An extruded pet food is going to be somewhere between 30 and 50% soluble carbohydrates and the primordial diet is 5 to 7% actually less that 7% includes honey which was rarely an ongoing regular part of any diet. If you give a once a day bowl of kibble to your Lab what you get is a once a day endocrine abuse and a lifetime of that is going to have a bad consequence. It’s completely believable as far as I’m concerned that one of these could be cancer.

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  1. Nature's Pet Sherwood says:

    I just played this for me staff. <3

  2. moss1transcendant says:

    What is this complete shit your typically trying to make money out of people who genuinely care and love there animals.
    You are selling hope and a dream.
    There is nothing on this channel about what a owner can do to save there most precious.
    Vile , just alpalling.
    Where the info????????? Where what how ….. Huh?

  3. High Vibrational Hasna' says:

    Beautiful quality videos.. Thank you for your work. I believe this subject can open eyes and bring awareness that will benefit not only animals but people. Much love… 💕🌱🙏🏼

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