the protection and trust they get, to try and
comfort. I think it ia a sixth sense of them, an in born something in them to protect. They
show you, they read you. And if I say, “Tuki, I am really, really tired. Mommy is not going
to play now”, she will just lie on my legs.

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