Drug testing: research with dogs

Beagles are used in medical research to
test the safety of new medicines the Beagles are kept together in pairs or
small groups in pens they are let out of their pens for regular exercise dogs are
only occasionally used in medical research most research is done with mice
rats and zebrafish with dogs making up less than one in a thousand of the
animals used for research but dogs are needed to test the safety of new
medicines and for research into conditions such as muscular dystrophy
the reason why beagles as opposed to other varieties of dog are used is
largely an accident of history beagles are fairly small and easily managed – and
these dogs have been used in an experiment? These dogs are on study currently and it’s their time for exercise. They seem very happy coming
out and running up and down the corridors and saying hello to everybody. Yes they are. When a potential new medicine is being tested in animals researchers need
to be able to tell whether the drug is causing any unwanted side effects this
is done by measuring the drugs’ effect on the body while the dog is alive and by
studying the dog’s tissues after the dog is humanely killed. Where do the dogs
come from for this research? The dogs are all purpose bred for research and
they come from licensed breeding establishments. In the last
group as well there were two people with five dogs it seems quite a an intensive
sort of human to dog ratio, is that usual that normal? Yeah, we would normally have one or two technicians, we would never leave the dogs on unsupervised. So here we’ve got
some dogs that are going to be acclimatized to jackets so this
for a jacketed external inflammatory energy study we’ve got an under jacket that will be
placed under the dog and then an over jacket. I can see the dog has been shaved
there in a couple of places, is that so that there is something’s going next to the skin? Yes so we can put the pads on for the readings, the telemetry readings. There
are many different ways of taking medical measurements with animals and
researchers have worked hard to make this as comfortable as possible for the
animals. So this is the under jacket the technicians will just reach each leg
through, through the leg holes. Technical innovations now allow measurements to be
taken by instruments that are outside the animal’s body in this case the
measurements are taken through a jacket so using the jacket means that the
animal can be free-roaming in its pen and there’s no surgical techniques
needed. The dog would be free to move around in its pen with its pen-mate. How long do they wear the jackets for when they are used to them?
So it depends on the design but normally up to a day. The collar
is just going on last there and that is so the animal doesn’t turn around and
start nibbling out the jacket and pull it off which could interfere with the
experiment so is the first time this dog has been used in research? So where we can where the study allows we will reuse animals after a period where
they’ve not had any procedures done to them. This dog has been used previously These dogs have already taken part in
medical trials and will take part in testing new medicines again. The advantage of automatic monitoring is
that the dogs can be left to live as usual and do not have to be picked up
and restrained for medical measurements without research with dogs we could
never have made the breakthroughs that led to insulin for diabetes, drugs for
heart disease and organ transplants treatments that have saved countless
human lives.

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30 Responses

  1. inibumblebee says:


  2. justjanexx says:

    Please start reporting facts!! All of this is a lie. Animal research is completely unecessary

  3. Linda Yarrow says:

    Throw in a toy rocking horse as a model for motion sickness.  Sick, sick, deluded people. How do you sleep at night?

  4. Juni Mond says:

    Vivisection is murdering, not sciene!

  5. Gigi Schuster says:

    The dogs deserve a loving home and not be there that poor begle is scared it doesn't want to be suffering by your sick twisted inhumane-research

  6. Lynda Barratt says:

    Sorry dont agree with any animal testing,not natural!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. chiekcn nugs says:

    Still doesn't change my mind at all about animal testing or drugging. There are more humane ways that as a matter or fact, doesn't kill animals, as well as more accurate.

  8. Princess Potato says:

    "humanely killed" wat

  9. Kate Maiden says:

    disturbing 🙁

  10. Edmund Weetman says:

    disliked m8

  11. Linda Yarrow says:

    I should imagine by now the dogs in this creepy little video have been carved up in a chilled necropsy suite. 'pharmed' for data which cannot be extrapolated to humans, bagged up and incinerated. You evidently have a heart for vivisection, but not for man's best friend.

  12. Robert Taylor says:

    Auschwitz also had a promotional video. But didnt change the minds of the world.

  13. Diana Mata says:

    serously humanly killed I'm disgusted with these people

  14. Rob Bannister says:

    There comes a point where ethical decisions have to draw a firm line where enough is enough. Dogs enjoy a unique status in the history of humans who have developed from crude wolves into highly sophisticated, empathetic loving creatures who would sacrifice their lives for the sake of their human kin. Beagles in particular, the very qualities that make them so easy for scientists to abuse, their trusting, loving nature, their lack of holding grudges, their ability to immediately forgive — they trust humans so much they cannot believe in their little souls that a human would purposely hurt them. I am severely disabled and appreciate modern medicine but if loving dogs have to be tortured and killed for my well being knowing what similar dogs do to help their human companions LEAVE THESE SWEET BEAGLES ALONE. Any human contact that is not loving and supporting cannot be tolerated.

  15. lunatesigma says:


  16. Onlyoneme says:

    If testing on animals advances technology, medicines, treatments for humans; I'm ok with that. Just like all the hypocrites who eat meat, sleep with down comforters, own down jackets, consume dairy products, etc.

  17. MochiMoses says:

    How about test death row patients? Not fucking dogs. You know test on people who have actually done something wrong?

  18. MochiMoses says:

    How accurate can a test be when it's on a dog? How fucking stupid are you people? You've just been lucky with the successful research. A dogs system is completely different to humans, you know how if they eat a grape they die…. test on humans who have done harm to the world… testing on humans who be more accurate. You know. Since they're Fucking humans

  19. Ezekiel Edwards says:

    Humans didn't climb to the top of the food chain to be little bitch you guys are pathetic

  20. Sweetest Sadist says:

    Somewhere in a parallel universe, canines are using humans as test subjects.

  21. KINKILOPIA the FURry says:

    Still don't make a differ its still animal killing your murdering and you get away with it

  22. liza palma says:

    plz die thx very mucho

  23. D Hoffman says:

    Poor doggies, this is just wrong!

  24. keeeks says:

    I hate this 🙁

  25. Pigs and Pipes says:

    That is still just animal abuse?

  26. Karine Buinier says:

    Are these scientists really not aware that animals need a natural environment? It is scientifically proven though.

  27. Karine Buinier says:

    Handled like objects.

  28. Karine Buinier says:

    Beagles are used 4 Animal testing cause they are very gentle & won't rebel like other dogs.

  29. Karine Buinier says:

    Physiology is very different from one species to another. A drug can be effective on one species & have no effect or be nocive on another species. Translation from: "Animaux cobayes & victimes humaines" By Hélène Sarraseca

  30. George Hegarty says:

    Tbh anyone who works there is discusting and will go to hell

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