Durango – Labrador Retriever

Hello friends, in this video we gong to talk about Labrador Retriever, which has four special behaviors. Shock and Aw decreases player’s fatigue. It is useful in exploring, hunting and gathering in High Unstable Index. Healing helper restores player’s Life in combat. It is useful for hunting and PvP. Cleansing Kiss washes the players when the body gets dirty due to failure in crafting or gathering. This behavior is least important. Lean On Me increases the player’s stamina recovery speed in combat. It is useful for hunting. Labrador is Event Pet which available in Shop only in limited period of time. If you like Labrador’s skills, now is your chance to buy it. There is a way to increase chance of getting one of special behaviors that you like. That is by feeding Labrador with certain food supplement when it level 60 before opening the last attribute. Attack supplement increases chance of getting Lean on Me. Defense supplement increases chance of getting Healing helper. Bag capacity supplement increases chance of getting Cleansing Kiss. Speed supplement increases chance of getting Shock and Aw. It is important to give the supplement before opening the last attribute. Here we have two Labradors. One with Lean on Me B. and the second one with Healing helper B. We going to look at the effects during the battle. Healing helper recovers 10 Life points per second. The duration is 4 seconds. Lean on Me recovers 1 stamina point per second. The duration is 4 seconds. That is all for this video. Thank you for watching. See you in the next videos.

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20 Responses

  1. sukipri bejo says:

    mantaapp bang

  2. Reptilian AF says:

    what a you say

  3. John Christopher Beldad says:

    Dude need recommendation the outfit for butchering and give a big chance to get high elas and soft surface, spiky or investigator?

  4. KRG Master says:


  5. LB XP says:

    Poor people do not have money to buy dogs so watch for fun

  6. Anisa Nara says:

    Oh y bang nobel udh gk main life after ???

  7. AgungBDP _ says:

    Berfaedah ??

  8. TKOE says:

    Podrías hacer una guía para cazar con armas de una mano?

    Saludos desde México ??

  9. Nam TOP says:

    Why are you slowing down the video. waiting to watch your video every day :)))

  10. Mugi Mulyanto says:

    BAng, kalau tiket reset peringkat itu harus 10/10 kh baru bs dipakai ? Kmrn kan ad tu event yg dpt tiket reset peringkat, tp gbs dipakai…

  11. Navympire YT says:

    Shock and aww also useful for crafting many stuff in tame/civil ??

  12. LB XP says:

    Can you make a clip of how to make stone fast and efficiently?

  13. ꧁YAMATO꧂ says:

    pet op ini 🙁 klo bewan auto knock saya.

  14. Aulia Ramadhan says:

    Ada tips biar pas gacha dapet Shock and aww??

  15. adam 676 white lotus says:

    Bang klo mau dapet healing helper itu harus dapet buff bawaan apa?

  16. Linh Nhi PiKa says:

    So good

  17. Hady Wibawa says:

    Bang prilaku spesial itu random ya, atau ada tipsnya biar muncul s yang kita inginkan, misalkan murai kita pengen biar prilaku spesialnya speed S, ada g tipsnya?

  18. Pedro Soares says:

    Is it possible to creat the speed suplement? I dnt know how to get it

  19. NTK Gaming Hack says:

    Sao người nước ngoài nhưng ghi chữ Việt Nam nhỉ??

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